One thought on “The Voyages of Odysseus”

  1. Three excerpts of Homer's The Odyssey, published as a Penguin 60s Classic.This is a different translator than the Penguin Little Black Classic excerpt Circe and the Cyclops, and to my mind a much better translation - much more fluid.The three selections here are Odysseus' encounter with the cyclops; then with Circe the witch; and finally with Scylla and Charybdis.There were well selected and all interesting and worked well as excerpts with a start, a narrative and an ending. As I gave the Little [...]

  2. Read this for literature class at school and the funny thing was it was soooooooooo. boring In the beginning like I got out of that class feeling so asleepXD but once the book continued it got soo interesting DEFINITELY read if ur into Greek mythology or just myths PERIOD! ♥♥♥

  3. I picked this book with great expectations especially after reading The Iliad by Homer but this one was unnecessarily lengthy and boring to some extent. The stories are quite monotonous and predictable.

  4. Odysseus speaks like your typical hyperbolic guy. I would have raised my eyebrows a couple of times if I was being told his stories to Still, Homer writes cleverly, and it's an enjoyable read :)

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