Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

Life Is Not a Fairy Tale This wonderful and inspiring book Life Is Not a Fairy Tale is the biography of Fantasia Fantasia could have been just another sad statistic At age of seventeen despite the promise of her extraordina

  • Title: Life Is Not a Fairy Tale
  • Author: Fantasia KimGreen
  • ISBN: 9780743281560
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This wonderful and inspiring book Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, is the biography of Fantasia Fantasia could have been just another sad statistic At age of seventeen, despite the promise of her extraordinary voice, she was just another young girl who dropped out of high school Her life and her plans for the future were going no where But Fantasia has been raised by strongThis wonderful and inspiring book Life Is Not a Fairy Tale, is the biography of Fantasia Fantasia could have been just another sad statistic At age of seventeen, despite the promise of her extraordinary voice, she was just another young girl who dropped out of high school Her life and her plans for the future were going no where But Fantasia has been raised by strong women of faith Both her grandmother and mother are preacher Now readers can share the intimate moments of her life.

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    1. Normally I'm not a fan of memoirs that evoke pity and sympathy. Many of them end up just being 200-some-pages of ranting and raving and complaining, the authors trying to enforce that their lives are so sad and so much harder than the readers could ever imagine give me a break! But Fantasia's story, though it has its depressing and sad moments, is more filled with goals, dreams and a struggle to achieve them. It was well-written and unlike many memoirs out there, Life Is Not a Fairy Tale felt tr [...]

    2. a book about a girl who had a bad child hood and she got pregnant at 16 right after she was raped a former friend who was sent to prison but was let out because she dropped the charges. she dropped out of high school and went to go live with a friend and then a couple months later she auditioned for american idol and then she won and now is famous for her music and her talented voicew she talks to girls all around about how to stay in school and how to be smart and talented young girls

    3. This was good and this kinds of things that happened to her in this book happens to people daily, i know bwcause i experienced most of the things that she has experienced in life and im only 16 years old.This is a great book for every one whose going through something and it thinks that they cant make it out of it, there is a chance because she made it out of it and so did i.

    4. This autobiography by Fantasia Monique Barrino was a very good book. She was born June 30, 1984. Fantasia is very talented and is best known as being the American Idol winner in 2004. She was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina to Joseph and Diane Barrino.This book was based on Fantasia as a child and teenager who had low esteem who sudddenly pieces together inspirational speeches after she hit 19 years old. Her mom and dad are unmarried but the family has a band and she is the lead si [...]

    5. Having never seen one American Idol episode, though I've heard of Fantasia, is what made her memoir a pleasure to read, particularly the section on how she came to American Idol, and how she sang her way into the number one spot. Good God this section carries a spiritual note, like nothing I've ever read.The grandmother, and her mother, the friend Tory, and without doubt, her brother I applaud. And thinking back on that `defying moment', I applaud her father too. The inclusion of Clive Davis (in [...]

    6. After watching the movie about Fanatasia's life I wanted to read her book, but I must say that I enjoyed the movie much more. She is very religous and talks about God all the way through the book and though I admit some of it was pretty inspirational, alot of it felt like I was reading about how to be a good christian girl from the hood. The book was not wrote in a story from at all, it was basically Fantasia telling you what happened and her thoughts on those experiences. I must admit that afte [...]

    7. I'm one of the world's biggest Fantasia Barrino fans. This book was better than the movie. I think I was better off reading the book before I watched the movie. In this amazing book ,I've learned a lot. Fantasia was only a kid when she was raped. Soon after she give birth to a little girl. A lot of people including family thought Fantasia was going to be like everybody else. But Fantasia didn't her not finishing school or being a teen mother hold her back from anything.Just like myself singing w [...]

    8. Synopsis: this book is about the famous sinqer Fantasia. and how she became famous, its basically her life storyClassification:Audience: towards youing mature adultsPurpose: to give you info. on Fantasia's lifeMedium: Life Story, A Book.Genre Of Settinq: Non-FictionGenre Of Plot: Auto-BioqraphyGenre Of Style: Everyday person becominq a star :)Criticism:The book to me was very good. it made me think of what i wanted to become in MY LIFE, and how i was qonna make a differece. because Fantasia made [...]

    9. I got to read this book, and I tell you for someone still quite young, she's learned her lesson and has since moved on with her life in a more positive way. Two albums under her belt, starring in a Broadway production(The Color Purple). But her life before this was not pretty. She was the only girl in her family. She had a reading problem which caused her to do poorly in school because of it, and with her boyfriend, she had her first baby, Zion in 2001. I highly recommend this book for all the y [...]

    10. This autobiography of fantasia was a good book and i love that she stared in her movie called the fantasia Barrino story. It talks about her growing up and how she and her family goes to church and that she would sing in the choir and that's how she started her love for music. And how people would talk about the way she looks funny and that she was raped and she got pregnant by her boyfriend and he was no help. Her dad was no help he would come and go and when she went to american idol and the r [...]

    11. The winner of American Idol Fantasia put in writing everything in her life that hapeened to her good and bad. The story it not about [" oh woe is me", It is about how she went from rags to riches by believing in her gift. Fantasia turns he negatives into positive and how everything she does is for her daughter. In the publication she also talks about what you can do to better yourself and that it is all about having courage, hope, and God and each time it will turn out all right. Even though she [...]

    12. I never cared for Fantasia until I read this book. Fantasia shares the intimate details of her life. I encourage everyone to read it and pass it on to younger teens to avoid the pitfalls she fell into. I am a proponent of literacy efforts as well now. Fantasia missed out on so many good books growing up because of her illiteracy. Much love to Fantasia for penning her story and acknowledging her God-given gifts.

    13. I read this book long time ago. But as I remember, while I was reading this book, I always look at the remaining pages and says, please don't yet finish. This book has full of advice and motivation especially for the teenage. "God grant me the serenity to accept the thing that i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the different."This is the best quote that I have found in the book.

    14. Imagine boys only liking you for your body or how you dressed how would you feel? The people that was in the book is Fantasia , her baby father B and her mom and dad. The book was about a girl who had problems since she was young until she got older then she got picked for American Idol now she's pursuing her dreams and trying to become a good mother. This book was good and yes i recommend people read it.

    15. this book was alright. it wasn't the best one I have read. I feel for her and then again I don't because she falls in love too quickly she is way to naïve and I just don't understand how someone like her can live like that. beautiful girl, beautiful voice, beautiful personality but she is a bit dumb for me. I would not recommend this read to no one

    16. This was a decent read. There was some repetition sometimes however it mostly kept my attention. I enjoyed reading about her life before and after winning American Idol. Although she wasn't my favorite during that season I did like some of her performances. And after reading her book, I am now rooting for her continued success.

    17. Fantasia's life has been an emotional roller coaster ride, but I respect her for telling her story. She gives a detailed account of her upbringing and her roots, and I enjoyed the read. It's always a pleasure to learn how people became who they are, and I really enjoyed this book!

    18. This book is a rare, that the movie is made 99% like. She became a friend and I motivation after reading. I would encourage any adolescent or approaching to read this book or just anyone that feel like hard mud.

    19. Omg!!!!!!!!I totally love this book.The number one thing i learned from this book is never judge a book by its cover.Most people that keep big secrets that needs to be told bottled up inside,are in for a rude awakening.

    20. I read this book a long time ago, just thought I'd add it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Fantasia's life. People are so critical of others, and people are very harsh to her, but I'm so glad she rises above anyhow, isn't that sweet? Success is the BEST revenge! :)

    21. So inspirational. I had it when people judge a person based on their past how can you expect them to do better if you don't give them a chance to get to their future? I loved this book it was an exquisite modern-day rags-to-riches tale!

    22. fantasia life isn't a joke.She came from being rape from achieving her dreams. She is a inspiration to me. She could teach the world how life is not a fairy tale.

    23. this book is very good its real and i like it alot its very interesting and it makes you want to keeep reading and reading

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