Topics in Algebra

Topics in Algebra New edition includes extensive revisions of the material on finite groups and Galois Theory New problems added throughout

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  • Title: Topics in Algebra
  • Author: I.N. Herstein
  • ISBN: 9780471010906
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • New edition includes extensive revisions of the material on finite groups and Galois Theory New problems added throughout.

    One thought on “Topics in Algebra”

    1. Truth be told, I always considered myself more of an analysis guy than an algebraist in college. So why is it that, of the various texts I had as an undergraduate, this is one of the handful I've never managed to get rid of? Because group theory rocks, in its own buttoned-down, hidden-depths, body-of-an-accountant-soul-of-a-poet fashion. Herstein's slightly desiccated prose is oddly appropriate for its subject matter, though it's hard to love. You have to read between the lines to discover the u [...]

    2. One of my math professors gave this book to me when I was in school. I've been thinking about going back and getting my Masters in math. I just wanted to see how much I remembered or could comprehend. I got through five pages in one lunch hour. But I understood it! This one will be on the "Currently Reading" shelf for a while. . .

    3. One of the great classics in mathematics literature. Herstein's mathematical writing is some of the best, at times a pleasure to read.I recommend this book, especially for self study or a supplement to an algebra course. This book is worth a skim even for its historical value as an example of who to construct a mathematical text.That being said, a would be user should be warned of a few of the books quirks. First the book is old, and a bit antiquated. Second, this book was not actually designed [...]

    4. One of the most beautiful books on pure mathematics that I've read. Its a pity that it wasn't even part of the course ! It was so damn good that I spent most of my time studying this in the library for months instead of cramming and preparing for my entrance exams.

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