Free Falling

Free Falling Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of allBlue s a thief who lives for adrenaline and danger When he meets Mick a mercenary and a hitter he feels an immediate attraction But Mick r

  • Title: Free Falling
  • Author: S.E. Jakes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of allBlue s a thief who lives for adrenaline and danger When he meets Mick, a mercenary and a hitter, he feels an immediate attraction But Mick reneges on a bet they ve made, leaving Blue pissed and confused.When they meet again a year later, Blue s in terrible danger after having walked into the middle of one ofSometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of allBlue s a thief who lives for adrenaline and danger When he meets Mick, a mercenary and a hitter, he feels an immediate attraction But Mick reneges on a bet they ve made, leaving Blue pissed and confused.When they meet again a year later, Blue s in terrible danger after having walked into the middle of one of Mick s jobs Mick saves him, and although the two men have fallen for one another, they have no idea how to handle that kind of intimacy that s been forced on them But when Mick goes missing on a job, Blue s the one to go after him, determined to save the man he loves no matter the cost.

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    1. I had some pretty big issues with this story that dropped my rating way, way down. I think I'm getting the feeling for S.E. Jakes and her writing style by now. She writes bad ass, alpha males that all have tons of baggage. I like the general feeling of this story but it was the details that killed me. 1) The insta-love. Honestly, I'm sick to DEATH of the MCs falling in love in seconds. These two guys went from next to strangers to "lovey love love" in 5 seconds flat. It reads really false to me. [...]

    2. Written December 16, 20134.4 Stars - slightly too short but so lovely to read - it burns almostI already read two closely related books about some friends, Catch a Ghost and Long Time Gone, and loved both. It will be interesting to see what this rather short novel has to offer. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Free Falling offers me ~ absolutely everything. I am so pleased and kind of "filled" with these two cheeky, but very sweet, tough guys. I want more about Blue and Mick, now immediately! “If I catch you, [...]

    3. **5 Falling for Blue and Mick Stars**All Blue's been through, he's been through alone.He doesn't know any other way.Fuck, but you gotta love the delicious and fierce men of Extreme Escapes, Ltd. You'll be a fool not to won't one of your own. And this bookYES, I totally LOVED it!! I don't think there ever was a boring moment to be read. I was drawn in and captivated by every word. From the characters, to the build up of their relationship. And all the ups and downs, they experience. This book is [...]

    4. “Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of all…” Sexual healing at it’s finest ♥♥The chemistry between these two characters is mind-blowing, and the sex? Hot, steamy, original and seriously manly!!!Anyone looking for a rush of heat and adrenaline should definitely pick up a copy! ;)I'll definitely be picking up more books from this author.

    5. A Hearts On Fire ReviewFOUR & A HALF STARS--Do you have a favorite roller coaster? A ride that feels dangerous but no matter how high or low you get, no matter how rough it can be, you can't help but want to go on one more time just for that feelingThat feeling is comparable to "Free Falling" Jakes' "Free Falling" is a story that packs punches and surprises all around. We meet new characters, Mick, a mercenary with secrets and Blue, a thief with a couple hidden up his sleeve as well. These t [...]

    6. This was okked itg potential if it continues on into a seriesGreat, great characters in Blue and Mickd Prophet (want to know more about Prophet!) and the storyline about a thief, a couple of mercs and a new black market sex drug (for you ICoS readers, think Slide, but even more intense) was super interesting. Hopeful that SE Jakes will pick up with the momentum started and work this into a series. My issue with this book alone, however, is that I didn't quite get the connection, the insta-love, [...]

    7. March 4, 2017Yup, pretty sure this is read numero seis, and done so in prep for newwwwnesssss coming next month.Mick and Blue they have just as certain a place in and strong a grasp on my heart. I smile, sigh, hurt, and feel all the giddy in spending time with them. Even in this sixth read, I experienced new realizations: Blue's vulnerability by way of a slice of insecurity is one of the things that makes him irresistible, especially when paired with his just as justified snarky confidence. And [...]

    8. OMG OMG This story was hot!! It’s probably the reason I flew threw this book in a day….Woohoo!! I will start this review with a complaint…it was too short! I wanted more of Blue and Mick…OMG MORE!!I loved Blue, the name only won’t let me forget him. A thief with a heart, I would have liked more of his story, but I already said that. And Mick, first appearances had me thinking he was a hard ass, standoffish kinda alpha dude. But again, I was off the mark. I loved these two together, I c [...]

    9. 4.5* Really enjoyed this. It was sexy, fast paced and Mick and Blue are HOT together. The book sort of slots into the Men Of Honour, and the new Hell & High Water series' as it also features Prophet and the EE company. Mick and Blue meet on the job and there's instant lust/attraction but then Mick lets Blue down badly by welching on a bet, leaving Blue feeling humiliated but still deep down, attracted to this charismatic guy. Then twelve months later he meets Mick again when he unintentional [...]

    10. ~~~I read this after reading and reviewing S.E. Jakes Catch a Ghost. My 4 star review for Catch a Ghost is here: /review/show/ I suppose I should have read this first, but I do that sort of thing often. Anyway, this was enjoyable, but a little rushed, choppy maybe. Somehow though, that made it a very quick read and satisfied my need to know where the M/C, Prophet, in Catch a Ghost comes from.This story is about Blue and Mick and how they come together. Trust me, they come together very well. The [...]

    11. DANGEROUSLY HOT! ;)Yey! I really liked it! :DI'm not really a big fan of espionage type of reads (I liked those who have normal lives better.) but I liked this one! In fairness the CIA, date drug thing and theme was believable enough for me.I really liked Blue and Mick btw. Spy & thief hooking up? HOT. Blue & MickI just wished this was longer so I can see their relationship bloom longer. This one is a little fast for me.And btw, that date drug thing is disturbing and hot at the same time [...]

    12. Wow, what is not to like about this book. The two major characters Mick and Blue blow me away. Mick-ex CIA, now independent, Blue-thief extraordinaire. How can they not be drawn to each other. Opposites attract and the attraction is volcanic. It starts with Mick rescuing Blue, but by the end Blue rescues Mick. Seeing how that works, is the heart of the story. It has humor, hot sizzling sex, a mighty combo. This is my first book by S.E.Jakes, won't be my last. As a bonus, I understand Prophet wil [...]

    13. 4.5 stars because i really, really liked Blue. He was an amazing character who just hit all of my buttons. I loved his snarky responses, his need to bounce off the walls (literally), his cockiness and arrogance towards Mick were funny, not annoyingd he drove Mick crazy, I loved him.Mick was one seriously alpha mercenary who didn't want to fall in love, wouldn't even say the word love, but Blue was his obsession and knew he couldn't live without him.This was a great story that never once got dull [...]

    14. Loved the characters of Mick and Blue. Like even more the fact that they may be cropping up again in the author's new series. 4.5 stars and Blue is a thief (think latter day Robin Hood), and will only steal things that other people won't miss because they've already got so muchd not always by legal means, it has to be said. Mick is a mercenary, seemingly out for hire to the highest bidder, but his and Blue's paths keep crossing, and when Blue is caught stealing some gem from a suspected drug man [...]

    15. ***4.5 Stars***"I'm in fucking love with you. And that's all your fault.""Funny, because I was thinking me being in fucking love with you is all your fault."I'm pretty sure that Mick and Blue's sole mission was to try and completely melt my kindle. These two were SIZZLING HOT! Blue is a thief. Mick is an ex-CIA agent now working for EE. Nothing between these two should workoh, but it does. And it does soooo well!There's a spark between these two from the moment they meet. An electricity centered [...]

    16. Umm, okay, I'm slightly embarrassed to say thisbut I really liked this. Even though it was a full-on sexfest from the beginning to the end and the entire plot was more than a little outrageous, I still really really liked it! I loved the characters and theummhot I-need-you-to-fuck-me-now sex. There was humor and snark and even a little saddness. But most import was the tension and chemistry between Blue and Mickd that DID IT FOR ME!!!Will be checking out Prophet's story ASAP.

    17. I've read the Hell & Highwater series and Dirty Deeds and I loved all those bookseventhough I'm pissed that I'm still waiting for the next book to be published !! I realised that I still hadn't read this one, and since I'm still WAITING for "If I ever" and "Dirty Lies", I might as well give this book a try.I was already a bit familiar with Blue and Mick. I got to know them a bit better in this one, but not much. This book was mostly about sex. Now I don't mind some hot and steamy man on man [...]

    18. Does it count as a DNF if I quit at 93%, skipped to the end and just read the last paragraph?Before starting, I thought: "Hi self. I really loved the Hell or Highwater books. I really loved Dirty Deeds. All that's left is a prequel book with two men who were interesting secondary characters in the other books. One of the character's name is Blue. I like the color blue. And OMGILOVETHATCOVER." Why not?This story is definitely a case of insta-love. I mean, these guys knew absolutely NOTHING about [...]

    19. Ah, big, brawny Alpha Males showing each other their soft underbellies. What's not to love, I ask? Other than some minor confusion on my part at just where/when MC Blue and MC Mick's relationship actually started (eventually I realized it was indeed in the past, in a place not written in the book) and where exactly their relationship was headed (not so much of a stretch of confusion on my part, because I don't really think the MCs had much of a clue either at that point) I happily let this thril [...]

    20. I loved the two alpha males in this one but thought the story was underdeveloped overall. I didn't really understand what Mick did for a living (ex-CIA, now in the private sector still helping the CIA or FBI or whomever? So he's a good merc like Blue is the good thief? ), and the Insta Love was over the top. I wish bad guys could be taken down so easily in real life, and pain and grief so easily healed. (view spoiler)[While the whole side story with Blue's sister, Laura, was meant to humanize Bl [...]

    21. 4.5 stars. This was a funny, hot, sexy, fast paced story. I loved both Blue and Mick and looked forward to their interactions. Thankfully, there weren't too many times where they needed to be apart. This story was a quick read for me, as I didn't want to put it down. The guys have great chemistry, both in the sack and out. The only thing that bugged me was how Mick called Blue "boy," but it didn't take away from the story too much. I'm excited there will be more stories like this one and was exc [...]

    22. SE Jakes writing a tale of thieves and danger delivers a lusty, action-packed adventure. Blue and Mick compliment one another beautifully. Both are aggressive in their own way and take no prisonerscluding one another. Okay, so maybe a few prisoners are taken but neither of them were unwilling.Fantastic story. God, I could have an entire series just based on these two. Well done, Jakes, well done.

    23. A young thief and an ex CIA agent work together to bring down a drug ring who made a drug that makes you crave sex. There's hot sex and more hot sex. Quick story that is apparently part of a sequel. RE-READ 1/6/14 - It had been too long and I needed to remember who Blue was. I'm glad I re-read this.

    24. A day late and a dollar short but I'm hooked. I think it had something to do with that opening. O_O-Not nearly adequate for what went down in Bogotá. FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!amenThis series is like a Bond movie with a fuck ton of Bonds and instead of working for MI6 they work for a private firm called Extreme Escapes Ltd. Free Falling focuses on Mickand BlueBlue here is a thief and a damn good one. He's in Bogotá on a job when the fates align and put Mick in his path again. Events transpire which lea [...]

    25. Blue is a thief who lives for adrenaline and danger. When he meets Mick, a mercenary and a hitter, he feels an immediate attraction. After having walked into the middle of one of Mick’s jobs Blue is in terrible danger. Mick saves him, and although the two men have fallen for one another, they have no idea how to handle that kind of intimacy that's been forced on themWhen Blue and Mick gave in to their passionate desire for one another I thought my Kindle was on fire. :) The story has angst, su [...]

    26. Mick & Blue There is a overwhelming chemistry between these guys! They are tough men, but so sweet, adorable when they show their emotions! I am so glad to have read this book, though I should have read it before Catch a Ghost, cause this is the first of the series and we have an introduction to Prophet!

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, with my only complaint being it was too short. I want more Mick and Blue! This was my first S.E. Jakes book, but will not be my last. Blue is a character I couldn't help but fall in love with. A thief who really likes what he does and has a heart of gold. Mick is a bit more mysterious. I really enjoyed that these two alpha males actually are able to talk to each other, with just enough game playing to make it intersting. There was plenty of back and forth and the [...]

    28. HOT! I loved Blue his attitude how he tested Mick and how obviously these guys just we're meant to be. The sex was insane hotness. Even with the craziness they had to go through they looked out for one another when each needed it the most. The action was perfect Loved this quickie read!

    29. ** 2,5 confused stars **Sorry, did I miss something here?This book seems to be lacking several chapters of story. It just dives right into "action", and by I action I meanI didn't oppose the (view spoiler)[ drug(hide spoiler)] as a story plot per se, but starting the book with it, without building up the characters or the story at all, just didn't work.--------------------------"Was gonna sleep with you anyway," he murmured.--------------------------So, that makes it okay, does it?No, it doesn' [...]

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