One thought on “Killer in Control”

  1. -Dialogue is stiff and unrealistic.-Main character is very unbelievable as a police officer - she's afraid of everything. She is also quite fickle, all worried about someone but then allowing them to fawn over her. I found her to be incredibly annoying. One line from the book said it best " . . . a warning for me - a warning that I lacked the emotional stability to handle a police job or any job involving a lethal weapon." Ya think?-The fixation on the Prius is really annoying. Yes, she has a hy [...]

  2. Life changes at times when one would least expect those changes. One day at a time and seek for the best of each of those days.

  3. Dorothy Francis takes readers back to Key West in Killer in Control and it’s another good very atmospheric cozy style mystery from the author. Full of guilt and heavy with memories, suspended Iowa police officer Kitt Morgan plans on spending time with her sister, Janell and her husband, Rex at their bed and breakfast inn, “The Poinsetta” located at Key West. When she isn’t lecturing one and all about her Prius and how environmentally responsible it is, Kitt’s plan is to relax as much a [...]

  4. I liked this book for it gives a great sense of place and the character of Kitt Morgan is a very likeable police officer on probation for shooting a 'perp'. After the bust gone wrong, she decided to leave Iowa in winter and visit her sister in Key West. Her sister and her husband, runs a B&B with an evening music club and there in lies the tale. The previous week a guest of the B&B had been murdered and the police have few clues of who did it. Everyone has a reason to want the renewable [...]

  5. The setting in Key West was fun, but the dialogue is super stiff, people don't really talk like that. Especially not Conchs, a special breed of people who are the epitome of laid back island cool. The protagonist is a cop on leave, and she wasn't believable at all. She's a police officer, and when faced with a scary situation she runs and screams. All the female law enforcement officers I've ever met have been tough as nails. They have to be. So, not to go pounding the feminist drum, but this wi [...]

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