Tears Seventeen year old Lelea is insane A military project since age two she endured surgery after surgery forging her into the ultimate soldier Somewhere along the way the dreams haunting her nights spi

  • Title: Tears
  • Author: Rita Webb
  • ISBN: 9780615513553
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventeen year old Lelea is insane A military project since age two, she endured surgery after surgery forging her into the ultimate soldier Somewhere along the way, the dreams haunting her nights spilled into her days, and now she talks to creatures long dead and hears music in silence.Through her visions, Lelea discovers her sanity isn t the only thing in danger Her dSeventeen year old Lelea is insane A military project since age two, she endured surgery after surgery forging her into the ultimate soldier Somewhere along the way, the dreams haunting her nights spilled into her days, and now she talks to creatures long dead and hears music in silence.Through her visions, Lelea discovers her sanity isn t the only thing in danger Her dreams call her to save the world from General Sythe, a power hungry monster, but the secret to freeing her people lies in restoring dragonkind to the world An impossible task since dragons have been extinct for thousands of years, if they ever existed in the first place.Stealing a spaceship, she searches the galaxy for ancient scrolls leading to a stash of dragon eggs, but instead she finds a group of rebels and a budding romance With the General in pursuit, she must convince her companions to trust her If only she could overcome what is broken inside her

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    1. An excerpt:I can kill with my bare hands. Worse, I can inflict more pain with just a finger than they could imagine.My chest tightens, and I quicken my steps to get away from the stares. Around a corner, I find myself alone with my Father’s face. The slogan, “The General loves you,” screams at me.Father, if you loved me, you never would have deactivated me. I worked hard to fit in like a nice cog, obeying your commands as the good little soldier you wanted. But I could never please you.Tho [...]

    2. I waited to review this book because I was one of Rita's beta readers, and because I'm a terrible judge of YA fiction. I don't like simple plot lines, so most YA doesn't interest me. However, and this is a big however, Tears is not simple. While there aren't as many subplots as you'd see in adult fiction, Tears has a lot to say in the white space. Originally, I worried might be "beyond" younger readers but I was wrong.My daughter (13) read Tears after it arrived Friday afternoon. By Saturday mor [...]

    3. KIDLET#1 REVIEWS! Please note that her opinions are 100% her own.Kidlet#1 Review: Tears, By Rita Webb.Review by Kidlet#1 (13 years old)What was the book about?It was about Lelea, a cyborg who was sort of insane because her mind lives in the past. And she started to rebel against her father, the evil Father General (muahaha!) by lying and then swearing her own oath to take him down and free her people. She goes on an adventure to find the dragon eggs and save the universe from her father. Along t [...]

    4. I liked this book enough, but there was so much that bothered me. And when I say bother, I don't mean annoy - I mean DISTURBED me.First of all, I thought the characters in this book were WAY too young. Lelea, the main character is only 14 years old. After reading the summary, I thought it was a bit young to be a groomed killing machine or to have a budding romance. School-girl crushes, I can understand, but the romance sounded way more serious than a crush. And I was right. The book talks about [...]

    5. Wow! This is an incredible book. The first few pages were a little choppy, but then it settled into the story and I realized the first few pages were giving you the experience that Lelea experiences most of the time. Her life is choppy and disjointed. But this is understandable; she has been turned into the perfect assassin through numerous experiments and surgeries.While the blurb on the book states that Lelea is crazy; she only thinks she is. Somehow, she has tapped into what life was like tho [...]

    6. Cover: Absolutely beautiful. The red/pink/orange hues are perfect for drawing in the eye and capturing attention by stimulating a sense of warmth, while the planetary images ensure us there’s an adventure waiting to be experienced.Text: This sci-fi/fantasy was very well written in my opinion. Author Rita Webb has a wonderful ability to make her prose flow in a very poetic manner, in a way that every paragraph was different, yet swept into and melded to the next seamlessly. Tears is written fro [...]

    7. In her novel "Tears", Rita Webb tackles a difficult subject from a difficult perspective. The protagonist, a teenage girl who has been tortured and emotionally abused by her father while she was drilled to become an assassin, carries the heavy responsibility of saving the world from her father's greed and inhumanity. As if a horrible childhood and adolescence in a dystopian world weren't enough to twist her like a pretzel, Lelea must also make sense of the dreams and visions that populate her to [...]

    8. Tears in my opinion is a mix of sci-fi and dystopian. The main character Lelea is physically strong but emotionally unstable. She has little self esteem and thinks she is crazy. She sees things no one else does, she can enter into dreams and talks to dragons. Her entire life she has built to be a solider, she's endured many surgeries to make her into the ultimate solider for her father the General. She finds ways to rebel against the General all the time. She wants life to be back the way it was [...]

    9. Fourteen year old Lelea hears music and a dragons call that others don’t so she is considered strange and perhaps mentally handicapped from the nanos that were planted in her brain at age three to make her a super soldier. She is however a Dreamwalker who hears the dragons call. Her father the General sucks the life out of his people with oppression and killings to extend his own life. The General uses both of his daughters Lelea and Jadon as super soldiers to get whom and what he wants. Lelea [...]

    10. In some respects this book deserves a 2 and in some a 4 so I rounded to a 3 but a three does not really represent the problems or good points of the book. The first 100 pages were excellent. A wonderful voice, with an interesting main character. Great world building (at least the start of it), lyrical writing, etc. The rest of the bookt so much. It starts out in first person present and moves to multiple characters in third person. This makes the book very disjointed. The world building after th [...]

    11. I love this book, but since my wife is the author,I am admittedly biased. ;-)The main character is an insane girl who is the result of a military experiment to create a super-soldier. She has been a lab experiment and an assassin almost her entire life. She sees things no one else can see, speaks to dragons in her mind, and somehow she must pull together a team to restore magic to a dying world. To do so she must face off against the tyrant who has been enslaving and feeding off of the human rac [...]

    12. This book was okay but it had some major defects. I like the idea of Lelea's insanity allowing her to be a dreamwalker and helping the dragons and stuff but some of this book seemed a little random at times. Like when Jadon's ship was shot down and the crew ended up going past the edge of spacetime where they needed to go a little convinient I think. Also, when the crew finds Cade he's just floating around in space. Where did he come from? How did he survive in space? Why did he appear next to t [...]

    13. I feel like the book should have been at least twice as long as it was. There was so much that was introduced into the plot line: invading killer alien bugs, an evil dictator that doesn't die, genetic experiments, space travel, magical dragons, fantasy quests, etc There were all these elements but nothing that had a satisfying explanation, details, or conclusion. I enjoyed the plot but that enjoyment was tempered by my confusion and the lack of more elaboration on the plot points. The writing wa [...]

    14. This book is very odd. I felt like I was reading someone's dream. It had that weird disjointedness, that jumble of too many unconnected things thrown together, with things happening and people saying things and there was some kind of storyline but a lot of it just doesn't quite follow or make sense. Some writers overexplain. This one underexplained. Very, very little was ever actually explained. I just felt like I was being swept along in someone else's dream. Which, I don't know, maybe some rea [...]

    15. I got this book through a first reads giveaway, and through the first few chapters, I was wondering if I was going to be able to finish it. It starts off really slow. You've been forwarned. But somewhere around the halfway point, I was hooked. The story is very interesting, and was really unlike anything I've come across before.Worth a read for sure.

    16. **ARC/GIVEAWAY**Honest Review: I've put this in my middle-school library, and the cover's generated a lot of interest but the concept hasn't. I think it's a bit out of their depth. From my perusal, the book seems a bit melodramatic. The message seems to be a good one, though - and that I appreciate. Thanks for the Giveaway.

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