At Home in Mitford/A Light in the Window/These High, Green Hills/Out to Canaan/A New Song/A Common Life/ In This Mountain/Shepherds Abiding

At Home in Mitford A Light in the Window These High Green Hills Out to Canaan A New Song A Common Life In This Mountain Shepherds Abiding At Home in Mitford A Light in the Window These High Green Hills Out to Canaan A New Song A Common Life In This Mountain Shepherds Abiding

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  • Title: At Home in Mitford/A Light in the Window/These High, Green Hills/Out to Canaan/A New Song/A Common Life/ In This Mountain/Shepherds Abiding
  • Author: Jan Karon
  • ISBN: 9780733608995
  • Page: 451
  • Format: None
  • At Home in Mitford A Light in the Window These High, Green Hills Out to Canaan A New Song A Common Life In This Mountain Shepherds Abiding

    One thought on “At Home in Mitford/A Light in the Window/These High, Green Hills/Out to Canaan/A New Song/A Common Life/ In This Mountain/Shepherds Abiding”

    1. Having read this series at least three times I have found to be like comfort food for the soul. I love Father Tim, I love Mitford and the cast of characters. The series got me through two deployments and a couple of really rough years - helping me to see a much different view of life. To this day, when I am down, I go to Mitford and enjoy the ride!

    2. I love this series by Jan Karon. They make me feel at peace, even on the worst of days, I could come home and pick up the latest one that I was reading and within minutes I would lose myself in this wonderful little town of Mitford. I have recommended this series to so many people and everyone has enjoyed them.

    3. My girlfriend leant me the first of these books and, much to my surprise, I loved it. I am working my way slowly through the series 10 minutes at a time during my quiet time first thing in the morning. It sets a delightful tone for the day, and has me reading Wordsworth again. The bucolic small town and it's lovable characters seen through the eyes of people nearly my age who have found love again is inspiring. Although one of the main characters is a preacher, it seldom preaches but rather live [...]

    4. Please do not refuse to read this because it has no high-speed chases or people whose bodies draw every eye the second they enter a room.These books made me laugh out loud in spite of myself; visiting this community is the best antidepressant that needs no doctor's Rx. I had declined the invitations of two good friends at two different times, thinking that "sweet" automatically "unqualified" these books for my reading time. I had to admit I was wrong.Karon's newest, Come Rain or Come Shine, cont [...]

    5. I read this series MANY years ago and enjoyed it. I've recently completed the series in audiobook format and cannot recommend it highly enough. John McDonough IS Fr. Tim and he brings the books to life. I plan to listen again and again. My only disappointment is that the Fr. Tim Series, which takes up where the Mitford Series leaves off, is read by a different actor. I really don't know if I can listen to them!

    6. I enjoyed these books so much I didn't want to have them end or to put them down. I have read them all 2 times and plan on reading them again. I love Fr. Tim. I know he isn't a real person, but feel he is someone we would all feel blessed to know and pattern ourselves after. I especially like that she tells about our Episcopal Church and the services; and how inclusive we are.I have since read them again. I feel very much at home in Mitford.

    7. I read all nine of the books in this series. They are easy reads and you absolutely fall in love with the characters. The books were my mothers and once I started reading them, I couldn't stop. Mother also had two off shoot books that are all of Father Tim's sayings and bible verses in his handwriting. These are two of my favorites and I look through them often.

    8. These books are outstanding. They take you into another world where you share in the lives of countless residences of a little town of Mitford. Each one has a positive impact on your life. Father Tim and his wife Cynthia show us how marriage can be a growth process for both and how together they have an impact on many lives.

    9. The Mitford Series was one of the most enjoyable series of books to read. Laced with humor, the characters come alive with each page turn. I read this series several years ago and plan to read it again in the very near future.

    10. I enjoy the simplicity and normalcy of the manifestations of common and particular grace in a small town and amidst God's people. When things seem too complicated or discouraging, I can go to these books and re-read (sort of like watching re-runs of Andy Griffith Show) and be calmed.

    11. I loved this series more than any other book series I've ever read. I've read and re-read these books. I've listened and re-listened to the book on CD. SUCH A GREAT STORY!! Every time I finished a book I missed the folks of Mitford like family-always happy when she wrote a new book!

    12. I just finished reading the first book "At Home in Mitford". I really liked it and am looking forward to the second book "A Light in the Window". A truly relaxing read.I have finished them all and really enjoyed them.

    13. Mitford is the perfect home town. I just love Father Tim and Cynthia and Dooley and Barnabas and Uncle Billy and Miss Sadie You get the picture. Ms. Karon has created a cast of totally believable and loveable characters. Her books are true "comfort food" in book form. Love them!

    14. She began writing this series while living in Blowing Rock, NC. It has that flavor of home for me. I think she refers to it as 'gentle fiction'.

    15. I read these books every couple of years. I enjoy the characters, find new thoughts to ponder, and generally enjoy the small town feel.

    16. What a lovely book about small town life. I loved this book and can't wait to read book two in the series of four on Mitford.

    17. Funny, heart-warming, full of truth--I return to this series of books over and over. They are among my absolute favorites!

    18. Jan Karon's books are consistently exactly what I want in a fiction read. Sweet, surprising escapism. You quickly grow to love her characters. I would love to see a new one come out.

    19. This series is comfort food for me. I re-read them when I need an easy, familiar read. sacchariney sweet and fine by me.

    20. I have read this series several times and I love it! These books are full of adventure, mystery, romance, faith and miracles. A must read for any Christian!

    21. I loved this series about Father Tim and Cynthia in Mitford. It has great characters and stories. Now I can't wait to read Jan Karon's new book.

    22. Loved this series, but this wasn't my favorite. Somehow it seemed too disconnected while trying to reconnect to all the previous characters. It wasn't my favorite.

    23. This series is one of my favorites. So sweet; it is a great story about a rector in the small, charismatic town of Mitford, North Carolina.

    24. I love reading this series of books as I drift off to sleep. They are so peaceful and light hearted that all my tension drifts away and I sleep perfectly.

    25. I love the Mitford series of books. Very enjoyable characters and even though the events are largely just day to day normal activities it is still fun to read.

    26. These books are a warm and wonderful journey into a place you will want to stay for a while. The characters will go into your mind and heart. Such a good read:)

    27. Jan Karon writes a story about people living their lives--some a little strange, some dysfunctional, but all rather good people with situations they must deal with. Father Tim is the Episcopalian priest who links them all together. A lot of characters, but the reader comes to know them very well over time. This is what I call a true good read. It leaves you wanting to know what these people are doing, and why--and you care as a reader. Well done, characters developed, and their is not the emphas [...]

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