Be Holy: The Forgotten Command

Be Holy The Forgotten Command This book makes compelling and searching reading for those who are serious about obeying The Forgotten Command Be Holy

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  • Title: Be Holy: The Forgotten Command
  • Author: William MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9780946351374
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book makes compelling and searching reading for those who are serious about obeying The Forgotten Command Be Holy.

    One thought on “Be Holy: The Forgotten Command”

    1. Really really appreciated the earlier half of the book, as Mr. MacDonald consciously takes his time to build up with the reader a Scriptural view of holiness. The remainder of the book is gold as well, but the precious truths regarding Christ and the believer's motivation for holiness were very sweet, and challenging reminders for me.

    2. Convicting. I've read it three times. Each time, there are still things that convict me of my need to change, to be holy.

    3. another great book byWilliam Macdonald about the importance of living a holy life, specially in this last days.

    4. Wunderbar interessant, gespickt mit praktischen Beispielen und behandelte Themen jeglichen Bereichs eines christlichen Lebens.

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