a million bears

a million bears the second edition can be found here sorryhouse product a m

  • Title: a million bears
  • Author: Spencer Madsen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • the second edition can be found here sorryhouse product a m

    One thought on “a million bears”

    1. I received this book in the mail today. I read this book tonight. I read this book instead of sleeping. I wasn't sleeping because life seemed pointless and therefore sleep seemed pointless. I feel like Spencer Madsen would understand this. I tweeted and read other things online and had The Dark Knight and then Momento on in the background while I read this book. This book includes tweets. I like the way the form of the poetry seemed to get less simple/controlled as the book progressed. Reading t [...]

    2. I wasn't nearly as in love with this book as I thought I would be.Spencer Madsen was, for all intents and purposes, my introduction to alt-lit poetry, and alt-lit in general. I, like many other people, saw his 'sad cat poem' on Tumblr and was immediately smitten; there was so much rawness in his writing, something indescribably sad that made me feel like the sad person inside me crying about life in general was someone that Spencer Madsen was deeply in touch with and wanted to give a voice to.Wh [...]

    3. My review for banangolitSpencer Madsen recently sent me the manuscript of his new book, “a million bears.”I was looking forward to there being bears but there was a lack of bears. What there was, though, was an abundance of pure, unadulterated emotion.Spencer Madsen gets deep in some of these poems. the first poem includes these lines: there is a reason for why i feel weird/ but the reason is why i feel weird/ so i don’t want to think about itThroughout the book we have moments like this, [...]

    4. A lot of self-absorbtion laid bare here. Raw sincerity is admirable in a way but tedious in another. "chai tea in my backpack / who's going to fuck with me." That's pretty funny.

    5. Ah, alt-lit poetry. First of all, this chapbook has some lovely moments. In fact, in one of my poetry classes in college we had to pick a poet's style to emulate and use as inspiration and I was so in love with the cat poem (because it's probably the best existential animal poem ever written) that I chose Spencer Madsen. I badgered him over email until he sold me a copy of a million bears and set to work. There are some great lines and thoughts that encouraged me to switch up my style, adopting [...]

    6. Received this gem in the mail today, after such a long time of waiting I quickly got to reading it. I finished reading not too long after I got it, and man I sure do love it. I was so stoked when I found out he was reprinting them in December, so I quickly snagged it. Spencer's "A Million Bears" is full of heartache and giggles but mostly, heartache. I loved how between poems he added in a tweet from either Kanye or 50 Cent to spice things up, and especially the fact that he put my favorite twee [...]

    7. I follow Spencer Madsen on twitter and was so so so so happy when he visited his parents and found some extra copies of this book. I'd wanted to read it ever since his cat poem went viral. This book is a collection of poems and tweets which hit me at my core, a bit, in a way that not many other people can do. I hope someday more people can read it.

    8. 3.5 stars. Good, but short. I liked the selections from 50 Cent's Twitter. Looking forward to the next book by this writer.

    9. had to harass spencer madsen on twitter until he sold me a copy but it was totally worth it one of my favorite poetry books. it's funny and different and so good.

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