Wanderer of the Wasteland

Wanderer of the Wasteland From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure The story begins Adam Larey gazed with hard and wondering eyes down the silent current of the red river upon which he me

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  • Title: Wanderer of the Wasteland
  • Author: Zane Grey
  • ISBN: 9781417901647
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1923 From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure The story begins Adam Larey gazed with hard and wondering eyes down the silent current of the red river upon which he meant to drift away into the desert The Rio Colorado was no river to trust It chafed at its banks as if to engulf them muddy and thick it swirled and glided along in flood1923 From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure The story begins Adam Larey gazed with hard and wondering eyes down the silent current of the red river upon which he meant to drift away into the desert The Rio Colorado was no river to trust It chafed at its banks as if to engulf them muddy and thick it swirled and glided along in flood, sweeping in curves back and forth from Arizona to California shore Majestic and gleaming under the hot sky, it swung southward between wide green borders of willow and cottonwood toward a stark and naked upflung wilderness of mountain peaks, the red ramparts of the unknown and trackless desert See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

    One thought on “Wanderer of the Wasteland”

    1. Zane Grey’s take on Homer’s Odyssey turns up in Wanderer of the Wasteland, the story of a boy named Adam who flees his past and a terrible crime. Adam seeks refuge in the desert, where life is unrelentingly hard and every day brings a battle against the alkali sands, scorching heat, lonely nights, no-account highway men, and tempting yet treacherous women. It’s a coming-of-age tale and a landscape painting and an adventure story, as well as a romance novel and an existentialist inquiry int [...]

    2. This was a very thoughtful exploration of what makes man noble and nature grand. It is possible (based on admittedly a very cursory understanding of the author's life) that the author recorded in this novel his ideal self, but never measured up to that ideal. I agree for the most part with his depiction of an ideal moral role model. It contains non-stop descriptions of desert landscape and philosophical musings that could not have been created without some serious time spent in the wilderness po [...]

    3. Zane Grey has a wonderful way of incorporating the landscape into his stories and in Wanderer of Wasteland the landscape is a key part of the narrative. I really enjoyed this story although he probably breaks every rule for modern writing.

    4. Although Zane Grey wasn’t born in the west, he was one of the first authors to make it come alive for readers, beginning with Riders of the Purple Sage. Though panned by critics in his day for his overly vivid, often violent portrayals of the American West and its people, he was immensely popular with readers. His works still stand the test of time, and the way he tied the characters into the land, and the land into the story still serve as models for writers of many genres.His Wanderer of the [...]

    5. I visited the Zane Grey cabin in Payson, Arizona, this year and they had a bunch of the Walter Black editions of his novels. I remembered reading them as a kid and decided to give some of them a reread. If you can put up with the ultra manly but wayward men, the ultra feminine women who invariably reform those manly men, and the ultra bad villains who always get their due, no one ever wrote setting better. You can feel the prick of the cactus, hear the tumbleweed rolling by and smell the purple [...]

    6. This is at least the third time I've read this book, which is one of Zane Grey's lesser-known (not to say unknown) works. The simple story is that youthful Adam Larey flees into the Arizona desert after a violent and apparently fatal confrontation with his brother, and spends years there mastering the elements and attempting to atone for his crime in various ways. The descriptions of the desert, and the people he encounters there, are fascinating and graphic. There are scenes of great beauty and [...]

    7. Grey attempts to convey the allure of the desert, but this is trying to unscrew the inscrutable. Having grown up on the edge of one, i know its odd appeal and sympathize with his efforts. He clearly has spent time there.I have seen people visibly recoil at their first experience of a desert. It drives home the utter insignificance of an individual at the center of a vastness, one who may not have seen a full horizon for the trees or the great Milky Way for the city lights.Much of the attraction [...]

    8. Usually a fan of Zane Grey, but this was a complete waste of time. I'm gonna save you the trouble of having to read it, and just give away the whole plot right here- Two brothers feuding over their inheritance and a girl get into a bar fight. One of them gets shot and the other, grief stricken over what's happened and worried he'll get hung for murder, runs away into the desert. Since he refuses to become a prospector like everyone else in the desert, he just wanders around and almost-dies like [...]

    9. Love Zane Grey when I ten years old and still do.Zane Grey was one of the first grown up authors I read. Mother's library had nearly all of them. They were adventure, history, romance, noble heroes, the highest of ideals and the purity of good women. I still turn to them occasionally. Wanderer of the Wasteland is the story of a good man, Adam. His years as a wanderer of the of the western desert. The first time I saw Death Valley, my experience was no doubt influenced by this book. Adam's strugg [...]

    10. My father had this book when I was growing up. Last summer I ran across it at my brother's house and decided to read it (1924 edition). The characters and basic plot line are interesting, but the main thrust of the book is almost unending descriptions of the beauty, silence and ruggedness of the desert itself, becoming almost existentially philosophical (translation: BORING after two or three of these passages). Nonetheless, I was smitten by the overall impression, and when I found out that ther [...]

    11. Though totally outside of my normal reading genres, this classic Western is one of the most gripping novels I've read in a long time. Set in the old west and Mohave Dessert, it's full of all the tragic elements that make for great reading: love, lust, greed, betrayal, deception, revenge, honor and atonement. Zane Grey was a fantastic craftsman of the written language and should go down as one of the great writers of the 20th Century. I'm going to have to read some of his other works, as well as [...]

    12. For those who are not aware of it, Zane Grey wrote a follow-up to Wanderer of the Wasteland. That one is called Stairs of Sand. I actually read that one first, before I knew about this one. Together, they make an excellent story, in my opinion. Yes, the attitudes and writing style of Zane's time leave quite a lot to be desired, but that is true for most works of past generations. The story itself, the imminence of the environment, and the inner turmoil of a young soul were conveyed quite well fo [...]

    13. Un libro tan tan malo que solo se lo puede evaluar moralmente. Un tipo mata a su hermano y como forma de expiar su culpa, vaga por el desierto. En la última oración del texto, nos enteramos que el hermano no está muerto."el destino de la mujer quiere que el único lugar seguro, dichoso y deseado en la vida sea el que le brinda los brazos del hombre a quien ama. Un verdadero hombre, fuerte

    14. The visual imagery in this book is amazing. The story is old fashioned the characters interact in old fashioned ways but knowing when it was written it works, just have to keep that in mind. Zane Grey is a wonderful writer and really makes you feel that you are walking in the dessert with his characters.

    15. From the Little Free Library (LFL) - since I wanted to try out Zane Grey. The writing was old-fashioned and the story just did not capture my attention. So after 3 chapters, I am taking it back to LFL.Done with it 11/24/16 - not counting it toward my "books read" for the year.

    16. This book was a hard, slow read at times. The last 200 pages were easy, quick reading. The story is complicated and involves alot of self reflection and insight on the part Iif the main character, Adam.

    17. Another Fabulous BookZane Grey has done it again, in writing this novel. His attention to detail surrounding his characters is beyond belief. Superb.

    18. Great storyGreat book, great author. Makes you want to go live in the desert to here feel and smell what lies out there.

    19. The descriptions of the landscapes are exquisite. The tale is simple, biblical. My complaint is that Zane, though with beautiful prose, was much too wordy with endless description.

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