One thought on “Wide Angle”

  1. Buying Wide Angle by Anil Kumble is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I always have a great respect towards Anil Kumble either it might be towards the game he Played or his Kindness and gentle nature.One more Similar point is my fondness and interest towards PhotographySo when these two similar points combine at one particular point how could i miss this Candid moments of spectacular book which has many memories with Indian Cricket team.This book has a very rare and g [...]

  2. Book is just too marvelous!!! Kumble takes us back in time, about the time I started understanding Cricket! I grew up watching the games that he brings back to us thru his camera!!! Just Fantastic and like Kumble says "If you wonder what Cricketers do off the field, here is what they do"

  3. wonderful. Excellent photography, very very interesting subject material. not to crickety; Candid photos of great people in sports, and wildlife

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