The Three Billy Goats Fluff

The Three Billy Goats Fluff Trip trap Trip trap How is Mr Troll supposed to sleep when the three Billy Goats Fluff keep trip trapping over his bridge Twice a day they loudly cross it to eat the lush green grass in the field by

  • Title: The Three Billy Goats Fluff
  • Author: Rachael Mortimer
  • ISBN: 9781589251014
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trip trap Trip trap How is Mr Troll supposed to sleep when the three Billy Goats Fluff keep trip trapping over his bridge Twice a day, they loudly cross it to eat the lush green grass in the field by Mr Troll s home The grass makes their fleeces extra fluffy, important for Mother Goat s knitting business But when Mr Troll threatens to eat them, Mother Goat has aTrip trap Trip trap How is Mr Troll supposed to sleep when the three Billy Goats Fluff keep trip trapping over his bridge Twice a day, they loudly cross it to eat the lush green grass in the field by Mr Troll s home The grass makes their fleeces extra fluffy, important for Mother Goat s knitting business But when Mr Troll threatens to eat them, Mother Goat has a fluffy plan to keep everyone happy in this funny twist on a classic fairy tale

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    1. The Three Billy Goats Fluff by Rachael Mortimer was published by Tiger Tales in 2011. This book has 36 pages and I rated this book a 5/5 because I thought it was very cute and the rhyming was a great add on to the story. This story is Fiction, the grade level for this book is between Pre-K and Kindergarten, the Lexile level is 660L, and the Guided Reading Level is an L. In this story, Mr. Troll does not like anyone trip trapping over his bridge. When he hears the 3 billy goat fluffs walking over [...]

    2. The three little billy goats are back! And so is the mean old green troll. The creaky old bridge that the troll lives under was supposed to be prime real estate for the old green troll. He was fooled! Instead his view is littered and his bridge is creaky with noisy goats tramping across. The fluffy goats are trying to make their way across the bridge to munch on the green grass on the other side. As the little goats report to Momma goat about the trolls threats to turn them into some of his favo [...]

    3. Mortimer, R. (2010). The Three Billy Goats Fluff. Toronto, ON: , Inc.Fluff plays the starring role in this modern adaptation of the timeless tale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The three Billy Goats still have trouble crossing Mr. Troll`s bridge, but it`s Mother Goat`s knitting skills that save the day in a pleasingly predicable way.Distributed in softcover especially for the school market, Mortimer`s story nods at the sweet sing song rhythm found in the original text. Children who are familiar w [...]

    4. THE THREE BILLY GOATS FLUFF, by Rachael Mortimer, illustrated by Liz Pichon (picture book) Opening line: “Trip-trap. Trip-trap. How was he supposed to sleep?” The story plays on the well-know tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The problem: Mr. Troll can’t sleep with the goat children trip-trapping across his bridge all the time. Read the book to find out how the goat family helps to solve the problem, and becomes friends with Mr. Troll. 2010 This is a fun book with a great story line. K [...]

    5. Review: AS one may be able to tell by my rating, I really like this story. It is too cute. I love the edition of the fluffy socks. It is the same story as the three billy goats gruff with a little twist. Learning Experience: Two children will do this together. There will be a "wall" between them. One child will be given several everyday objects and he or she will make noise from it and the other child will have to guess what it is. This activity will help children focus, listen more attentively, [...]

    6. This story is about three goats who are trying to cross the Troll's bridge to get to the green pastures so they can eat. However, the Troll gets sick of hearing them tip-tap over his bridge so he warns them that if they cross the bridge again, he will eat them. The three goats run home to their Mom and tell her what the Troll said. She decides to make a gift for the Troll, and in return the Troll lets the goats cross over his bridge so they can eat and get fluffy fur.Great illustrations, good fo [...]

    7. There is a troll that lives under a bridge and he is suffering from insomnia. Why can't he get any sleep you ask? Probably because those damn billy goats keep tap tap tapping all over his bridge so they can get some grass. The troll finally is at wits end and yells at them. Then they do what any kid would doey tell on him to their momma. I loved this original twist on the story Three Billy Goats Gruff. The illustrations were adorable and it even kept my daughter's attention. Definitely worth che [...]

    8. Cute illustrations, good way to teach peaceful resolution rather than violent retaliation. But it was a little weird. I think it is because I really love the original story. I do not like many staple children's literature when they are altered. But the book captured the 3-year old for 2/3 of the book before he checked out.11-25-2015: I didn't realize we read this before. The babies, 4 and 6 liked the book better now that they are older.

    9. Oh wow saw this in my teachers (Jane Hyche) office and thought it would be a good book to read, and it was it had a cute little twist with slippers and ear muffs for consideration, even my sons liked this book a definite must read.have a discussion withe children about problem solving and sharing.

    10. Well, I like the story overall and the twist at the end. I'm a little off with the telling of the story. And a bit questioning on those goats (since I thought the youngest was a girl, but he's not). It wasn't fabulous for me, but I'm sure some kids will enjoy the fluffiness, the happy ending for all, and the fluffy pictures.

    11. A very G rated retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. It has a cute solution to problem at the end using the information presented in the earlier. Nice colorful illustrations. Natalie was a little worried it was going to get scary when the troll got angry, but that is right when the mother goat stepped in.

    12. Loved this modern take on the class billy goat gruff tale--with a grumpy troll who can't sleep because of all the traffic on his bridge. Mother Goat comes up with an ingenious solution.A great story with new lessons of kindness and generosity along with a healthy dose of humor.Fun!Read with 5 year old great nephew at bedtime.

    13. Danielle MThe Three Billy Goats Fluff is a great take on a children's fable. In this story, we will find out why Mr. Troll does not want to hear the goats tip toeing over his bridge. Will they find a solution to this problem? You have to read to find out This is a great story to use with students and then have them create their own fable.

    14. My son brought this home from school to have read to him. The fairy tale story of old has been changed into this story of rhyme. It's well written and has kept the bones of the original. Nice short story of few lines per page and lovely drawings.

    15. A little different approach to the well known folktale. There is a mother goat in this story that makes a lot of things with the fluffy wool from the goats. So she finds a solution to the problem with the troll who cannot sleep because of the goats crossing the bridge.

    16. This book is about the great compromise. Coming to an agreement between the goats and the troll was a difficulty decision until they finally came to an agreement to be quiet and the troll would quit being mean. Great book for kids and compromising!

    17. A delightful children's picture book with great colourful illustrations. Great size for reading to 3 to 7 year olds. Would love to read it to a group and then let them act it out. A great take on a classic fairytale and I think more appeal to today's children.

    18. Cute version of the three billy goats gruff with the mother goat knitting booties and blankets of the goats wool fluff. Interesting colorful pictures and when I read it aloud to third graders they loved it. New ending with the Troll being pacified and happy.

    19. This adorable book was a favorite in our house for the entire duration that we had it from the library. The kids love the softer twist on this tale - a poor grumpy troll who just can't get a good night's sleep! And those sweet fluffy goats with their cute booties that mama knit for them.

    20. We absolutely loved this story. It's a great spin on the classic, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Definitely, a family must-read.

    21. This was a fun twist on the original story. I very much enjoyed reading this aloud to my Friday story time kids at the library. They very much enjoyed the story and the bright pictures.

    22. My 4 year old son loves this book and We read it every night before bed! It is a very cute spin on a classic tale.

    23. One of my favorite new picture books for kids. The troll and the goats, in a classic favorite, get a perfect solution from the goats' knitting mom.

    24. Cozy, cute and focused on finding solutions and treating everyone with respect (even if they're a troll). Good preschool bedtime story.

    25. This book is pure delight. The troll is not so scary as he usually is and how Mother Goat gets the billy goats fluff to be silent going across the bridge is pure genius!! Fun, fun!

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