Chandra Chandra was and she was about to be married to a boy aged What could go wrong to spoil her happiness Out in the desert living with her new husband and his family she realises that she is now a

  • Title: Chandra
  • Author: Frances Mary Hendry
  • ISBN: 9780192750587
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Chandra was 11 and she was about to be married to a boy aged 16 What could go wrong to spoil her happiness Out in the desert, living with her new husband and his family, she realises that she is now alone and far from home

    One thought on “Chandra”

    1. Read this a long time ago in middle school. It is a short story about an Indian girl, from a wealth family, who is married. The marriage is arranged by her family but her new husband dies. When she becomes a widow is treated monstrously as if she were the one to blame for his death.She runs away to her home and rebels against her father for forcing her into something like this. Was interesting because it shed light upon how the concepts marriage and widows are perceived and dealt with. Female ch [...]

    2. Dear Diary, Today, I got the highest mark in the class test! yeah! Also I big news is I'm going to be married! My Daddy help me to marry a man, I hope he is going to be handsome man. You Know, I'm so excite to my future family of my husband. I hope they are a good and nice family. Although I think arrange marriage is a bit too traditional compare this modern life, but I'm still so excited about the upcoming wedding. I can dress in traditional Indian bride dress, I think I'm going to be so beauti [...]

    3. Book about a young girl who has a arranged marriage, her new husband is open-minded and modern-thinking. But when he dies shortly after their wedding and now her husband's family blame her for their son's death. Story about how she escapes

    4. Soobie a dodici anni:Bel libro. Racconta la storia di una ragazzina indiana di 11 anni che va in sposa ad un lontano cugino sedicenne. Ma dopo il marito muore e la suocera comincia ad odiarla.

    5. Nice. Even through it's a little boring the intense Indian culture, which brought many revelations, and the adventurous contents (to my liking) kept me reading to the end.

    6. I thought that it was very inspirational and touching, because how she struggled so hard to escape through the clutches of her deceased husband's family's torture.

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