Arthur's Chicken Pox: An Arthur Adventure

Arthur s Chicken Pox An Arthur Adventure Just when Arthur is looking forward to going to the circus he comes down with the chicken pox D W teases him about his spots but she is actually jealous of all the extra attention Arthur is getting

  • Title: Arthur's Chicken Pox: An Arthur Adventure
  • Author: Marc Brown
  • ISBN: 9780316110501
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just when Arthur is looking forward to going to the circus, he comes down with the chicken pox D.W teases him about his spots, but she is actually jealous of all the extra attention Arthur is getting Finally, on the day of the circus, Arthur is well enough to go, but D.W wakes up with the spots she so badly wanted Text copyright 2004 Lectorum Publications, Inc.

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    1. This is the first book that Eleanor read to me. Well, maybe not but it's the first book that she read that we're reviewing. (I think) It's definitely the longest book she's read thus far. It had words like, "suddenly" and "important" and "patient." Those are some tough words for someone who isn't yet in second grade, and she nailed them. Eleanor suggested that since she read the book to me, she should ask the questions, and I should give the responses. I'm game. I'll still be the typist. Go ahea [...]

    2. Arthur's family is getting excited to go see the circus that will be in town in a week. But all of a sudden Arthur isn't feeling well his sister DW he looks just fine. And she can't understand why he's getting special attention; until the next day and he's covered in red spots. Grandma Thora comes to visit to help with Arthur. DW is jealous and tries her hardest to get Grandma's attention too. But the one thing that DW does like is teasing Arthur that he won't be able to go to the circus so she [...]

    3. “Arthur’s Chicken Pox” is another classic tale from Marc Brown’s famous “Arthur” series and it is about how Arthur catches a bad case of the chicken pox before he is able to go to the circus. “Arthur’s Chicken Pox” is a great story for children who also suffered from the chicken pox and will be an instant classic for children who are fans of the “Arthur” series.Marc Brown’s story about how Arthur got a bad case of chicken pox strongly relates to any child who had the bad [...]

    4. During elementary school I was on a mission to read every Arthur book I could get my hands on.I rated every book that I read during childhood 5 stars.Why? Well because that was a time in my life when I loved every single thing I read. And because they bring back fond memories. Ah, the joys of being young!

    5. Arthur has been loved by children for many years.Poor Arthur has come down with the chicken pox and D.W. is jealous of all the attention he is getting. But all Arthur wants to do is go to the circus.The phrase "Be careful what you wish for!" is very appropriate for this story as D.W. wants to get sick and she does!

    6. My childhood favorite. A book we can all relate to because we've all been really sick at some point. I would use this when someone has been really sick and also as a great discussion on what it is like to be sick and what things we do to make ourselves feel better. One thing about Arthur books, is their illustrations put you in the book.

    7. Have you ever been sick and needed comfort but would take the comfort easily you must give up a fight.i experienced it before when I was about seven years old.My grandma wanted to read a book for me called arthur chicken pox which was a great book but I wouldn't let her because I was being too much of a brat.In this essay you will read what I thought about arthur book and what leason it took me.First let me talk about what I thought of the book.When I was seven my mom and dad use to read me fary [...]

    8. Jennifer Johnson and Carly MeyersArthur is a very well known children's book. Marc Brown uses issues in childhood to write his books. This story starts off with the family wanting to go to the circus. Arthur gets sick at school and has to go home and ends up getting chicken pox. While Arthur is sick, his sister sees him getting to eat away from the table and other special things she can't do because she's not sick. She fakes getting chicken pox so her grandma can give her a nice oatmeal bath too [...]

    9. Marc Brown brings Arthur to life once again in a relatable and imaginative story about Arthur catching the chicken pox. Arthur is initially to spend the weekend at the circus, but becomes disappointed when he catches the chicken pox. However, with a little Grandma Thora magic, Arthur realizes there are some perks to being sick—perks like eating chicken noodle soup on the couch and drinking juice in the tub. D.W. recognizes these perks and becomes jealous, even attempting to color in her own ch [...]

    10. Arthur’s Chicken Pox written by Marc Brown is another Arthur book series. Arthur, Grandma Thora, and D.W. all had plans to go to the circus, but Arthur got a case of the chicken pox so they could not go anymore. D.W. his little sister gets jealous that Arthur gets all the attention since he is sick, so she fakes that she has the chicken pox. Until everyone found out she was faking it, she wakes up the next morning with chicken pox. This is a story that should be read to younger students. Becau [...]

    11. This book is quite a bit different from the television episode that came later. The contrasts between the two are much more significant than usual for the series. As always, Marc Brown has come through with a nice, humorous, homey story about Arthur and his family, complimented perfectly by thoughtful illustrations. When Arthur comes down with a case of the chicken pox it appears that he will miss his chance to see the circus come to town. Things aren't always how they seem, though, and what hap [...]

    12. This is another cute Arthur story. It is about Arthur getting the chicken pox and being worried that he may not be able to attend the circus with his family. His sister taunts him through this ordeal. I enjoyed it because I can remember when I had the chicken pox and wasn't able to do all the things I wanted to do. Kids will like it because they can put themselves in Arthur's shoes and they all love Arthur stories. It would be good to read if chicken pox is going around in your class or if you w [...]

    13. This book is about Arthur who comes down with the chicken pox right before the Circus comes to town. When his sister teases him it only makes Arthur feel worse. DW then become jealous of Arthur when she sees how much attention he is getting and fakes coming down with the pox. The irony is that once Arthur is all better on the day of the circus, DW comes down with the chicken pox! This is just a fun read aloud for students to listen to and maybe even relate to.

    14. This text could be used in various ways. This book could ehance a student's prediction skills. I also would read this to my class if our school had an outbreak with chickenpox and also if one of friends from our class got them. It is good to expose children to things that are actually happening around them because sometimes in school is the only place where they will be exposed.

    15. It's no surprise that kids loved this book. One it has Arthur in it. It was well-written, funny, and had good illustrations. But I love all Arthur books as I grew up with him. Read it to the class and they loved it. Can see this being used to help predict or to talk about caring for others when they are sick in health lesson. Good job Marc Brown.

    16. This book was really funny, it reminded me of something I would do with my siblings. D.W. made fun of Arthur the whole time he was sick, then she didn't like the attention he was getting for being sick so she pretended she was sick too. Then, when it was time to go to the event Arthur was all better and D.W. had the chicken pox and was unable to attend.

    17. Arthur's Chicken Pox is a book in the Arthur Series. It's a comedy and Humor Book. In this book Arthur gets the chicken pox and may not be able to go to the circus with his family. I rated it 5 out of 5 because i love the Arthur Series. I think the theme of this book is illness and jealously. It's best suited to me for early elementary school students.

    18. Arthur and his family cannot stop talking about the circus they are going to see on Saturday. Plans change when Arthur comes down with the chicken pox, and all of the attention is on him!Once again D.W. finds herself in some hot water when she pretends to have the chicken pox as well. I did this exact thing when I was little, I wanted to stay home from schooland be spoiled like my sister!

    19. We finally find out D.W.'s real name!!! In this story Arthur gets the chicken pox and gets lots of attention, so D.W. gets jealous and pretends she has them too. Then she gets caught pretending. In the end she really does get the chicken pox. I thought it was kind of mean how the family was completely ignoring her just because Arthur was sick and she wasn't.

    20. In grade school, many students get the Chicken Pox, so this would be a good story to use for kids what it is and how it is treated. Furthermore, this is a good book to ask kids what they think will happen. Also this is a good book to see if they understand the theme of the book.

    21. As a huge fan of the television series, I was greatly disappointed at the lazy and sub-par writing of the books. The illustrations are very poorly done as well (especially if you have older editions of the books). Not good. just watch the show; it's on at seven on PBS every morning.

    22. D.w is getting jealous because Arthur is getting so much care. So she tries to trick them so they will think she is also sick but in the end D.W is really six. What they have is Chicken Pox. It was very funny so i really liked it.

    23. Arthur gets the chicken pox and is worried he won't get to go to the circuis. D.W. is jealous of the attention Arthur is recieving, so she pretends she has the chicken pox, only to find that she actually does, but at a bad time. I would use this book when talking about chicken pox or character.

    24. We signed this book out of the library last week and now my son has the chicken pox. Weird.Another great book about Arthur and his annoying little sister. I think that D.W. is one of my all time favourite children's book characters.

    25. I have an elder brother, so I could totally understand what is going on. Sometimes D.W. looks so mean, but I had to admit that once I was that kind of sister. Children who read this book would feel empathy for Arthur or D.W. and that's what makes this book fun.

    26. Was given to me when my cousin and I had the chicken pox, I'd like to think that it made us feel a little better.

    27. Arthur gets the chicken pox, right before the circus is coming to town! Will he get better in time to go? Meanwhile DW is jealous of all the attention Arthur is getting while he is sick.

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