Odd Apocalypse

Odd Apocalypse Once presided over by a Roaring s Hollywood mogul the magnificent West Coast estate known as Roseland now harbors a reclusive billionaire financier and his faithful servants and their guests Odd Th

  • Title: Odd Apocalypse
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780553807745
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once presided over by a Roaring 20s Hollywood mogul, the magnificent West Coast estate known as Roseland now harbors a reclusive billionaire financier and his faithful servants and their guests Odd Thomas, the young fry cook who sees the dead and tries to help them, and Annamaria, his inscrutably charming traveling companion Fresh from a harrowing clash with lethal adveOnce presided over by a Roaring 20s Hollywood mogul, the magnificent West Coast estate known as Roseland now harbors a reclusive billionaire financier and his faithful servants and their guests Odd Thomas, the young fry cook who sees the dead and tries to help them, and Annamaria, his inscrutably charming traveling companion Fresh from a harrowing clash with lethal adversaries, they welcome their host s hospitality But Odd s extraordinary eye for the uncanny detects disturbing secrets that could make Roseland hell than haven.Soon enough the house serves up a taste of its terrors, as Odd begins to unravel the darkest mystery of his curious career What consequences await those who confront evil at its most profound Odd only knows.

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    1. The original Odd Thomas book is one of my absolute favorites. However, the sequels have all been a bit too "odd" and hard to follow. This last one was no exception, in fact, I found it even harder to follow than the last two. I think part of the reason I enjoyed book 1 so much was because of the relationship btwn Odd and Stormy and without that relationship the more recent books have been missing something. This most recent one was entirely too technical and just confusing all around.

    2. I love the Odd Thomas books overall. However, what this book showed me above all is that I love the first trilogy of the Odd Thomas books. (Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Brother Odd). Each of those were written as complete stories showing sweet, gentle but capable Odd Thomas fighting the supernatural for the good of the innocent who were threatened. They have beginnings, middles, and ends or at least resolutions of an evil situation with Odd sometimes on the road to find somewhere that a simple fry [...]

    3. Finally! We've all been waiting since 2009 for another Odd! I'll try an hold it together until its release in July.Update: It shipped it shipped it finally shipped yay yay! Thank you amazon. Last update - no spoilers:It was so great. I forget how much I like Odd and the fact that he will forever be in love with Stormy. Odd's deep perspective on life and human nature is still alive in this book, which is one reason I love this series so much. Fun note: I don't know how in the world you came up wi [...]

    4. Why do I keep coming back to Odd, despite my general aversion to all but the tamest of the horror genre?* One word: humor. I cannot help but love a book in which the main character spouts off about wanting to strangle mimes, "like all mentally stable citizens," assures himself that the frightful cry keeping him awake cannot belong to a loon, because loons "do not change their voices to fit the landscape. They're birds, not politicians," or categorizes believing in the solvency of Social Security [...]

    5. The plotting isn't so strong in this one but if you like random yet sometimes interesting characters as well as lots of musings from the main character then you may like this one.I listened to the audio and stopped after the second disc because it was barely holding my interest and I have a few other hundred items waiting to be experienced. MY GRADE: C to C plus.

    6. Sixth in the Odd Thomas Series I have no idea why so many people are expressing their disappointment in this book; it's VERY "Odd-like"!The humor is still there One of the sweet things about the Odd books (no spoilers, though these are direct quotes from the book) On pg 102: "the chef was intent upon adding to a pile of eyes on the cutting board beside the sink, where he was blinding several pounds of potatoes before peeling them." Hilarious! On pg 104: "Day turning to night. Like a few thousand [...]

    7. If you pick up Odd Thomas #5, you'll get a creepy story, insight into Odd's odd brain, and funny ghosties. So if you're a big fan of the series rest assured you'll enjoy this one.However, if you are more like me and need a bit more literary flair, you're out of luck with this one.I think Koontz had quite an interesting idea for this story, however rather than fully fleshing it out, he just had Odd pontificate about Koontz's beliefs for large chunks of the book book.So forget character developmen [...]

    8. I am a fan of Dean Koontz and his Odd Thomas series. Koontz is that rare contemporary author willing to confuse in order to enlighten. Many of his works include mysteries which perplex, but generally receive explanation or the tease of explanation in a future work. I for one enjoy not having all the answers.Odd Thomas is the quintessential imperfect hero thrown into the fray. His character development has been interesting to watch. In later books, he has come to accept his gift, or curse, and wi [...]

    9. Odd Thomas has never really lived up to his original adventure. Where his perennial good humour and dogged optimism were winning character virtues in Pico Mundo, in "Odd Apocalypse" he seems almost apathetic and dull, disconnected from the events occurring around him.When the fiction is a complicated mixed metaphor of supernatural horror, science-fiction, and high fantasy, without a solid character arc to tie it all together, it's just a lot of fluff that makes suspension of disbelief difficult [...]

    10. For me this was a very dark read which i didn't like the story was good it was just the dark side that affected me will read series am not put off just by one book of Dean Koontz Odd Thomas Series

    11. Here's my full spoiler review, interspersed with my favorite quotes:“The night took an intriguing turn. I do not say an unexpected turn, because I’ve learned to expect just about anything.”Dean Koontz has returned to the old magic of Odd Thomas! Not counting the Interludes (which are not a mainstream novel), we last saw Odd as he left Magic Beach for a new destination, together with Annamaria. (I must admit, it’s been a while since I read “Odd Hours” so I’m not sure how it all ende [...]

    12. 2016 Thoughts:I had been looking forward to revisiting Roseland - I did enjoy the trip. This is one of my favorites in the Odd Thomas Series. The story is mysterious and interesting. In reading about "The Freaks", scenes from the 1970's futuristic cartoon, Wizards, flash through my mind. I like the inclusions of Tesla and Hitchcock. However, I still think Dean presents a better time travel novel in Lightning.2012 Initial Reading:I finally read Odd Apocalypse as part of the Autumn 2012 Reading Ch [...]

    13. It's hard not to expect the moon and sky from a Dean Koontz novel - he did a great job over the years in raising my expectations.Unfortunatley, Odd #5 didn't come close to meeting them. Koontz's writing style is, as always, excellent and there's lots of the humor you expect with Odd.And I guess it's hard to write a series about a character and not reflect back on certain points for the benefit of those who may not have read previous books, but if you have read them and you have a decent memory, [...]

    14. It feels like I've waited forever for the Odd Thomas story to continue! I'm only about 20% into the book right now, and while I am enjoying the story, I really don't feel like I'm reading Odd Thomas. Maybe it's just that the first books were soooo long ago, but it seems the voice of Odd Thomas has completely changed. I don't remember his descriptions being so "wordy". Dean Koontz tend to be "wordy", but I never felt he was with Odd. I'm finding myself skipping over paragraphs. That is disappoint [...]

    15. This installment in the Odd Thomas series probably has to be my least favorite in the series, it was still good however. The book seemed to be a little darker than the previous books in the series. For a while a lot of things didn't quite add up but they come together in the end. Now I only have two books left in the series, but I'm just taking a break because I'm afraid if I read them all at once I'll get burn-out, LOL! Like I said, Odd Apocalypse could have been better, but it was still worth [...]

    16. **SPOILER FREE**This is the fifth book in the series starring Odd Thomas, the self-proclaimed fry cook with his ability to see the recently departed. The series continues along the same path it did with the prior novel "Odd Hours" with Odd Thomas and his companion Annamaria as they stay at the Roseland estate. The events of the novel take place over the course of a single day and Koontz manages to pack a significant amount of action, suspense, and even a little bit of horror into this nearly 400 [...]

    17. How can you not love Odd?! I read the first Odd Thomas book on a whim. I was walking through a discount book store and the hard cover was on sale for something like $2.00, who could pass up a $2.00 book by an author who usually writes best sellers. Actually I didn't know I liked Koontz thenI just knew that I read & enjoyed Whispers and figured I'd give this one a try. I had no idea it was to be more than one book, but I am oh so happy it is. I love Odd. He is by far one of my favorite book c [...]

    18. I liked this book, but it felt a bit too dark and hopeless to me. The dismal glimpses of the future were depressing. I feel like Odd has lost something along the way. There wasn't as much of his typical optimism and humor in this story. It was a page turner and a good story, but it left me feeling heavy rather than uplifted, whereas the previous books in the series have ended on a note of hope for the future. I really miss Pico Mundo and its interesting characters and I hope Dean brings us back [...]

    19. I know it's Dean Koontz, but they still could edit it, right? With some editing it could have been 5 star, it was a good story and Odd is a great character

    20. Having read all the Odd Thomas books, and having been highly disappointed with the last two, I still had sincere hopes that Koontz would not disappoint with this new one. He did not live completely up to that expectation.This book takes place just a few days after where Odd Hours (the 4th book) left off. Odd is still in the company of AnnaMaria and the two dogs (one being a ghost) and they find themselves at the Roseland estate where once again Odd is faced with having to help a ghost along with [...]

    21. Odd is back!I've read the entire series and loved every book.Odd is a little different. He's a fry cook by trade, but hasn't had the chance to cook for quite a while. He comes from Pico Mundo, a fictional desert town in California. The place where he lost the love of his life--Stormy Llewellyn.His name, Odd, is a mistake. His mother thought she put Todd on his birth certificate, but someone made a mistake and Todd became Odd.He's okay with his name. It fits him well.Odd sees ghosts. They don't t [...]

    22. I’ve read all the Odd Thomas books and was looking forward to this one. It fell a little short of what I hoped it would be. Odd, now in the company of Annamaria, an enigmatic young woman who is seven months pregnant and acts as if she was much older than he is. They are at Roseland, a strange 1920’s mansion and none of the staff seem particularly happy to have him there. In fact, they want Odd gone or dead, preferably the latter. No one can figure out why the owner has even let the couple st [...]

    23. The previous installment of Odd Thomas' adventures had left me less than enthusiastic about the direction of this series. And I still have my qualms - mainly that Dean Koontz gets more bitter, brooding, and anti-anything that was invented or conceived after 1950 with each book. The battle of good versus evil is one that has been written about since time immemorial, but I don't ascribe to - nor get the most enjoyment out of - stories that are stark black and white with no grey areas. Now arguably [...]

    24. “Their faces melt off their skulls. And their skulls turn black when the air touches them, and all their bones block. And then the black blows away like soot, there isn’t anything left of them.”ODD APOCALYPSE is a novel of nightmares, the most 'adult horror' to feature Odd Thomas yet. The latest instalment breathes a breath of rancid air to the series, sure to fear and induce night terrors. Koontz' creations share some similarities with the conceptual monsters of 77 SHADOW STREET - perhaps [...]

    25. Feels like I say this in every review of an Odd book, but I'll say it again: I am not a fan of Dean Koontz. But I am a big fan of Odd.The previous book was too much Koontz and not enough Odd, but this one made up for that. You can really feel Odd in there, behind the words---under the words, as Tim would say (and I did love Tim).Odd did have one whole paragraph of his philosophy about words that made me really need to be able to sit him down, say, "Now, Odd. That is crap," and explain why it was [...]

    26. 3-3.5 starsOverall, this was a good addition to the Odd Thomas series. I have to admit that this is my least favorite Odd Thomas story so far but it was still good and I still love Oddhe's a great character. The story consists of Odd and Annamarie staying at an estate called Roseland. There are strange things going on there and Odd has to figure things out and save the innocent in a short timeframe. Annamarie is pretty much in her room 95% of the time so she's not really part of the story (until [...]

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