Becoming Strangers

Becoming Strangers After than half a century of marriage Dorothy and George are embarking on their first journey abroad together Three decades younger Jan and Annemieke are taking their last as illness and incompatib

  • Title: Becoming Strangers
  • Author: Louise Dean
  • ISBN: 9780156032667
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • After than half a century of marriage, Dorothy and George are embarking on their first journey abroad together Three decades younger, Jan and Annemieke are taking their last, as illness and incompatibility bring their unhappy union to an end At first the luxury of a Caribbean resort is no match for the well worn patterns of domestic life Then the couples paths croAfter than half a century of marriage, Dorothy and George are embarking on their first journey abroad together Three decades younger, Jan and Annemieke are taking their last, as illness and incompatibility bring their unhappy union to an end At first the luxury of a Caribbean resort is no match for the well worn patterns of domestic life Then the couples paths cross, and a series of surprises ensues a disappearance and an assault, most dramatically, but also a teapot tempest of passions, slights, misunderstandings, and small awakenings that punctuate a week in which each pair struggles to come to terms with what s been keeping them apart A hit with readers and critics alike when it was published in England last year, Becoming Strangers is a different kind of love story, in which there s seldom a happy ending but sometimes a chance to redeem a life half lived.

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    1. Onvan : Becoming Strangers - Nevisande : Louise Dean - ISBN : 015603266X - ISBN13 : 9780156032667 - Dar 320 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2004

    2. دائمًا يبدأ الموضوع بعطلة لعجوزين أوشك أحدهما على الموت لمرض عضال ألم به، حينها يخلو كل واحد فيهم للآخر ويكتشف أنه ضيّع حياته مع الإنسان الخطأ، وأنه لم يفعل ما كان يجب أن يفعله طوال حياته، أن تعيش حياتك لمجرد أن تدفع بمركب الحياة لبر الأمان، أن تربط نفسك بالتزامات كاذبة وتقن [...]

    3. حسنًا لنقل أنكم لستم بحاجة لقراءة هذه الرواية فقط يكفي أن تعرفوا شخصًا لطيفًا مثلي ليحكيها لكم باختصار لذا قد يمتليء هذا الريفيو حرق للأحداث و صدقوني قد لا ترغبون بقراءة هذه الرواية حقًا دعوني ألخصها لكم ، الرواية ببساطة تستعرض زيجتان ف الأولى الزوج مصاب بالسرطان و سيموت و [...]

    4. Had I not picked Becoming Strangers in that danky, weakly lit bookstore, I might have been spared not only the burden of reading it but also the urge to review it. Dear future readers, please reconsider. Resist being impressed by the backcover synopsis. Flick through the inside pages and read a few paragraphs for good measure. To be truly honest, I could have liked Becoming Strangers if my copy wasn't a poor Arabic translation. But then, a good novel may still cast its charm in spite of poor tra [...]

    5. I would recommend reading this, but with caveats. I found the main characters interesting, but didn't really relate to any of them. The book revolves around 2 (heterosexual) couples who have been married for 30 and 50 years, respectively, unhappily for much of that time. It is an in-depth examination of why their relationships continue (children, inertia, duty, etc.). I felt that it explored the two main male characters more than the female characters, who were mainly one-dimensional. Much of it [...]

    6. What we feel may be shocking as our secret and personal tragedies, may in fact just be what life is all about.This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read - of lives colliding in a Caribbean holiday - a terminally ill man and his sex-minded wife, an elderly couple in their 80s on one of their first holidays, a so-called Christian man, and a beautiful Chinese woman with a sad story of her own.Read this with an open mind and reserve your judgements. Because this is the only way we can live [...]

    7. Precis: The story is about a Belgian couple who are on holiday. Why Belgian I do not know. The husband has cancer, and it is terminal. His wife is a bitch through and through who treats him with disdain and tries to get off with any male who might be interested. There is an elderly English couple also on holiday, who befiend the belgian couple, and then, there is a death. This book was a revelation. I picked it up late one night, and flicked through it, and found it to be absolutely dire. The pa [...]

    8. Dorothy and George, married for 50 years, travel to a luxurious Carribean resort for their first vacation abroad. There they meet Jan and Annemieke, a middle-aged couple taking their last trip together before Jan succumbs to cancer. The paradisiacal setting cannot hide the strains in either marriage though. Dorothy is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and George is in denial about it. Jan has been dying for six years and Annemieke is tired of waiting to become a widow and get on with her life. [...]

    9. À complicated to describe book. Not uninteresting, but not fascinating. Powerful insights on the reality of marriage in dire circumstances, the fact that you can't like most of the characters at all, because they're awful people really, well, that's complicated. You want to love someone in a book you read, don't you? So I don't know what to say. Judge for yourself!

    10. Becoming Strangers, Louise DeanThis Is a book about troubled and loveless, unfulfilled marriages. It is also about what it means to commit yourself to another person.Two couples meet at a Caribbean resort. The unhappily married Dutch couple are in their 50's and the British couple are in their 80's. Besides the unhappiness of each couple and the distance between the spouses, both are also now faced with the situation where one spouse is very ill. On a small Caribbean island the couples find each [...]

    11. مش قادرة اكملهاالترجمة وحشة جدا، وزهقت من الرواية نفسها مع اني كنت متفائلة بيها لأن العنوان فعلا حلو

    12. bookcrossing/journal/5I am now unable to recall exactly why this title was on my to read list, but something about it must have originally attracted me. It was longlisted for the 2004 Man Booker prize and this first time author has been compared to Alan Bennett with her writing style.Two couples Jan and Annemieke and George and Dorothy meet whilst on holiday on a Caribbean island. Jan and Annemieke are middle aged Belgians and they know for sure that this is the last of many such holidays, that [...]

    13. Long-listed for the 2004 Booker Prize and winner of the Betty Trask Award, Becoming Strangers is far more sophisticated than the typical first novel. Based on the lives of one set of Dean's grandparents, the novel delves into marriage, relationships, romantic love, and friendship. Dean skillfully develops these themes and the relationships among the four primary characters and all the secondary ones, showing how ordinary people bury and then unearth the realities that their lives have become. On [...]

    14. I'm not sure why I picked this book or why I stuck through to the end. The story focuses on two long- married couples at a resort in the Caribbean. One half of each pair has a life changing ailment: terminal cancer in one and Alzheimer's in the other. I think the objective is to see how they cope, particularly in a setting that forces them out of their routines. The plot sounds like a good one, but the execution leaves something to be desired. Neither of the couples nor the people they meet pull [...]

    15. First book read in Seefeld Austria on holiday.Bit depressing for a holiday read but at least my marriage was quite the opposite to those portrayed. Observation of the characters and their relationships and their take on situations was very good. It was uncomfortable in parts and no one was particularly likeable however the reader was given insight into their motivations and behaviours so we could forgive mistakes and actions we may not condone a little easier.One that crept up on me as I read it [...]

    16. Becoming Strangers is the tale of two couples (a middle-aged Belgian pair and an elderly British man and woman) who meet at a luxurious resort in the Caribbean. The story also delves into the lives of some of the staff and the other guests.I don't know how to rate this book. The blurbs made it sound like the most fantastic novel ever written. I didn't feel that way. I didn't find the characters sympathetic. There were a bunch of things that happened during the book, but I didn't think they added [...]

    17. I was disappointed in this book, I have loved this author's other books and she does write well about relationships. I just did not like these characters at all and found it hard to stay interested and engaged with their lives. It is the story of 2 couples on a Caribbean resort vacation who need to come to terms honestly with their situations. There are some moments of enlightenment and friendship that are ok.

    18. For only the second time, I stopped reading a book and this one was the cause. Talk about depressing! Two miserably married couples meet on an island vacation and their depressing situations are on full display. Ohhhh, I forgot to mention that one of the spouses is terminally I'll but that's not even a factor in why I dropped the book after about 70 pages. I just didn't need to make myself depressed while on holiday.

    19. A first novel is always an interesting read. This is a story of two couples, an elderly couple where the wife is in the early stages of Dementia, and a middle-aged couple where the husband is terminally ill and the wife is histrionic and narcissistic. Both couples were coerced into taking a Caribbean vacation by their children as a gift to them. A complex novel in many ways; what is life but our memories? I found the novel to be a bit depressing yet a fast and interesting read.

    20. Part mordant farce involving unlikeable people, part serious search for meaning and comfort in relationships. With eight characters coming together for a week at a Caribbean resort, the novel explores both "making friends" and "becoming strangers." Each member of this international cast is very well drawn.

    21. This book didn't do it for me, nor did it in anyway meet the expectations that I usually have for a Booker Long-lister. The story is focused on two couples who take holidays at different stages of their marriages. I found the story to be an odd combination of unsettling and boring. I really struggled with the characters. Disappointing.

    22. I hate giving up on books but I'm afraid by chapter 12, I realised I was not going to warm to any of the main characters and I put it to one side. Maybe if I trundled on a few more chapters I could have connected with one or two of them but I couldn't be bothered by this point! The scene in the men's changing rooms didn't ring true either!!!

    23. I will confess that I prefer Dean's The Old Romantic much more as a study of human/family interaction, however, Becoming Strangers is a much more powerful examination of the institution of marriage as seen from varying stages of life. Sad, a little funny, painful in parts, somewhat unrealistic in spots, it is well worth reading.

    24. this contemporary novel revolves around two couples who go on holiday to "paradise". Both couples (one middle aged and one elderly) have personal and marriage issues which, prior to the holiday, they are unwilling to face. The issues come to the surface in dramatic fashion and the novel shows the way they deal/or don't with the fallout.

    25. I borrowed this book from the library.I would have given this book more stars, if I had actually liked the characters. Yes, the characters were very well drawn and developed, but I really did not like them.Especially Annemarieke, the main character's wife. If you are looking for a book to leave you with a "feel good" feeling, I don't think I would recommend this one.

    26. Two couples and several other guests meet at a Caribbean resort. Life, love, marriage, death this 2004 Man Booker Prize nominee touches on all these themes with no punches pulled. Beautiful writing.

    27. much like revolutionary road, this book bothered me. having a mediocre or poor marriage is one of my greatest fears in life, and this book captured that perfectly. in that, it was good, but i was left with an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    28. This is a slow-paced book with not a lot of plot. It is the interesting characters and the growing relationships between them which keeps the reader turning the pages.A book for those who like to study the human psyche rather than move swiftly along with the action.

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