Another Tear

Another Tear Kevin Kennard gazed into the precious face of his newborn son the offspring of the intoxicating love he shared with his wife Simone Closing his eyes Kevin whispered a prayer of thanks Life had give

  • Title: Another Tear
  • Author: Traci Bee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kevin Kennard gazed into the precious face of his newborn son, the offspring of the intoxicating love he shared with his wife, Simone Closing his eyes, Kevin whispered a prayer of thanks Life had given him a second chance at happiness far greater than anything he d fathomed from inside the concrete walls of his prison cell While Kevin and Simone bask in their familial bKevin Kennard gazed into the precious face of his newborn son, the offspring of the intoxicating love he shared with his wife, Simone Closing his eyes, Kevin whispered a prayer of thanks Life had given him a second chance at happiness far greater than anything he d fathomed from inside the concrete walls of his prison cell While Kevin and Simone bask in their familial bliss, those scorned by their union collect the pieces to their shattered hearts and plot the couple s demise Darkness hovers the Kennards when their newborn baby becomes the target for revenge A tidal wave of fatal events stifles the sanctity Kevin and Simone have come to cherish Kevin had promised those he loved that his gun toting days were a thing of the past But with nothing else to live for, he journeys to find the person responsible for the devastation reeked in his world Someone will pay for what they ve done to his family, even if it cost Kevin his own life In the award winning novel, Two Tears in a Bucket, Kevin and Simone reminded us how powerful and lasting the bonds of love can be But can it weather, Another Tear

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    1. I must say that I think Traci Bee is a very talented writere is very creativeThis book was goodbut for me I found myself skimming thru the pagesI got bored with FeliciaI wanted more chemistry from Kevin and SimoneI also felt there was way too many kids in this bookI had a hard time keeping up with who was who well as the parentsI may need to go back and reread the first booke there was also like 3 mothers in this book as wellAmazingly Ricardo's name popped up at the endThat did not really wow me [...]

    2. 5 Stars hands down.I knew it was gone be a banger.I had to read part 2.It picked right back up from part one and it was just as ruthless as the 1st.Once again the title was right on point because I felt like dropping tears.I was mad to the point where I wanted to jump in and smack a few people around my self.I also loved the heaven scene.Keep up the good work TRACI BEE!!!

    3. WowPoor Simone and Kevin couldn't get a break drama after drama and that damn Felicia, Andre! Now Ricardo back in the mix oh snap!

    4. The first quarter of this book really irritated me. Possibly because I read this book right after the first book. The first quarter really retold a good portion of the ending of the first book. A lot of the blanks were filled in, but a lot of it was really irrelevant. Whole scenes were repeated verbatim for pages at a time, and I felt myself skipping through a lot of the pages to get through scenes that I literally just read hours before. I still loved Kevin and Simone together, but Felicia, her [...]

    5. "Another Tear" by Traci Bee was well worth the wait!It starts shortly after the events of "Two Tears in A Bucket".Simone and Kevin are moving to the next chapter in life. What is supposed to be a joyous occasion, quickly turns into a tragedy, setting off an unforgettable story line that will leave you breathless and wanting more.Felicia is definitely a character you love to hate! It was a fast paced read that I hated to see end. " Another Tear" was a page turner that had me on the edge of my sea [...]

    6. SooooLiked this one better than the first one. WAY to much drama and twist and turns and still the book seems NOT to be finished based on the ending. I for the life of me can't understand why so many AA books can't just be ONE FREAKING BOOK. Why must there be Part 1,2,3,4,5,610. This is the one thing that strongly pisses me off. Can I get one full book? I get making part 2,3,4 etc if it's centered around other characters but hot damn the same characters in each book is exhausting. Anywho if you [...]

    7. I loved this book, it was a great sequel. There was drama, mystery and romance. Kevin was so in love with Simon and just couldn't stand living without her and wanted to do things his way. Simon was a strong woman that was easily influenced by the wrong people instead of listening to her own heart. Felicia and Andre were just down right evil people. This book was so good I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to see if there will be another one.

    8. Loved it!!!!This book was EVERYTHING. The love that Simone and Kevin had for each other was amazing and after dealing with drama and bs they still managed to keep their love intact. Felicia was a crazy ass broad who was willing to do whatever for her manI'm really hoping there's a part 3


    10. A Lot Of Tears Shed I like this book, but I loved part one. This one was not as good as the first. It did its job though I am looking forward to reading The Final Tear to see how she brings it back. I was not crazy about the focus of the book shifting to Felicia. I wanted more from the couple of the hour Kevin and Simone. With everything finally on track for the couple, wasn't looking for happily ever after but was looking for them to be the main focus.   With so many forces trying to stand in [...]

    11. Ok I just finished this book this morning and am feining for "The Final Tear". shows that it was published in 2013 and there are several reviews but I can't find it ANYWHERE!!! As with Two Tears, this book is also PHENOMENAL. It continues the journey for Simone and Kevin with even more "hell" and devastation. After all the stuff they went through, I just wanted them to have some normalcy and happiness for a while. It seemed that all the scum from their pasts was coming out of the woodwork. I do [...]

    12. The Scorned Take Revenge.The first book “Two Tears in a Bucket” had us falling in love with the main characters Simone and Kevin and the readers became invested in their love story and looked for it to continue in the sequel “Another Tear.” Instead, book two focused on Felicia and the extreme lengths she took to come between Simone and Kevin. Author Tracie Bee did an awesome job bringing to life what sometimes can happen when someone is in total denial and oh yeah, deranged!My gripes wit [...]

    13. Just when their lives are coming together, more heartache for Kevin and Simone shatters their world! People from their past invade their happiness, once again, aiming to dissolve their union. Felicia and Andre plot and scheme, and no one is safe, not even the innocent! Thrilling, dramatic urban romance! Part two continues the intricacy of truth, lies and the unnecessary pain lies and omission can cause. This story grabs hold as your emotions run rampant! It's a stand alone book, but I'd advise r [...]

    14. Simone and Kevin find themselves in for the fight of their lives after Simone gives birth, and their precious baby boy is stolen from the hospital. With Simone in a delicate position medically and Kevin fighting hard against a corrupt system that wants him in the streets or behond bars, this couple has to rely on every skill and every support they have to rise to the challenges. There are many hard lefts in this read, curves you would never predict. That is what pulls the reader further in, thou [...]

    15. I purchased this on V-day so it was perfect for that day!!!! Let me say I absolutely love the story of Kevin & Simoneey are the epitome of strong love!!!! Another Tear starts off giving some background leading up to the days Simone goes in labor make a long story short tragedy strikes, and Felicia is also causing troublee is feeling rejected and wants revenge but at what cost?? Can Kevin & Simone get through another storm or will this be the end?

    16. Must read This one was even better then the first one I cussed FeliCa and señora dumb butt out like how could you be so stupid and not see Felicia evil behind ways Just when it seem like everything was looking up for Simone and Kevin something tragic had to happen damn I felt so bad for the family. Poor Kevin fell right in Andre and Felicia trap . Their has to be another part or maybe I'll get the answers in FeliCa Payne .

    17. I rated this 2.5 stars. This book was so disappointing. Can't believe the direction Traci went with this story_it almost reads like someone else wrote it. Unlike Two Tears in a Bucket. Excellent storyline everything flowed this novel just kept jumping from one thing to another. So disappointing.

    18. I've been anticipating the release of Another Tear and can honestly say it was more than I bargained forYOU'VE OUTDONE YOURSELF with this one and I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel. I swear you've taken "a woman scorned" to a new height with this one (lol). I love the story line and how everything unfolds. Congratulations on yet another best seller and I can't wait for the next book!

    19. Although I read this book cover to cover I grew a little impatient and frustrated with Felicia's character. At times I wanted to stop and go to the end of the book to find out the fate of Kevin and Simone. Two Tears was much better in my opinion. However, I will remain a fan of Traci Bee because I like her writing style and look forward to new titles once this series is completed.

    20. Amazing part 2 of a story. I can not wait to see how Felecia uses Ricardo to take out Kevin, they weren't lieing when they said hell has no fury on a woman scorn even if the scorn is from feelings that should not have been there in the first place. Kevin should known there is nothing free in this world. Can't wait for part 3!!!

    21. I loved the sequel to Two Tears in a Bucket but I felt she recaptured to much from the first book in the second. I really am pulling for the Kennards in this book and cant wait to read the third book in this series.

    22. Wonderful book! I stayed up until 4:30 a.m. reading this book as I just couldn't put it down. Loved the characters and Felicia was one of the craziest villains I have ever seen!! The heaven scenes had me crying they were so heartfelt. You have to read this book.

    23. Traci Bee did it again!! This book definitely lived up to the first book and brought the same amount of drama. Throughout the book I wanted grab up Felicia and shaker her. That chick was no doubt a few fries short of a happy meal. I can't wait to read the next installment to this series.

    24. This sequel did not disappoint! It is very tiring, reading all of their ups and downs. I have never seen two characters come into so much trouble. At the end of this one I finally got the feeling things may work out for them in the end!

    25. I read this book because I enjoyed the first book Two Tears in a Bucket so much. I again was drawn to the characters and found myself cheering them on. This sequel held my attention and I didn't want to put the book down. Traci Bee is a very talented author. ~Kiya

    26. most of the time i read street stories or books concerning school this was a change. . & it was good i did not buy this book right after reading the first one but i'm glad i eventually did! GOOD READ.

    27. Very well writtene ending left me wanting to know morebut it didn't feel incompleteI just cant wait to read the next book in the series.

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