Trick or Treat, Marley!

Trick or Treat Marley Marley the loveable trouble making yellow lab stars in another holiday adventure in the picture book Trick or Treat Marley by John Grogan author of Marley Me Marley s family is throwing a Halloween

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  • Title: Trick or Treat, Marley!
  • Author: John Grogan Richard Cowdrey
  • ISBN: 9780061857553
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marley the loveable, trouble making yellow lab stars in another holiday adventure in the picture book Trick or Treat, Marley by John Grogan, author of Marley Me Marley s family is throwing a Halloween party Cassie and Baby Louie are having lots of fun putting up spooky decorations And Marley s having even fun destroying them The kids hang a creepy skeleton.Marley the loveable, trouble making yellow lab stars in another holiday adventure in the picture book Trick or Treat, Marley by John Grogan, author of Marley Me Marley s family is throwing a Halloween party Cassie and Baby Louie are having lots of fun putting up spooky decorations And Marley s having even fun destroying them The kids hang a creepy skeleton Marley runs away with the leg bone The kids string fake spider webs on the stairs Marley sweeps them up with his tail The kids carve pumpkins Marley gets his head stuck in a jack o lantern Worst of all he eats every piece of Halloween candy Will Marley s family be able to have any Halloween fun with their naughty puppy around Richard Cowdrey s illustrations bring the charming and mischievous Marley to life.

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    1. Cozy art for Halloween. If you love Dogs, this is the Halloween book for you. Cute and fun and some puppy trouble all in one. This is the Marley from the movie and book Marley and Me. Puppies will pull all the stunts in this book.The Niece and Nephew loved this.

    2. Per my second graders:I LIKED IT BECAUSE IT was funny when Marley scared the kids. I like it because when he put his head in the pumpkin, it got stuck. I liked it because once they were looking for the candy, Marley was already eating it. I liked it because he was an angel and he gave candy out to the kids.

    3. I didn't like this book for rather petty reasons.1) The illustrations: The dog has creepy human eyes. 2) Dialog: So the baby can speak in 5 word sentences but can pronounce any words correctly? I didn't find it cute or funny and luckily the kids only asked me to read it once.

    4. Last year, I believe it was, we enjoyed Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin (which you can also find in the Marley's Storybook Treasury as well as Marley's Big Box of Reading Fun if you're interested in more Marley adventures!) so the idea of Marley and more pumpkins was intriguing. This time around Cassie's family is hosting a halloween party followed by trick or treating. As always Marley is overzealous and into it all. This is a fun interest early reader without much happening, but just enough per [...]

    5. This review also found at The Children's Book and Media ReviewCassie, Louis, Mommy, and Daddy are especially excited for Halloween because this year they are throwing a party for all of their friends. Everyone, including Marley, wants to help Mommy get ready. First they carve a pumpkin, and Marely gets his head stuck in the pumpkin. When the family tries to decorate, Marley pops all the balloons and destroys the confetti. Marley bobs for apples, steals the tail instead of playing Pin the Tail on [...]

    6. This is a cute Halloween book, however the main reason I tagged it only one star is the imagine it gives to children. The family has hidden candy throughout the house for the children to find but the dog, Marley finds it all first. Candy is NOT okay for dogs, candy CAN and WILL kill them especially chocolate. If this had been real life this dog would have had to been taken to the vet in an emergency type situation. I know they wrote it to be'cute' but children need to know that it's not okay to [...]

    7. Let's just be honest and say I didn't like this. I have read, and did enjoy, Marley and Me, but I am a little perturbed by all the spin-offs it has spawned. I think two things bothered me the most about this: the kids' character names did not even slightly correspond with Grogan's kids in the original (yes, you could make an argument for the kids' privacy, but if you are doing a spin-off, it should be an accurate spin-off, right?) and, after all the trouble Marley got in, they put him in charge [...]

    8. Children will love the hilarious antics of Marley in this Halloween story. He is no help setting up for a Halloween party - getting his head stuck in the pumpkin and eating the decorations. Later is better helping at the party - giving rides and bobbing for apples - until he steals the candy and eats to much. Then a spooky ghost arrivesnd out what happens with Marley and the trick or treaters in Trick or Treat, Marley!

    9. This is a very cute book for children who love their doggies. We have two dogs and one is crippled but the two of them keep me on my toes. The fun mischief kept my son smiling while we read on and on.

    10. Recommended by kids for NYRA 2013, I just couldn't see anything special about this book. It is a story about the dog Marley during Halloween decorating, partying, and trick-or-treating. Probably it was recommended around that time of the year.

    11. Every day with Marley is an adventure and Halloween is not exception. Lovable Marley who just wants to have fun makes Halloween a night to remember.Written by John Grogan, illustrated by Richard Cowdrey and published by Harper Collins Books for Young Readers.#Marley #dog #mustlovedogs #PB

    12. Emma found the antics of Marley hilarious! Maybe we should get more of these Marley books as we prepare for a puppy next spring.

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