Il libro segreto delle cose sacre

Il libro segreto delle cose sacre Dopo l impatto con la Grande Pietra la vita sulla Terra quasi completamente scomparsa Ma in una valle remota le Sorelle di Selene hanno ricreato un angolo di civilt sono le donne dedite al culto de

  • Title: Il libro segreto delle cose sacre
  • Author: Torsten Krol Enrico Monti
  • ISBN: 9788876382055
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dopo l impatto con la Grande Pietra, la vita sulla Terra quasi completamente scomparsa Ma in una valle remota, le Sorelle di Selene hanno ricreato un angolo di civilt sono le donne, dedite al culto della luna, a governare il villaggio, mentre gli uomini sbrigano i lavori di fatica come cacciare e macinare il grano La luna, per , con la sua orbita che ogni settima notDopo l impatto con la Grande Pietra, la vita sulla Terra quasi completamente scomparsa Ma in una valle remota, le Sorelle di Selene hanno ricreato un angolo di civilt sono le donne, dedite al culto della luna, a governare il villaggio, mentre gli uomini sbrigano i lavori di fatica come cacciare e macinare il grano La luna, per , con la sua orbita che ogni settima notte si avvicina pericolosamente alla Terra, minaccia il villaggio le adepte devono offrirle continui sacrifici per far s che rimanga al suo posto in cielo Tra le sorelle pi giovani c la dodicenne Aurora, la Scriba della chiesa, il cui compito scrivere e riscrivere il nome della dea, in un infinita preghiera di inchiostro A mettere in discussione le sue certezze l arrivo di Willa sfacciata e mascolina, la nuova sorella destinata a sconvolgere l equilibrio della comunit Quello che avete in mano il diario di Aurora il libro segreto delle cose sacre.

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    1. Think Hunger Games, only without the technology, and with a protagonist who actually thinks and behaves like a real twelve year old, instead of wise beyond her years. Poor Rory, growing up without any true guidance, trying to figure out what to do in these endless double-binds she is presented with. She is selfish and silly and eternally lovable as she reminds us of how we were when we were young. And as the book comes to its climax, we see her learning from her devastating mistakes, see her gro [...]

    2. Una fiaba distopica interessante. La trama è davvero semplice, quasi prevedibile. A rendere particolare il romanzo è la voce narrante. Aurora, una bambina di dodici anni, con le sue manie, piccole gelosie, invidie, primi pruriti sessuali; tutto reso con grande efficacia.

    3. Many of the reviewers hate Rory and too a degree I understand that. She is self-centered and selfish. She Makes mistakes. I loved her though. She makes mistkes, but she learns from them and tries to make things right. She is self-center and selfish and also self-sacrificing and willing to give up everything to protect the sisters. Her imperfection makes her real and makes her loveable. The story itself, besides Rory to me is a commentary on the strength of culture. How strongly beliefs can be he [...]

    4. So I wanted to rate it 3,5 stars because when you start rating books and whatnot on these scales you always start comparing them to other books and get in to trouble. But whatever. Are Krol's other books better? Yes, especially Callisto. Was this a bad book? No way, José. Though it will problably leave you silent for a bit trying to make up your mind about it. I once watched an awful movie that basically told the story of linear decay, and it was awful. Though one could view this work as well b [...]

    5. Uno di questi giorni è successo che girovagando su Internet mi sono imbattuta in questo libro post-apocalittico. Il titolo ha stuzzicato i miei neuroni, così mi sono letta la trama. Il passo successivo è stato: devo leggerlo. Una delle mie migliori decisioni di lettura mai prese.In generale, è stato un cazzotto continuo nello stomaco. Pensate che Hunger Games sia brutale? Robetta in confronto a Il libro segreto delle cose sacre, che più che mostrarci massacri, ci scuote nelle nostre fondame [...]

    6. Human civilisation has been slammed back into the dark ages by a space rock in this science fiction yarn.The sisters worship the Moon, Selene, who was knocked from orbit by a rogue asteroid many years ago. Their young Scribe Aurora (Rory for short) writes Selene’s name over and over again to ensure she does not fall further from the sky. But this feminist idyll, where the nun-like Sisters rule over one of the last outposts of humanity, is set to undergo change.Told by Scribe Rory through the e [...]

    7. This book went so many places I was not expecting (that’s a good thing, too many books are predictable). At first it was pretty funny, told from the limited point of view of a sheltered and spoiled 12-year-old Aurora. She was very believable in her self-important brattiness… not a very sympathetic character, but I kept reading because I thought she was going to get her comeuppance with the arrival of the new girl Willa. (How *dare* she be named Seer instead of me!). I agree with other review [...]

    8. This book was really weird. I don't think I liked how it ended the message or the main character. Yet the story was so inventive and compelling that I loved reading it. I suppose it's a post-apocalyptic story, yet it seems deeper than that. The story portrays a world which feels especially frightening to me- one in which the sun and moon and earth, which are the most important constants in my life, have been altered from their cycles, and life on Earth changes with the meteorological changes. Th [...]

    9. la strada per l'inferno è lastricata di buone intenzioni, dicono: qui di buone intenzioni ne abbiamo tante (un futuro apocalittico, la nascita di una società matriarcale retta da una religione lunare, un diario scritto da una protagonista tanto carica di difetti eppure capace di gesti di coraggio, alcuni personaggi davvero interessanti, una catastrofe naturale che accelera il corso degli eventi portando all'inevitabile tragedia) eppure alla fine sembra di non essere arrivati ad una meta, tanto [...]

    10. Giving this one star for the premise - it was different than most of the apocalyptica I read. I despised the main character - yes I realize she was a child, but one would think that having been raised by a group of intelligent, caring women, she would have been a better person. Bought this in paperback, and paid way more than I would have usually, mainly because the write up on the back of the book seemed intriguing. I was bitterly disappointed. What a waste of time - so glad I am a very quick r [...]

    11. I didn't like this. I expected to when I started; I thought Rory's precocious voice was kind of great. But the whole thing is so claustrophobic, and so limited, and so well pointless. Everyone turns out to be stupid and selfish, and the people who aren't stupid and selfish at the beginning don't have the strength not to be by the end. Other readers seem to have really liked this book, so it's possible it just came to me at the wrong time.I will say that it gave me horrible nightmares after I fin [...]

    12. One of those books that is set in a very particular time in a very particular place and does it well - in this case, a post-apocalyptic future in a nunnery where the religion is to worship the moon. The heroine is rather unlikeable, but I can't see the book being as effective any other way. Absorbing and memorable.

    13. A dystopian novel that's so circumscribed and narrow that it failed to hold my interest. And the protagonist was sunk so deep in her beliefs that she was irritating and appalling. The fact that the whole book is told at her adolescent level (about 12 years old) becomes grating after a very short while. Not to my taste.

    14. Il libro di cui sto per parlare, a chiusura dell’anticlimax, fa parte di quelle opere che, dopo averle finite, pongono al lettore alcune angosciose domande.Perché qualcuno ha voluto scrivere un libro così?Perché qualcun altro l’ha pubblicato?Perché l’ho comprato?E, soprattutto: perché l‘ho letto?La recensione completa su ifioridelpeggio/anticl

    15. If this book sticks in my head like The Dolphin People did, I may come back and upgrade it to 5 stars. As usual, Krol has delivered something unique and challenging, startling and thought provoking. While all three of his books have some similarity in pacing and structure, each story and each world is new and different from the book before it. Highly recommend it.

    16. It's not very often[I think I remember TWICE] that I find a book where the main character/narrator is not a nice person. There were some unexpected moments in this book. Although the ending was not much of a surprise to me I did like this book. I'll have to find another book by Torsten Krol and see if this was a "one-hit-wonder"!

    17. Although this started slowly, I am so glad to have stuck with it. Beautifully written. An interesting post-apocalyptic world "run" by women (up to a point). A seemingly unlikeable main character, Aurora, who becomes ultimately heroic. And a heartbreaking denouement. A wonderful, unforgettable read.

    18. I honestly don't know what to make of this book. I can't even really tell if I liked it.It was certainly a slow read, and I was annoyed many times throughout, but I kept reading, so that has to mean it kept my interest right?

    19. Good book. Not quite up to the brilliance of his (her?) previous works but I still enjoyed it. Borderline social satire rears it's head and this time it points its finger at blind faith and religion.

    20. I am very mixed about this book. The narrator was annoying, conceited and nor likable -- BUT believable. O

    21. A richly designed (and screwed up) world, written in an annoying, repetitive voice - and super depressing.

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