Perceval : ou, Le roman du Graal

Perceval ou Le roman du Graal Un ange descendit du ciel avec une p e flamboyante d une toise de long et Mordrain s arr ta tout coi sous la parole qu il entendit Mordrain Tes p ch s sont si lourds que tu n en seras d livr aucun jo

  • Title: Perceval : ou, Le roman du Graal
  • Author: Chrétien de Troyes
  • ISBN: 9782070365371
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un ange descendit du ciel avec une p e flamboyante d une toise de long, et Mordrain s arr ta tout coi sous la parole qu il entendit Mordrain Tes p ch s sont si lourds que tu n en seras d livr aucun jour de ta vie Tes plaies ne se gu riront pas elles dureront, toujours ouvertes et tu resteras sans mourir, jusqu au jour o viendra le Chevalier aim de J sus ChrisUn ange descendit du ciel avec une p e flamboyante d une toise de long, et Mordrain s arr ta tout coi sous la parole qu il entendit Mordrain Tes p ch s sont si lourds que tu n en seras d livr aucun jour de ta vie Tes plaies ne se gu riront pas elles dureront, toujours ouvertes et tu resteras sans mourir, jusqu au jour o viendra le Chevalier aim de J sus Christ, confess de tous ses p ch s, qui te soulagera de tes fautes, et tu mourras entre ses bras D ici ce jour l , tu resteras couch entre deux draps, et tu ne go teras nulle viande que tu ne d sireras m me pas, mais seulement le Pain de Vie Le roi Mordrain est rest dans son lit, sans en sortir ni jour ni nuit, il y aura trois cents ans cet t Quelques uns disent que ce chevalier l , dont je vous parle, est d j sur la terre, et que m me il a commenc la Qu te du Graal et de la Sainte Lance Le roi Mordrain sera gu ri de tous ses maux quand Dieu les r unira tous les deux.

    One thought on “Perceval : ou, Le roman du Graal”

    1. Un roman plein de symbolisme, de mystere et contenant une histoire double qui montre la quete de l'ideal et l'ideal meme (Perceval-Gauvain). Le roman reste inacheve, mais cela ne se ressent pas comme une faute. Je crois plutot qu'il reste ouvert a des interpretations diverses de chaque lecteur.

    2. Qu'est-ce que je pense de ce roman ? Un roman de chevalerie, derniere oeuvre du romancier, premier romancier connu de la langue francaise, premier qui a invente le genre. En langue anglaise on utilise le mot romance pour le genre leger , narratif de sujet amoureux et d'aventures.C'est un roman , non fini, precurseur de l'ecriture romanesque qui va etre repris et repris jusqu'aux meme nos jours sous la plume de Eugene Green dans son roman intitule Un Conte du Graal ecrit en 2010 et situe a Lisbon [...]

    3. Grimpez donc par cette anfractuositequi est ouverte dans la roche,et,quand vous serez arrive la-haut,vous verrez devant vous,dans un val,une demeure ou je reside,a proximite de riviere et de bois.Le voila qui d=sans attendre monte la-haut,jusqu'au sommet de la colline, ou il parvient.Quand il fut monte sur la hauteur,il regarde loin devant lui,mais il n'a vu que ciel et terre.Que suis-je venu chercher ici, s'est-il ecrie,Eien que folie et sottise!Que Dieu fasse aujourd'hui la pire honea celui ui [...]

    4. Really enjoyable! Surprisingly modern translation, very easy to follow. Of course, it's not all that modern in ideas. It seems to primarily be a story of chivalry and godly men, Perceval and Gawain, the most honorable knights known. Sexism out the wazoo, which makes me grateful to be in this the 21st century. Fascinated with the great power of oaths—can't go 10 pages without a new oath on someone's life and God's name! Even prisoners, with no reason except want for their life, will carry throu [...]

    5. Ok Tengo que decir que el libro esta muy muy intrigante y muy bueno siendo un cuento medieval frances, o romance, whatever. Mi problema con el libro y la razon por la que no le doy una estrellita mas se basa en el hecho de que NO TIENE FINAL!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Me frustre mucho. Tambien me enfogona el hecho de que la historia de Perceval termina muy abruptamente. Y Gauvain, a pesar de ser nice, no es tan epico para mi como Perceval. El personaje de Perceval era mucho mas adorable, y [...]

    6. Chretien de Troyes es considerado el primer gran autor de novela de caballería. Establecido al norte de Francia, él dicta las característica que se seguirán en todas las novela de caballerías posteriores. Algunas de esas características son: el rompimiento de la necesidad histórica en las narraciones feudales y la inclusión de elementos fantásticos; la auto-referencia como escritor, y la ironía y el humor como elementos primordiales para la construcción narrativa. Además de las innov [...]

    7. This new edition of Nigel Bryant's eminently readable 1982 translation of the first tale to feature the grail was timed to coincide with the release of the film of The Da Vinci Code, but is as far removed from that work's fantasies as the Mona Lisa is from a Barbie doll. Chrétien's unfinished poem, beginning as a literary folk tale of a simpleton who makes good, was already within a few years of his death being embroidered and invested with more significance than was originally intended. Bryant [...]

    8. This is the story of Perceval who goes on the quest for the grail after seeing knights pass through the forest near his house wherehe lives alone with his mother as she has secluded the family form society due to the loss of the men in the family from chevalresque fighting. Its her explanations of the knoghts job that inspires Pereval's wander lust which sets the rest of the story in motion. Perceval is unable to learn from the experiences e has along hsi journey - he doesn;t properly understand [...]

    9. In my search for a Perceval story I read as a kid, I had to go back to the source. I truly love the mythological essence that this unfinished poem creates that has influenced the deepest part of my psychology and probably the psychology of most authors and readers of fantasy.That said, the Perceval tale is based of the Celtic Finn stories. But the over Christianized version (and anti Jewish sentiment which is defined by the times) makes this hard for me to completely love. Wolfram completed vers [...]

    10. I heard Wagner's Parcival opera on the radio one Saturday afternoon and decided to pursue the book that had inspired this. It was surprisingly difficult to find but I ordered a used copy from eventually.I can't forget the imagery from this book, written in 12th century France. I am amazed at the character arc from the imbecilic young Percival who wants to be a knight so he can dress like one to the repentant and sorrowful man who missed his chance to grab the grail. The story changes direction, [...]

    11. Este libro es una de esas fábulas que tanto me gustaba leer de niño. Un libro de valientes caballeros enfrentando grandes aventuras en nombre de la cristiandad y del rey Arturo.El libro esta dividido en dos partes; la primera parte trata sobre Percival, caballero joven, obtuso, terco y bastante tonto; pero sin embargo valiente y leal. Aquel que por su orgullo e ignorancia perdio la oportunidad de salvar al rey pescador y obtener el grial.La segunda parte del libro es la historia de Gwain; el e [...]

    12. If only Chretien de Troyes had finished this story!!! Perceval is a rather dynamic story, I thought, and was rather complicated (in a good way) at times. This particular translation I thought was good as it read well without seeming too sing-songy (which can happen with rhyming couplets, though credit for the readability maybe should go to Chretien de Troyes before Cline).

    13. As with Knight of the Cart, the story's great but the translation is not. Really looking forward to reading a better one!

    14. I read a different French edition of this text. Loved it. Chretien de Troyes is such a fantastic medieval writer.

    15. I heard about this book because apparently Ryan Gosling read it in preparation for his role in The Place Beyond The Pines which is one of my favourite movies. The book starts off great, but it lost me once Gawain became the focus instead of Perceval. Still worth a read even though de Troyes died before writing the conclusion. Though maybe in a story about the Grail, no ending is the most fitting of all.

    16. I've decided to stop reading this. I generally like reading about Arthurian Legend, but I knew picking a book about the Holy Grail would be tricky because that's my least favourite part of the legend. I tried reading this to improve my French, but seeing as that's already quite a chore, I need the story to be engaging and this story wasn't.The knight, Perceval, is an arrogant douchebag who seems to think he's better than everyone else. And surely, he's a good knight, but just because he prays mo [...]

    17. Gelezen in de Nederlandse vertaling van Lambert van Looij, Margreet Meijer-Kouwe & Ingrid Nijkerk-Pieters.De titel van deze onvoltooide middeleeuwse Arthurroman is misleidend, omdat maar de helft van het boek over Parsival en een nog kleiner deel over de graal gaat.Na enkele vermakelijke avonturen van de domme, naïeve maar onoverwinnelijke Parsival stapt het boek over op een andere held: de smetteloze, voorkomende en al even onoverwinnelijke ridder Gawain, en daarmee wordt het boek een stuk [...]

    18. How maddening! I was so pumped to read the origin of the Arthurian Grail myths, but there are a couple things I didn't know going in that I definitely should have: 1) this is the FIRST conception of the grail, ie/ not the Holy Grail today's pop culture knows. I feel like I should have seen that coming. This grail is just a glorified magic platter being kept in a Celtic mystic tower with a vague connection to Christ. This is not the Grail that was used at Christ's Last Supper, as later myths will [...]

    19. Opmerkelijke tweedeling : cyclus rond Perceval en cyclus rond Walewein.Hoofdopzet van het gedicht is zeker didactisch : concreet laten zien wat hoofs gedrag is. De invulling daarvan varieert nogal : dat gaat van voornaam en edel, naar ronduit christelijk, en in elk geval « naar het hart ». Het Graalthema bindt in lichte mate de twee verhalen van Perceval en Walewein, maar speelt eigenlijk maar een secundaire rol. Het wordt zeker niet zo mystiek uitgewerkt, als in latere perioden ! Opmerkelijk [...]

    20. Chrétien de Troyes’ The Story of the Grail (Perceval) has spawned numerous continuations and (some might argue more importantly) a Monty Python movie. Oddly enough, the grail hardly captures the central action of the story, as… returning to my usual Chrétien complaint… the story doesn’t seem to have much of a central action.The story features interlacing, where Chrétien switches between the story of Perceval and the story of Gawain, but, unlike the glorious Terry Brooks, for instance, [...]

    21. I'm pretty sure I read this one for my Chretien de Troyes essay last year, but maybe not; a lot of it seems unfamiliar, although I can see parallels and common themes with the ones I know better. I don't yet know whether I'll write my essay on this -- though I've got a soft spot for Gawain and he appears quite a bit, I'm tempted to fall back on the texts I already know super well, like Lancelot and Yvain. This edition's good, though, with the facing translation so that you can find the Old Frenc [...]

    22. Esta fue la primera historia de caballeros andantes. El autor introduce el mundo mítico de la corte del rey Arturo y sus caballeros, que buscan el Grial donde se recogió la sangre de Cristo crucificado, y Perceval es uno de los legendarios Caballeros de la Mesa Redonda. El estilo de Chrétien de Troyes oscila entre lo humorístico (destaco el episodio de Sir Perceval y los cinco caballeros en la Yerma Floresta Solitaira, al principio del libro) y lo épico (impresionante el episodio de Gawain [...]

    23. Esta no es una versión en verso como el original. Me pareció una traducción precisa, preparada para nosotros los lectores no sumamente técnicos porque, auqnue tiene abundantes notas explicativas (al final, las odeo! ponganlas al pie mein got!!) no son de esa clase de anotaciones que te enloquecen de información. Precisas, acotadas, interesantes y aportan. Ya había oído del trabajo de Rosaspini y he leído muchos de sus otros libros, aunque este me pareció bien técnico y, es sabido, asi [...]

    24. You would think medieval stories about knights and Christianity would be really dry, but no! De Troyes somehow finds a way to please his patron while making fun of chivalry and the arbitrary rules of society at the time. I had a good laugh, and I now think the Middle Ages are a lot cooler than I thought possible. There's also a scene that reminds me of The Big Lebowski, which could read something like this:"Is this the madman, sir?""No, random knight, this man is Welsh, there's nothing to be afr [...]

    25. Even though I started reading this book in the knowledge that it was an incomplete work, I was disappointed when I realised I could not find out what happens next!To read this book with any kind of pleasure, I found it necessary to put aside all modern ideas of the woman, femininity and everything I associate with normal ideas of womanhood. Until I did that, I hated the book. Once I did that, I quite enjoyed it!

    26. this work was really great at the beginning, but once chretien's part was over the voice changed just enough to piss me off. after the first continuation i just skimmed and read stories here and there, i just couldn't read it all straight through at that pointree stars for chretien, two for the rest.

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