Shadows in the Glasshouse

Shadows in the Glasshouse These suspenseful stories will leave readers on the edge of their seats Each spine tingling tale features a brave clever girl solving an intriguing mystery at an important time in America s past In

  • Title: Shadows in the Glasshouse
  • Author: Megan McDonald
  • ISBN: 0723232050925
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • These suspenseful stories will leave readers on the edge of their seats Each spine tingling tale features a brave, clever girl solving an intriguing mystery at an important time in America s past.In 1621, Merry is kidnapped in England and brought to the Jamestown settlement in the New World She s forced to work at the glasshouse, where an intruder is set on sabotage

    One thought on “Shadows in the Glasshouse”

    1. a cute enough piece of fluff but lacking the historical accurarcy one comes to expect from an american girl book and not really much of a mystery either. I did like the ending though.

    2. I went to Jamestown many years ago and saw the glasshouse. It was interesting to learn the actual history behind it. Did not expect the ending.

    3. Here's an interesting setting in history that I knew absolutely nothing about. Set in Jamestown in the early 1600's we meet Merry, who has come as an indentured servant and set to work in the Glasshouse for her servitude. Of course mystery abounds - there is fierce competition between the glassblowers, and money to be made for the first person who can create clear glass in America. With lots of danger and excitement, Merry takes the reader through the thick of it in a satisfying tale set in very [...]

    4. Shadows in the Glasshouse is a quick and entertaining read. Even though it is clearly written for pre-teens, it is a book any adult can pick up and enjoy. In addition to having a solid, well-rounded story, it provides a wonderful historic backdrop of early Jamestown and the not so glamorous life early settlers led. It also gives an account of indentured servitude, which is not a very common topic now-a-days considering the current political climate. Overall it is a charming, fun story, which mak [...]

    5. It's common knowledge that Blacks were taken from their countries, shackled and brought to the U.S. to be sold as slaves. It's not so common knowledge that even some whites were taken against their will, brought to the U.S and forced to work for businessmen here as indentured servants. Some came voluntarily, of course, but some were taken right off the streets and such is the case with Meredith Shipman who is taken to the Jamestown colony and put to work in a glass-making establishment.There's n [...]

    6. In the six years since their parents died, twelve-year-old Merry Shipman and her older sister Margaret have had to survive on their own, which isn't easy in 1621 London. One day by the docks, Merry is kidnapped and taken aboard a ship bound for the Jamestown settlement, in the New World, where she will be forced to work as an indentured servant, which is little better than a slave. The sea voyage lasts three long, miserable months. Merry is both relieved and frightened to finally arrive in Virgi [...]

    7. The American Girl History Mysteries are really hard to solve but interesting and fun. You also learn a little bit about the time period the book takes place.Meredith (Merry) is kidnapped from London and taken to Jamestown as an indentured servant at a glass house.On the way to the New World she becomes friends with an apprentice,Angelo, who is a glass maker.When trouble occurs at the glasshouse, Merry tries catching the vandal and gets into a lot of trouble.Read the book to read the rest.

    8. I've read this book dozens of times. It's a quick read, but I never get tired of it. I'm not a big fan of historical fiction, but I love this book. It is one of the best individual books I ahve ever read.

    9. i like all of the american girl books but these history mysteries are better and they are scarier too.d i love them because of that! this is my fave history mystery 1 and it's pretty scary!

    10. You know I had just printed a really good review for this and it got eaten by the wretched computer. Arghh! Suffice for now to say this was my second favorite of the series.

    11. This was a good little mystery about Jamestown, which is what we're studying right now. There were a few scary moments, but over all I would recommend for 10+.

    12. When I think back to when I read it (it's been a few years), I remember it had some flaws, but I still quite enjoyed it. :)

    13. This one had a good story that moved very quickly. I really enjoyed it, and the ending held a couple of surprises.

    14. This book became one that is very close to my heart. It's amazing, clever, and excellent. One of my favorite historical fiction books ever!

    15. It was full of mystery and intrigue. I would definitelyrecommend it to anyone who loves SECRETS ON 26TH STREET.

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