The Year Of The Cicadas

The Year Of The Cicadas The inspirational true story of a family told by Catie her son Bryant falls from a foot cliff in the isolated back woods of the Gorge forcing his younger brother a friend and a lost boy scout

  • Title: The Year Of The Cicadas
  • Author: Catie Hartsfield
  • ISBN: 9780988456709
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • The inspirational true story of a family, told by Catie, her son Bryant falls from a 180 foot cliff in the isolated back woods of the Gorge, forcing his younger brother, a friend and a lost boy scout troop to rescue him Suffering from a traumatic brain injury, they are given very little hope Bryant will wake up, walk again or live a productive life Bryant s unbelievableThe inspirational true story of a family, told by Catie, her son Bryant falls from a 180 foot cliff in the isolated back woods of the Gorge, forcing his younger brother, a friend and a lost boy scout troop to rescue him Suffering from a traumatic brain injury, they are given very little hope Bryant will wake up, walk again or live a productive life Bryant s unbelievable will is awe inspiring Keeping a constant vigil over their son, Catie and her husband Steve, communicate through journals which provide an up close and personal perspective as the journey unfolds day by day Depleted by her career and distant from her husband, Catie had been praying for change, but this is not the change she had been praying for She wonders how she can hold her damaged family, faith and rocky marriage together The stress of the accident changes her views about herself, family, God and her marriage This is a story of hope and change proof that when faced with insurmountable challenges, the only way out is through.

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    1. *won a copy of this book on Giveaways*The writing style made this book easy to read. I liked that.The survival of the son after a horrendous fall is amazing.The mother's dedication to the care of her child is inspiring.However, the book seemed to be more about the mother than the son. I am not a fan of "airing the family's dirty laundry". I suppose it's an honest and open-hearted telling of the story, but I found the criticisms of in-laws and family members and friends and medical personnel to [...]

    2. This book had a whole lot going for it. The story is an account of the author's son Bryant's terrible fall of 180 feet during a camping trip. The fact that he survived seems to be nothing short of a miracle, and the harrowing journey this family has been through makes for fascinating reading. I thought about the book when I was not reading it, and looked forward to picking it up every evening. I was fortunate enough to have won this book in the Giveaway program and I thank the author for sending [...]

    3. I received this book directly from the author, and added it to the stack I have waiting for when I have time to read them. I picked it up last week to thumb through it, and ended up putting it down 3 hours later. I stayed up WAY past my bedtime several nights in a row because I *had* to know how it ended.Catie wrote a book of raw and honest emotion, as much about her own growth and recovery as about her son's. I found myself crying along with her during the desperate parts of the book, and noddi [...]

    4. I'm grateful to have received a copy of this book through the ' First Read Giveaway - thank you!Every once in a while, if you're fortunate enough, a book comes along that changes your life forever. I've had only a handful in my lifetime, and I am excited to add "The Year of the Cicadas" to the list. Yes, the story of Bryant's fall and recovery in themselves were incredible and miraculous. But Catie's journey as a mother and a wife through all of this, her easy and brutally honest way of speaking [...]

    5. An Inspirational and thought provoking story.I received this book for free through a First Reads Giveaway. I’m so glad that I read it as soon as it arrived in the mail. It was a deeply emotional story of a woman and her family’s struggle through a frightening medical emergency. Catie doesn’t pull any punches as she tells of this trying period in her life. I really enjoyed the fact that at times she included journal entries and other things written by family members showing their point-of- [...]

    6. I recieved this book from a giveaway and I have to say that I feel blessed to have been able to read it, this book really touched me in how strong a persons relationship with Him is and how strongly they can pray when they are seeing very little from their prayers. This book has made me look again in the trials that I have been in with my life, put them in comparison that they are really not as bad as they could be and how turning to faith may be a great answer for me. I am amazed at the strengt [...]

    7. What an inspirational story. This is a true story of the effects of tragedy that effect one family. It is an amazing look into how one woman took a tragedy and turned it into a strength and in doing so found her God and renewed her view of herself. I thought the writing was excellent and the whole thing was so relatable. How often has any woman found herself stuck in a rut and sure that she knew what to do to change things. This book makes you realize that truly you can only change yourself. I w [...]

    8. I was delighted to receive this book thru Giveaway!The author Catie Hartsfield, reveals her personal journey thru a family tragic event of her son Bryant's fall from a 180 ft cliff and the after effects from this event. An event in anyone's life can be the portal for personal and family changes. We can use this events to dig deep inside of ourselves and find out who we really are, what we really believe in, and what we are responsible for with this knowledge. I personally believe that it is not [...]

    9. I so enjoyed this book!! Having spent considerable time in the hospital with my daughter having had 3 kidney transplants, my first grandson, Tyler,where we spent 13 agonizing days in ICU with him and my youngest grandson, Edan, where we spent the first four months of his life in the hospital, I can certainly relate to Catie's frustrations and emotional traumas. Her self-discovery during this period is awesome, as well as the emotional and physical healing to the entire family, providing encourag [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book very much. It is such a compelling and intense story, not to mention amazing that someone could fall over 150 feet and survive. It was hard to put it down for the first several chapters, I couldn't believe how much was happening in such a short period of time. The author's use of additional narratives from family members also added to the story. I don't want to spoil to much for those who have not read it, but by the end you are amazed at everything this family has been throu [...]

    11. This is the book that the book club that I'm in just finished. We all loved it!! It's a very inspirational true story of a family, told by Catie, about her son after he falls from a 180 ft. cliff. This is a story of hope and change; proof that when faced with challenges, the only way out is through.

    12. This is a fantastic book! From start to finish it is difficult to put down. The story is captivating. If you don't already believe in miracles, you will after reading this book. I highly recommend it!

    13. I really don't understand why this book got such a high rating. I actually read to page 200 and than skipped to the end. The way the author wrote I felt like I was reading bullet statements. It was very choppy and didn't flow well. I also just didn't like the author. She even says in the book that someone who lives through a tragedy should not be judged for the way they handle it, but I'm sorry, I totally judged her. The whole book was about her, and how her son's accident effected her. I initia [...]

    14. The story here is amazing. Truly amazing and inspiring. The writing however was a bit choppy at times and in some cases contradictory. When I first picked up the book, the first two pages disappointing me as the story had jumped around a bit. After I got used to the style of writing of this author I got into the book more and was hooked on the story. Like I said, the story overall was very good and emotional and I truly feel for what that family had to endure. I just wish the book wasn't dragged [...]

    15. This story itself is amazing. But it could have used a good editor. There were numerous grammatical and spelling errors that were distracting. I realize the cicadas were a metaphor for what she was experiencing but their constant mention throughout the book was a little much. I tried hard not to judge her but having been in a similar situation with a sick relative, there were times I just wanted to shake her. There were times she seemed so fearful for her child's safety but did nothing to preven [...]

    16. I bought this at Books by the Banks and really enjoyed it. The author wasn't present, but her son autographed it for me. This true story makes you realize the true meaning of "never give up." It is a good book for anyone who has ever struggled in life.

    17. I enjoyed this book immensely because it gave hope!!! Bryant was saved by the grace of God's love and the love and support of his family, not medical technology, and he became a better person for it.

    18. This is a truly inspirational story on many levels. I loved how Catie includes many different points of view in the story. I can't wait to share this story with others!

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