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  1. Tony Lee & Pia Guerra, “Doctor Who: The Forgotten” (2009)Chapter Five “REVELATION”- - - Revelation was the fifth issue of The Forgotten comic series.Plot:After the Cloister Bell rings, the Doctor begins to question who or what Martha Jones really is. They are attacked by a Clockwork Droid and a Voc Robot. The Doctor and Martha escape. Martha hands the Doctor a cravat from his eighth incarnation and the Doctor begins to tell Martha about that life. The Doctor was alone in a prison cel [...]

  2. I got really annoyed with the Eighth Doctor's companion Chantir. Or, should I say, Chan-has to say something between the two syllables-tir? The Ninth Doctor story was a touching World War I Christmas story. Having the words "Schlechte Wolf" written on a ball was a nice little detail that reminds readers of the running thread throughout series 1. Having The Doctor hear about Captain Harkness before meeting him is weird and feels out of place continuity-wise, but it's also funny knowing that this [...]

  3. Tony Lee & Pia Guerra, “Doctor Who: The Forgotten” (2009)Interesting and nostalgic illustrated comicChapter Five “REVELATION”

  4. Note: (view spoiler)[I usually have no problems with written works/media tie-ins in the Doctor Who universe, as their characterizations are spot-on. It's often the plot and/or art which makes-or-breaks it. So I will be commenting on those.I'm picky about consistent art: meaning, the art style and quality is consistent throughout the story, and not the anthology. Different art styles for different stories are fine. (hide spoiler)]Consistent art/style: ★. Still the art I loved in volumes 1 and 2 [...]

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