The Doctrine of Fascism

The Doctrine of Fascism This article co written by Giovanni Gentile is considered to be the most complete articulation of Mussolini s political views This is the only complete official translation we know of on the web co

  • Title: The Doctrine of Fascism
  • Author: Benito Mussolini
  • ISBN: 9780865274631
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • This article, co written by Giovanni Gentile, is considered to be the most complete articulation of Mussolini s political views This is the only complete official translation we know of on the web, copied directly from an official Fascist government publication of 1935, Fascism Doctrine and Institutions, by Benito Mussolini, Ardita Publishers, Rome, pages 7 42 This transThis article, co written by Giovanni Gentile, is considered to be the most complete articulation of Mussolini s political views This is the only complete official translation we know of on the web, copied directly from an official Fascist government publication of 1935, Fascism Doctrine and Institutions, by Benito Mussolini, Ardita Publishers, Rome, pages 7 42 This translation includes all the footnotes from the original.

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    1. Incoherent bullshit. Could not finish it, even with its brevity.I had the author marked as a genocidal son of a bachelor long back. However, I did not know he was a terrible writer into the bargain.It is available free on the net; however, if you want to physically own bilge like this, it is available at a cost of eleven dollars plus on . Please buy it from there. would heartily approve of Mussolini. For example, his words Anti-individualistic, the Fascist conception of life stresses the importa [...]

    2. Short, sharp, to the point and in his own words, this serves well for an introduction to the ideology of fascism and you quickly realise why so many people bought into this method of power, best read for educational purposes only unless you have a boner for Benito (can't think why anyone would). First published in the Enciclopedia Italiana of 1932 and written as an essay by Giovanni Gentile although the credit for the text goes to Mussolini. For any youngsters out there that use the term 'fascis [...]

    3. As our web site makes very clear, we are totally opposed to ideas such as racism, religious intolerance and communism. However, in order to combat such evils, it is necessary to understand them by means of the study of key documentary material.Thus reads World Future Fund's disclaimer at the beginning of Mussolini's The Doctrine of Fascism. And for good reason! This is some seriously totalitarian stuff. As with other world-jarring and vile works like The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, [...]

    4. Author's a rude twat. Killed a bunch of people over not agreeing with him about the doctrine in this book too.Fortunately, brave companies like carry forward his noble spirit and legacy to our modern day, and abusive reviews like this one will soon be deleted.

    5. Unlike anything I've ever read before! Such a unique, interesting and all-inspiring philosophical outlook on the world we live in, a world of perpetual struggle in which the Fascistic view is that we are born into challenge and that we must find our own will-to-power and overcome all forces of hindrance, by brutal force and direct action, by unity of people and faith in the unified state as a life form in of itself. This book was extremely interesting to read, it made me realise that Fascism isn [...]

    6. I found this marvelously easy to read. Not simply because it was short, but the writing held your attention - even though it was describing a political ideology!This book describes Fascism as only Mussolini could. It gives you a great insight into the mind of the man, and how he interpreted the now hated - and feared - form of governance. I do, typically, enjoy books written before I was born, and ones that are extremely dry and/or boring, and that deal with historical events or political ideolo [...]

    7. Way more esoteric but just as intellectually barren as I expected, although the sophistry is admittedly on a very high level of perfection. As a matter of policy, I don't give participation points for almost fooling me, however. If you prostitute yourself for the gullible masses, then you can take your reward from the masses.If you honestly believe that you, as an individual, do not exist except as part of the spleen of an organism called "the state", and that you don't have a soul but the state [...]

    8. More of an article than a book, this is short, concise and remarkably clear. One of my professors said in class that there is a fascist within each one of us. The question is, how much we allow it to express itself. Disturbing proposition. Read this book for a first hand account of how the fascist mind works.

    9. "The so-called crisis can only be settled by State action and within the orbit of the State." - Benito Mussolini, Fascism Doctrine and InstitutionsSound familiar? Fascism, sadly, survives in modern political rhetoric. Everyone should read this so that they understand just how dangerously close we are to re-inventing the Fascist states that brought so much evil into the last century.

    10. Some important parts are indicated below: "Therefore life, as conceived of by the Fascist, is serious, austere, and religious; all its manifestations are poised in a world sustained by moral forces and subject to spiritual responsibilities. The Fascist disdains an “easy " life. ""Outside history man is a nonentity. Fascism is therefore opposed to all individualistic abstractions based on eighteenth century materialism; and it is opposed to all Jacobinistic utopias and innovations. It does not [...]

    11. "Whenever respect for the State declines and the disintegrating and centrifugal tendencies of individuals and groups prevail, nations are headed for decay."Like many idealistic (though Mussolini would have despised this characterization) we see the general elements of idealism after the disillusionment of liberal ideals. He describes the national proclivities of man to separate into disparate groups, and though these groups are a means in which the individual can express political power, Mussoli [...]

    12. Better than expectedThough the book is short and does not go into great detail, it provides a great general overview of the Fascist worldview. Would recommend as a light, introductory read.

    13. This guy was awesome! The Italian military, not so much, but Mussolini had some great ideas. Do you want to understand how to stop the Left from destroying Western Civilization? Conservatism only slows the Left down because it is always playing defense and eventually there is nothing left worth conserving. Libertarianism is part of the problem since capitalists in the free market are always looking for cheaper labor. That's why corporate American supports feminism (more women into the workforce [...]

    14. The star rating given reflects my opinion within ‘the official rating system’.1 star: Didn’t Like it2 stars: It’s Okay3 stars: Liked it4 stars: Really Liked it5 stars: It Was AmazingI don’t really give a rat-fuck that there are some who think I ‘owe’ an explanation for my opinion. Nope, nada, and not sorry about it.Sometimes I may add notes to explain what my opinions are based on, and sometimes I don’t. I do this for me, on my books, in my library and I don’t ‘owe’ any sp [...]

    15. Typographical errors and not making any note, in the book, of Giovanni Gentile's significant contributions hold this edition back. As far as the content, if you're looking for "Il Duce" in his own words as he wants to present himself, this is among the best starting points. It can be a bit difficult at times, but as political philosophy goes it's lighter than Marx in both bulk and prose stylings.Another problem with this edition lies in its lack of front/back matter to contextualize the speeches [...]

    16. "Yes, there were discussions; but more importantly, death". Life is war, death before giving up faith, suicide is no solution under the state, bandage your wounds with a "I don't give a damn". Passivity is not an option, action, deny equality and happiness - do not be an animal. Democracy is the terror reign of many kings, Nature is general not spesific - not the vulgar masses, not the liberal property-owning, the agnostics: Our God is the Ascetic and life for a cold moral of the state is the on [...]

    17. Interesting glimpse of Fascist ideology, the Italian version that is. On the contrary to some other reviewers, Mussolini is actually a good writer if my translation was any indicator of that.Some great criticism of other ideologies (socialism, liberalism/democrats) appear incidentally. The Fascist stuff is of course despicable, but it's not that foreign to us modern day people. Combine the 'leftwing' desire for state regulation and the lets-all-work-together-for-the-common-good attitude with the [...]

    18. Wisdom will be incomplete unless you understand polarities. And I shall not truly mean 'in-dividual' unless I dare to understand divisions and have my own opinion on 'reason for the crossroads' ; and politics is no exception. It was worth a read and has profoundly altered my understanding of Fascism as a propaganda than the general conception of it as an adjective to denote anything and everything that seemingly defies an established social order. After all, we must learn before we stand up to m [...]

    19. Written with much passion and very easy to follow. A system that is believable, and never once mentions racism. For those of you who know your history, Hitler is the one who established racism in Italy. Mussolini's arm was twisted and had to tell his Jewish officials to step down. German SS officials ran their own police force in Italy to create concentration camps. So do not turn a blind eye to this brilliant work, please.

    20. I completely disagree with fascism, yet, I can't help but rate this book/pamphlet 3 stars. I have to admit that there are certain aspects of fascism which are psychologically attractive. One knows it is wrong yet one is attracted in some subconscious way to it.

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