Saturday Is Pattyday

Saturday Is Pattyday Newman tells a story of how a child feels when his two mommies separate and break up the family From GLSEN

  • Title: Saturday Is Pattyday
  • Author: Lesléa Newman Annette Hegel
  • ISBN: 9780934678513
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Newman tells a story of how a child feels when his two mommies separate and break up the family From GLSEN

    One thought on “Saturday Is Pattyday”

    1. Saturday is Pattyday is the saddest book that I was able to find. However, I think it could possibly be my favorite. It is also written by Leslea Newman who is a homosexual woman that writes about real-world experiences of our culture. This book is about a young girl named Frankie who once lived with her two mothers. Sadly, her mothers would fight all of the time and they subsequently divorced. Frankie stayed with her mother Allie and they were very sad without Patty being there. Frankie called [...]

    2. This is a book that deals with divorce from a kid's perspective. I can relate to the little boy listening to his parents fight in the middle of the night curled in bed, afraid. The morale of the story is "even though we could not stop fighting, we will always love you and be your parents." I also quite fond of the boy's toy "Doris Deloris Dinosaur." Overall, a good read to help children process what is happening to them or might be happening to a classmate. The reason I didn't give the book five [...]

    3. Saturday is Pattyday is about a little boy whose mothers get divorced and he is very sad and has to wait until Saturday to see his mother Patty. When Saturday arrives Frankie goes to Patty’s house and they go have a picnic. While at the picnic Frankie and Patty get into an argument and Frankie gets upset and tells Patty that he does not want them to get a divorce. Patty calms Frankie down and tells him that kids do not get divorced. When they are finish having their picnic they go back to Patt [...]

    4. An okay story, more about how a kid deals with his parents' divorce than having two moms. The illustrations in the edition I read were not so great, and sometimes they obscured the text. Two-and-a-half stars, maybe?

    5. It's one of the few books I've found for children dealing with the divorce of same-sex parents. The illustrations on some pages make it hard to read the text, which is unfortunate for a children's book. Better illustrations, full color, and fixing the text layout would greatly improve this book.

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