Minevike müüja

Minevike m ja F lix Ventura peab veidrat ametit ta m b v ltsitud minevikke Tema kliente edukaid ettev tjaid poliitikuid kindraleid hes naga Angola t rkavat kodanlust ootab ees kindel tulevik Kuid neil ei ole ilu

  • Title: Minevike müüja
  • Author: José Eduardo Agualusa Leenu Nigu
  • ISBN: 9789985322680
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • F lix Ventura peab veidrat ametit ta m b v ltsitud minevikke Tema kliente edukaid ettev tjaid, poliitikuid, kindraleid, hes naga Angola t rkavat kodanlust ootab ees kindel tulevik Kuid neil ei ole ilusat minevikku F lix m tleb neile v lja rikkaliku sugupuu, hangib v rvikate esivanemate portreed ja nnelikud m lestused Tema jaoks l heb elu h sti hel htul ilmuF lix Ventura peab veidrat ametit ta m b v ltsitud minevikke Tema kliente edukaid ettev tjaid, poliitikuid, kindraleid, hes naga Angola t rkavat kodanlust ootab ees kindel tulevik Kuid neil ei ole ilusat minevikku F lix m tleb neile v lja rikkaliku sugupuu, hangib v rvikate esivanemate portreed ja nnelikud m lestused Tema jaoks l heb elu h sti hel htul ilmub F lixi majja aga kummaline v ras, kes tahab endale angolalase identiteeti Ja ht kki hakkab minevik peadp ritaval kiirusel olevikku m jutama ning v imatu osutub v imalikuks Minevike m ja on l ikav, kuid samas lustakas ja s damlik satiir t nap eva Angola hiskonnast ning lisaks v i vahest ehk eelk ige m tisklus m lust ja selle v ratustest.Jose Eduardo Agualusa on Portugali keeles kirjutav Angoola kirjanik ja ajakirjanik s 1960 Tema haare ulatub ilukirjandusest reportaa ide ja raadiosaadeteni Agualusa rikkalikust ja 20 keelde t lgitud loomingust rahvusvaheliselt ehk tuntuim on romaan Minevikkude m ja O Vendedor de Passados , 2006 , mis v itis esimese aafrika raamatuna Independent Foreign Fiction Prize i Kui m juv osa kaasaegsest rahvusvaheliselt levivast aafrika kirjandusest kujutab endast kriitilist ja realistlikku vastukaja kontinendi sotsiaalsetele oludele, otsib Agualusa rasketele teemadele pisut m ngulisemaid lahendusi tasub vaid mainida, et Kameeleonide raamatu jutustaja on soovijatele uusi minevikke m va peategelase seinal elav s bralik sisalik.

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    1. Ovaj šarmantni pisac zaslužuje svu vašu pažnju Pretprošle godine je bio gost na sajmu objavljeno je još nekoliko njegovih knjiga na srpskom

    2. Yes, it really is narrated by a gecko, and a gecko who is a reincarnation of Jorge Luis Borges at that. A gecko that laughs. And dreams.Maria Helena, my Brazilian friend who recommended it to me, informs me that a gecko in Portuguese is osga. Which makes me think of a drum-playing, glass-shattering inmate of a mental hospital. "Sorry to ask - but could you tell me your name?""I have no name," I replied quite frankly. "I am the gecko.""That's silly. No one is a gecko!""You're right. No one's a ge [...]

    3. Very strange novella, and I don't know why it won the awards and plaudits that it did. Am I the boy declaring the emperor has no clothes, or have I missed the point? Either way, I wouldn't recommend spending your own money on it. This should probably be either 1* or 4*, but as I don't know which, I'm compromising on 2*EMESIt is about truth and lies, dreams and reality, memory, predestination, fitting in, and the difference between having a dream and making one, but it's more superficial than tha [...]

    4. I read a more recent novel by this author earlier this year, A General Theory of Oblivion. Both novels are set after the 1975 revolution in Angola, where the Portuguese felt a shift in power and empire. A General Theory of Oblivion focuses on a woman who walls herself up in her apartment for decades and experiences the conflict through what she hears and in how her food stores disappear; Chameleons tells the story of Felix Ventura, a man who helps people construct new backstories through fake li [...]

    5. “I think what I do is really an advanced kind of literature,” he told me conspiratorially.” I create plots, I invent characters, but rather than keeping them trapped in a book I give them life, launching them out into reality.”- José Eduardo Agualusa, The Book of ChameleonsRecently I’ve been reading a lot of books written by African writers and I am impressed by the wide range of subject matter and also the different writing styles I’ve encountered. I took a break from reading Afric [...]

    6. رجل ببيع الماضي، بأن يشكّل ويصنع لزبائنه تاريخًا شخصيًا وفقًا لرغباتهم، معتمدًا على وقائع متفرقة وشخصيات مجهولة لا يعلمها أحد غيره، ومستندًا على حصيلته الضخمة من الكتب والوثائق التاريخية التي ورثها عن أجداد. الرواي هو حيوان زاحف يدُعى (الوزغة) وفقًا لترجمة المترجم، وبعد ال [...]

    7. Brief and rather quirky novel set in Angola. The narrator is a gecko living in the house of Felix Ventura. The gecko is articulate and charming; he appears to have been a man in a previous life and he dreams. Felix likes the lizard and talks to him. Felix is an albino who creates memories and a past for people. Come to Felix and he will provide documentation and photographs of grandparents and illustrious ancestors. One client in particular really believes in the past he has been given and becom [...]

    8. Esta novela, relativamente breve, es la tercera que leo del angoleño Agualusa y, hasta ahora, la que más me ha gustado. Quizás en 2010, cuando leí las dos anteriores, todavía no tenía suficiente cultura lusófona como para sacarles toda su miga. Estação das Chuvas, basada en la agitada historia reciente de Angola, no me dijo nada. Tal vez me faltaran referentes locales. Y Nação Crioula me gustó un poco más, pero también me faltaban referentes como la figura del escritor Eça de Quei [...]

    9. Poštujem i podržavam svakovrsne izdavačke inicijative, ma koliko egzotične bile, čak i kad me teme ni malo ne zanimaju. Problem, kao i inače, nastaje u podrazumevajućem detaljima, jer svako podrazumeva u svojoj glavi i za svoj groš. Ja sam podrazumevala (sudeći i po imenu edicije „Dereta vam predstavlja“) da taj, uglavnom korektan izdavač želi da mi u što boljem svetlu predstavi perspektivnog afričkog pisca, pa još i nagrađivanog koje gde. Izdavač je, ispostaviće se, pod tim [...]

    10. „La orele de cateheză, un preot bătrân, cu glas şters şi privire obosită, a încercat, fără convingere, să-mi explice în ce consta Veşnicia. Eu credeam că este un alt nume dat vacanţei mari. Preotul îmi vorbea despre îngeri, iar eu vedeam găinuşe. De altfel, până în ziua de astăzi, găsesc că găinile sunt tot ce poate fi mai asemănător cu îngerii. El ne vorbea despre Fericiri, iar eu vedeam găinile cotcodăcind în soare, scormonind în ţărână, rostogolindu-şi o [...]

    11. Tired of all these novels here with humans as narrators? Then try this one for a change. It's told by a lizard, specifically a spotted house gecko. It was born in, and has never left, this house of an albino who brings home prostitutes (sometimes decent women too) and who is visited by people needing his unique services. This guy, watched by this intrepid lizard-narrator all the times, manufactures the past for a living. People who pay him for it get new sets of identification papers, personal h [...]

    12. رواية مثيرة، وغريبة، وممتعة، ومدهشة، وسلسة تجذبك بقوة! تسلبك بحكايات واحلام تختلط مع الواقع والحقيقة لكن في النهاية تفهم كل شيء!الرواي هو الوزغة يتذكر انه كان شكلا بشريا لكن لا يعرف ملامحه بالضبط فهو عبارة عن شيء ممسوخ او هي نتيجة التناسخ، صديق فانتورا الأمهق الذي يبيع الما [...]

    13. José Eduardo Agualusa é realmente dotado de uma capacidade invulgar de transformar palavras em magia. Estou fã da literatura africana!"Um velho festeja o seu centésimo aniversário. Quis saber como é que ele se sentia. O pobre homem sorriu atónito, disse-me, não sei bem, aconteceu tudo demasiado rápido. Referia-se aos seus anos de vida e era como se estivesse a falar de um desastre, algo que sobre ele tivesse desabado minutos antes. Às vezes sinto o mesmo. Dói-me na alma um excesso de [...]

    14. We’re in Angola after that country won independence from Portugal. But even though the fighting is over there is still political upset and people trying to settle old scores. There are so many folks who want to run away from their pasts that our main character, an African albino, has a business inventing new past lives for people. He’ll give you old family photos and biographical sketches of your mother, father, siblings and tell you what your childhood was like. Most of the plot in this sho [...]

    15. If you've always dreamed of reading a book narrated by a gecko who happens to be the reincarnation of Jorge Luis Borges, this is your lucky day. Otherwise, skip it.

    16. الفكرة ذكية وغير مطروحة مسبقاَ لكنها لم تُوظّف بشكل جيد ،خسارة حقاً لو أنها أُعطيت حقها لانبثقت منها رواية ملحمية .!

    17. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog.Country: Angola"The two guests remained, seated opposite one another. Neither spoke. The silence that hung between them was full of murmurings, of shadows, of things that run along the distance, in some remote time, dark and furtive. Or perhaps not. Perhaps they just remained without speaking, sitting there opposite each other, because they simply had nothing to say, and I merely imagined the rest."The moment I started reading this book, I got really exci [...]

    18. Aconteceu-me uma coisa engraçada com este livro. Comecei a lê-lo durante uns bocados à noite, quando o sono já era algum, e talvez isso explique que só tenha percebido que o narrador era uma osga quando já tinha lido um terço. De facto, havia ali coisas que não tinha percebido bem, mas assim que se fez luz as peças começaram a encaixar no lugar, ainda que tenha achado necessário voltar ao início para melhor aproveitar a história.Este livro é narrada por uma osga, outrora um ser hum [...]

    19. “I know now-I think I probably already knew then- that all lives are exceptional.” Whatever you are reading I bet that it is nothing like this!This book is really little more than a novella as almost half of the pages are blank title pages with only probably 90 pages of actual storyline but don't let this fool you it still has depth and meaning.The narrator of this book is a gecko who lives on the walls of Felix Ventura's house in Luanda, Angola. Felix Ventura is an albino,a negative if you [...]

    20. The Book of Chameleons is a tale of lost, misplaced and falsified identities…“As we get old, the only certainty we’re left with is that we will soon be older still. To describe someone as young seems to me to be rather misleading. Someone may be young, yes, but just in the same way that a glass is still intact moments before it shatters on the floor. But excuse my digression – that’s what happens when a gecko starts philosophising…”An intelligent house gecko – a result of metemps [...]

    21. Topla, gotovo lirska, priča o opažaju stvarnosti, sećanjima, ljudima, prošlosti i sinhronicitetu. Preporuka!

    22. Trigger warnings: murder, torture, graphic violence. This is a very peculiar little book. It's set in Angola, and it's narrated by a gecko. Seriously. It probably wasn't the best thing to read when I was a) sick, b) exhausted, c) crammed into the back row of a domestic flight to Canberra, and d) hiding in a hotel bathroom at like 10pm because my niece was asleep in the other room. I remember that I really liked the ending. I remember that I enjoyed the fact that there's an albino character. But [...]

    23. I'm a huge fan of science fiction/fantasy, surrealism, irrealism, magical realism (if it's Latin American or Czech) andwellis voluptuous little novel satisfies so many reading needs: including some I didn't even know I had until they were satisfied and I was left gaping at the sheer amount of literary acrobatics achieved in a mere 180 pages. We are drawn instantly into a rather absurd plot involving memory, history, perception, and reality and its often radical divergences from truthwe also get [...]

    24. josé eduardo agualusa is angolan and writes in portuguese. though he has authored nearly a dozen works, the book of chameleons is the first to be published in the united states. it was awarded the independent foreign fiction prize in 2007, and has as its origins a short story agualusa wrote for a portuguese newspapere book of chameleons is a deceptively savvy piece of fiction. simplistically told, this is the imaginative tale of felix ventura, a man who, by trade, sells individuals an entirely [...]

    25. A book of changes as symbolized by the primary narrator, Eulalio, a chameleon. No one is quite what they seem. The albino is colorless as the image of an albino projects, but is he? Angela Lucia, a kind, beautiful woman, Felix Ventura's lover, right? Eva Miller, an interior decorator, or does she even exist?From the beginning the arrival of pedro Gouveia to consult with Felix Ventura, the inventor of good pasts for those who would "like to have a grandfather with the distinguished bearing of a M [...]

    26. رائعة رائعة رائعةتخيّل وزغة تحكي وزغة تأخذ مقام الرّاوي/السّارد ، فتبئّر الشّخصيات وتصف الأحداث و تحلم أيضا،لكنّ الظّاهر أنّ الوزغة حين تحلم ترى نفسها تجسيدا بشريا رغم أنّها لا تذكر وجهها ، وكأنّها قبل أن تكون وزغة كانت إنسانا ، فهل نحن أمام مسخ أو أمام تناسخ أرواح ؟ تتوالي [...]

    27. This is first time I’ve read book from Angolan writer and I’m absolutely stunned. One of the most original work I’ve read this year. This is book about the landscape of memory and its inconsistencies and randomness, about how we can remember things that never happened with extraordinary vividness, and forget things that did. It’s beautiful example of surrealism but new form, very authentic, very poetic. As if you’re on the flying carpet traveling through the time and dreams, prior live [...]

    28. Wow. I discovered this book as a result of my daily pageaday calendar. A wildly weird ethereal book and a very quick read. I thought I was reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez but it's really a homage to Jorges Luis Borges, whom I've never read. Really quirky characters that just fascinate the reader. The narrator is a gecko!! Lots of vivid imagery about light, time, and place. There are dreams and sometimes you are not sure what is real and what is dreamscape. And then sometimes you are wondering is [...]

    29. Um livro simples com uma história interessante e uma escrita muito agradável. Gostei muito de Félix Ventura e dos passados que vendia, mas sobretudo gostei do narrador: uma osga que tinha sido humano!

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