Winter Solstice Winter

Winter Solstice Winter Seventeen year old Ailia has vowed to find out if her recurring mare dreams of what she thinks are glimpses into her previous life are real In her dreams she is married to her soul mate and an evi

  • Title: Winter Solstice Winter
  • Author: E.J. Squires
  • ISBN: 9781475995343
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventeen year old Ailia has vowed to find out if her recurring mare dreams, of what she thinks are glimpses into her previous life, are real In her dreams, she is married to her soul mate, and an evil Empress named Eiess pursues and kills her.Lucia, the heir of the Northlandic Kingdom, will be crowned Sun Queen the Queen responsible for shifting the seasons each solstiSeventeen year old Ailia has vowed to find out if her recurring mare dreams, of what she thinks are glimpses into her previous life, are real In her dreams, she is married to her soul mate, and an evil Empress named Eiess pursues and kills her.Lucia, the heir of the Northlandic Kingdom, will be crowned Sun Queen the Queen responsible for shifting the seasons each solstice The eve before Lucia s eighteenth birthday and coronation, Eiess storms the castle, taking Lucia and her Father prisoner Eiess immediately instigates the prophesied three year winter before the end of Midgard when she usurps the throne.One day, and unbeknownst to her nearly two years later Ailia wakes up in a glacier cave cold, beaten, and far away from home She doesn t remember how she ended up there or even that she was abducted by the ruthless Vikings When a healer named Soren rescues her, Ailia can t help but think that she knows him from somewhere, and that they were fated to meet and destined to fall in love.And when Ailia, Lucia and Soren discover a shocking secret that intertwines their destinies, one of them betrays the other two a betrayal that ultimately puts their lives, and the lives of humanity, in which they had sworn to protect, in grave danger.

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    1. 3.5 stars. I received a copy of this from the author for a review. Winter Solstice Winter started a little slow for me, but soon picked up the pace and it was a breeze to read after that. I liked the setting a lot. There aren't many YA novels that are set in the Viking era, especially not ones that girls would want to read. I thought the descriptions of the Norse and their way of life was very well done. The author did a good job of weaving in Norse mythology and religion into the story. I thoug [...]

    2. Take a trip with me, back to the year of 1007, to the Northern reaches of Europe. The Nordic lands, the lands of snow and Vikings. Can you imagine the snow and cliffs, the cold, grey stone that builds the castles and keeps, the long houses with grey smoke coming out all the time to keep the people warm. Yes, this is where our story begins.Winter Solstice Winter begins in the village, with just a normal village family and normal village life, except their daughter is having mare’s at night. Dre [...]

    3. This is one of those books that falls into the "it was okay" category for me. It starts off a little on the confusing side, but once you are a little farther into the first chapter things start making more and more sense. The plot itself was okay, but it was like the author couldn't decide if she wanted it to go a certain way and kept making it so that Ailia and Soren were separated, only bring them back together again a few chapters later, I found this annoying after a while. I also wasn't sati [...]

    4. This is the story of two young girls, both born on the Winter Solstice Eve, each with a purpose in life. Princess Lucia of the Northlandic Kingdom, thought to be the only heir of King Olav and Queen Maud, ends up feeling deceived and used by her parents to protect her twin sister. Ailia, the peasant girl, was separated at birth from her family to guarantee her safety and ultimately, as the Great Sentinor, defeat the evil empress Eiess. She was raised “a simpleton” in a very humble and loving [...]

    5. This fantasy folklore-based book was moving and purely enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and it was truly more than what I was expecting. The start of the book instantly captured my attention and I was unable to put my tablet down. I look forward to reading more books written by the author. I felt as if I was directly in the story.I loved that the author took the time out to take care in immediately grabbing the reader's attention and getting them into the characters. I can't wa [...]

    6. So I gave this book a five, because I did love it. But! Before I started the book, I was looking for a review that explained some of the things I would see in the book. I didn't have much luck besides explaining the description and that it was good. So, yes, this will contain spoilers and if you do not like things spoiled stop now. 1st thing about this novel. If the prologue does not make you want to pick up Soren and wrap him in a blanket and snuggle him so he feels better, then I question your [...]

    7. The absolute first thing about any book is the cover. Book 1 of the Viking Blood Saga: Winter Solstice has a very alluring and mysterious cover. It is the perfect cover to set the mood for this book. From the very first sentence you are immediately gripped and amerced into the story. You first meet Ailia as she wakes from a very vivid dream and is trying to understand it all. The reoccurring dreams that Ailia seems to be having have caused her to become isolated as people do not know how to reac [...]

    8. Once I started this book, I just couldn’t put it down and it took me just two nights to finish reading it. The author was able to create a high level of suspense that you just want to find out what would happen next. Winter Solstice Winter is the story of two sisters, Aila and Lucia who were born to the royals in the days of the Vikings. Ailia (a demigod on her third life) was given out for adoption to protect her identity when her parents discovered she was the Sentinor that would destroy the [...]

    9. Welcome to Midgard! Allfather Odin is pleased to meet you. Now, let Odin take you a thousand years before… during the times when the Vikings roamed the world and where wolves and shape-shifters wreck havoc in the Northlandic Kingdom! The story begins with Ailia having a mare dream. In her sleep, an evil empress was chasing after her. Ailia had no idea what the empress wanted from her but she was terrified. When she awoke from her dream, she told her aunt about it and was concerned. Truth is, A [...]

    10. I wonder where to begin my review, since I’m so full of thoughts just after reading this book! First off, YES… it’s an amazing story!The book takes us back into history - not just a few years but a thousand years. In a land where humans were not as modern as we are now and when they believed in most of the mythologies which we would dismiss today.There is Great Sentinor, Lucia, who is on a quest to conquer the evil Empress Eiess. Eliminating Eiess is not an easy task. The Empress feeds off [...]

    11. I'd have to say reading this book is a daring move for me.I may have read a lot of books but never in this genre.And so, admittedly, the first few pages did come really confusing for me:the names and the settings and even some back stories of the characters.I believe that the first few pages of a book are crucial to whether ornot it'll keep your reader's interest. As for me, although a little confused,I kept an open mind while reading it and exerted effort ongoing back to some pages to keep trac [...]

    12. “Time will answer all mysteries” Nora the handmaiden tells Lucia on the eve of her coronation to the Northlandic Throne. But how much time does she have as she is to become queen after her mother the Sun Queen passes away and there seems to be so many questions that everyone else seems to know the answers but she doesn’t. All she knows for sure is what her father King Olav has told her that she is The Great Sentinor pre-destined to lead the battle of Ragnarok and now that she is to be quee [...]

    13. For many years, the only fictional stories I read were mysteries and psychological thrillers. Recently, I’ve found myself becoming interested in the Fantasy genre. Winter Solstice Winter, being a Norse tale, appealed to me, as I was introduced to Norse mythology while taking an English course in college. I had enjoyed the reading and was fascinated by the gods and goddesses in the stories. Being a romantic at heart, the potential love story between Soren and Lucia also drew me. I was initially [...]

    14. If you want a book full of action and emotion, a book that you can't put down and end up reading until 3am even though you have work at 7am, or a book that sends your imagination into another world, then this is the one for you.From the very start, Winter Solstice Winter has an excellent pace that doesn't stop until the book is over (the worst part). You constantly meet new characters and immediately build an image of the surroundings. Other than mortals, you also come across Gods, demigods, qua [...]

    15. Winter Solstice Winter has a strong story line and a thoroughly researched Nordic mythological back-story. Squires uses both the ancient Nordic religion of the nine realms, of dark elves, huldras, smaller gods and other supernatural creatures from the Norse mythology and combats them against the new Christian religion. Often, Ailia and Lucia pit themselves against each other because of religious beliefs and the idea of the old religion being supplanted by the new religion. The supplanting of the [...]

    16. As soon as I read that Winter Solstice Winter talks about Vikings, Norse mythology, and the battle of Ragnarok, it captivated my interest. I'm fascinated with Norse history since I play an online game which is about Norse mythology. I'm also a fan of a TV series which has a handsome Viking as one of the main characters. I like how the cover looks as well. It really entices potential readers as it illustrates something dark, mysterious, and artsy.The story takes us back to thousands of years ago [...]

    17. Let me start off this review by stating that, although I am an avid reader, I am new to this particular genre. (Vikings, to me so far in my life, have been nothing but a story in a history book and the mascot of the school where I teach.) Therefore, I cannot compare this book to others in it’s category. However, the book stands on it’s own as a great read. The story begins by introducing two seemingly unconnected girls - one the future queen and the other a pauper. As the story unfolds, howe [...]

    18. Winter Solstice Winter By E.J. SquiresA Viking Blood Saga Book 1Ailia lives a fairly peaceful life as a peasant girl. She was told that her parents had died of smallpox and she was brought to a childless couple who raised her. Lately things aren't so good. Because of her mare dreams and the feeling that she has lived before, her friends have deserted her. After she's captured by Vikings and wakes up in an ice cave several months later, her life is and never will be the same simple life. Especial [...]

    19. A wonderful period romantic thriller that grabs your attention in the first few pages, and never lets up on its grip.As a young child I was always fascinated by tales of of ancient civilizations, and the world of the vikings was a world that never lost its thrill for me.The author does a great job of weaving the tapestry of this fictional world for her readers with the choicest of words. At the beginning of each chapter I felt myself carried away into a far off world different from our own, but [...]

    20. Let's see, where to begin? There was so much I loved about this book that I hope I can do it justice by this review. First, although it's really long and it took me awhile to finish it, I finally did and I can't wait to read the following editions! I want to know what happens! I agree with what one reviewer said that at first you are introduced to so many characters and you really don't know what's going on. But, after a few chapters things start to come into focus. I read the reviewer who gave [...]

    21. This story is amazing. Winter is a story of blood, ice and love. I love the way it's written- there are so many details and I could practically see images, characters, situations that were depicted in the book. Every detail is carefully thought out, written in a nice and clear flow and the story grew on me very soon. First few pages were a bit difficult to follow, though - and these are the only slow paced pages.Everything else in this novel is dynamic and vibrant; there are many things happenin [...]

    22. EJ Squires' Winter Solstice Winter revolves around two Sentinors or guardians who are tasked to restore balance to Midgard by taking down their treacherous counterpart, Eiess, also a Sentinor but of apparently much greater power. Lucia, Ailia and Soren must find each other through Eiess' tumultuously cruel reign of the Northlandic Kingdom before they can hope to work towards overthrowing the powerful Queen.Although the story is straightforward despite a rather slow introduction to the protagonis [...]

    23. Overall, I found Winter Solstice Winter to be a short but enjoyable read. From the very first chapter the pacing is very quick and efficient. There are quite a few moving parts here and unlike most similar works there is little in the way of introductions to the world or the characters you are about to spend some time with. That said, after the first chapter it seems to come together and the pieces fall into place.For the uninitiated, the story takes place in the Northlandic Kingdom, which is se [...]

    24. As a life-long book-lover, I have read many books with involved plots that keep you guessing throughout the story and therefore demand your attention again, and again. That is exactly what I found in Winter Solstice Winter. I also have a vivid imagination so often found myself “guessing” what surprising thing might be happening next, but with this book and the life of the vibrant girl at the center of the story, most of my guesses as to what was coming next were wrong – and I loved that! J [...]

    25. While I am part of the older generation that isn’t usually into mystical fantasy books, my grandchildren are thoroughly enthralled with books like this. I am always happy to give them book gifts, but I especially love finding things I know they will enjoy. This book is going to make at least a couple of my granddaughters very happy with their old grandma! I always read books before I give them to my loved ones in order to make sure they are suitable, and I have read more than a few that were e [...]

    26. I was instantly drawn in to the story. It is an incredible, amazing, and well written book.The story begins with Lucia a young noble who is to become queen after the death of her mother the Sun Queen. Lucia learns from her mean abusive father, King Olav, that she is a Sentinor and that she must fight to defeat an evil empress named Eiess. Lucia is taken prisoner by Eiess and locked in a tower. Her father helps her escape from the tower but not before telling her yet another secret, that her twin [...]

    27. The book is based in Norse mythology with a time frame pertaining to this but with whole lots of twist and turns that makes this story modern and interesting. So, we have this humble village that is ruled by a Queen with a sophisticated blood lineage that has always made her the target of this Evil Empress that can't just get enough power and now, she wants to control the seasons. On the other side of the coin, we have a couple with strong love bonds that can't be broken by time nor space that a [...]

    28. Winter Solstice Winter by E. J. Squires may seem a lengthy book at first, but when you get into reading it the Viking world absorbs you so deeply into itself that you soon forget the time and reality while you set out on adventures with the fascinating characters. It is evident that the author feels at home with the Viking traditions and has done some research in order to convey a story that you may even start believing after a while and be quite surprised if you go outside and do not see any Vi [...]

    29. Winter Solstice Winter by E. J Squires pulls us into the land of the Vikings a bloody time in history that was full of battles and excitement and in this version shape shifters. Nothing is as simple as it seems when you are battling an evil Empress and the three heroes of the piece Eilia, Lucia and Soren find themselves deeply entwined. But can they overcome the love and jealousy that comes between them in order to rise up and not only reclaim the throne of the lands but save all of humanity?Thi [...]

    30. I've read plenty of novels involving mythology, some Norse and some otherwise. The main problem with books likes these is that they either have too much myth to have an original story, or too little to be in any way mythological. I didn't have that problem with this book. It has the best combination of mythology, lore, and originality. One thing that I really enjoyed about Evelyn's approach to her story is that, rather than writing only about gods and goddesses--otherwise unreachable beings--she [...]

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