Venom, Volume 1

Venom Volume Americaet your newest Hero The lethal alien symbiote known as Venom is in the custody of the U S militaryd with a familiar face from Spider Man s world inside the suit the government s own personal S

  • Title: Venom, Volume 1
  • Author: Rick Remender Tony Moore Tom Fowler
  • ISBN: 9780785158110
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Americaet your newest Hero The lethal alien symbiote known as Venom is in the custody of the U.S militaryd with a familiar face from Spider Man s world inside the suit, the government s own personal Spidey is going into action as one of the nation s top covert agents in hostile territory Collecting Venom 1 4

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    1. On the surface, this has the makings of an interesting series: combine Flash Thompson; former Peter Parker bully; Spider-man fan, soldier who lost both legs in the Middle East; alcoholic and victim of an abusive, alcoholic father with Venom, mentally unstable, killer alien symbiote. The ground rules are: Thompson can only stay connected with Venom for two hours, if it goes any longer, he risks permanent bonding with the symbiote. If Thompson gets angry, he also risks the symbiote taking over. If [...]

    2. Flash Thompson lost both of his legs below the knee in the army, but the military isn't done with him yet. They have a special opportunity for Flash to do great things by simply wearing a suit. One problem though, the suit is the Venom suit. He can wear it for up to 48 hours and be a super powered hero.If he wears it any longer than 48 hours or gives into his anger he becomes a more familiar Venom.So this whole Agent Venom thing is all somewhat familiar. Flash has a Spider-Man vibe going on in t [...]

    3. After all the build-up on this storyline, I feel like Remender did a fine job making this work as a basic story of a crippled war hero who voluntarily wears the Venom symbiote in order to serve his country as a running, jumping, occasionally bad-guy-chomping black ops hero. I find the "I'll kill you if you can't control the evil alien's impulses" motivation was entirely sold on me. However there's something about the erratic action, the disconnected narration and the odd villain of the first iss [...]

    4. So far I'm enjoying the adventures of Flash Thompson as Venom. The premise is the US Government has weaponized the Venom symbiote. They attach it to a hand picked soldier, in this case Flash Thompson, and then send him on a mission. They can't allow the symbiote to bond with him and gain control, so they have a "killswitch" in the form of a bomb they can remote detontate. To add another twist, Flash Thompson lost his legs in combat, and the symbiote gives him legs when he uses it. They only use [...]

    5. Interesting concept: using the symbiote as as a secret weapon and using a soldier to wear it and carry out special missions. That's a new take on the played-out Venom character, and it could work. But the soldier being Flash Thompson? Really? I had a hard time getting behind that. I'm sure there are at least a good dozen existing characters that could've made this work better. But Flash is a noble, but damaged character, and I guess that's supposed to give the whole set-up more weight.Probably t [...]

    6. Marvel really did a smart job collecting this series the way that they did. The first 4 issues of Venom, which feature a new, more heroic Venom in the form of disabled war hero Flash Thompson, aren't great. They're all over the place, they don't at all take advantage of the unique character of Flash (a redeemed alcoholic who lost his legs fighting for his country and has named himself Spider-Man's #1 fan), and they present the only female character as an empty, co-dependent Girlfriend with a cap [...]

    7. Rick Remender is going to have to burn out one day soon if he keeps it up at this pace. I can't believe that he can keep churning out both quality and quantity like this for the past 5 years or so. And with his hands in so many different corners of the Marvel U, it's a wonder he can keep it all straight. Here in 'Venom', he keeps the symbiote within the Spider-Man universe by handing it over to Flash Thompson-a quadriplegic, a former army man, alcoholic, high school football player and friend to [...]

    8. I have to say that this was a great re-imagining of Venom, that is to say, with a different host than Eddie Brock (or some of the others). Flash Thompson was always a minor character as far as I knew, so this is a great idea. I also love that this is the first time we've seen someone who doesn't actually hate Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Venom symbiote. I liked just about everything about this one. This time Venom actually helps people and kicks bad guy ass. The suit remembers hatred for PP/SM [...]

    9. This didn't start so great but the middle and the rest of this really gave you a feel for this character. Too bad I don't think there are any more volumes. Great character and I would have loved to read more.

    10. We love Venom! *Ahem,I meant I love Venom. I know I seem a little one-sided praising Rick Remender for his writing but if you read Remender regularly you'll understand my love and respect for his writing. Venom is a great character despite his unfortunate big-screen debut (just blot out that mental image of Topher Grace with sharp,yellow teeth). It seemed like Marvel wanted to place him back on his pedestal with this new series and I believe they've succeeded. I remember finding out Flash Thomps [...]

    11. I've said before that I don't like what Venom has become: the long tongue, brain-eating, monster just doesn't appeal to me. The original concept was much more sinister IMO. Here comes Remender, who I really like, with a novel concept: Let Spidey's biggest fan, Flash Thompson get control of the symbiote and be a government agent. I really do like the change and there are plenty of "hooks" for the character: the constant struggle for maintaining control of the suit, the suit hating Spider-Man but [...]

    12. The famous alien symbiote takes center stage in Rick Remender's new take on Venom for Marvel Comics. Former jock, bully, Spider-fan, and Army veteran Flash Thompson gave his legs in the service of his country. Outfitted with the Venom symbiote, Flash now serves as a souped-up super-spy for the government. The opening arc establishes a twisted incarnation of Jack O'Lantern as Flash's archenemy, pits Venom against a mad Kraven and cannibalistic Human Fly, and brings in Spider-Man for the obligator [...]

    13. I've read this book about three times. I still enjoy it. It's not great; many stories feel like the entire beginning are missing. It's definitely not perfect. And yet I enjoy it because of Flash Thompson, whom has become Agent Venom. He's just so cool, and a way to open-up new kinds of discussions of topics, and, so far, it seems like Marvel has stated actually doing some stuff with Agent Venom. I've alway been a fan of Venom, and this Venom doesn't let down, to me. This was fun. One of my favor [...]

    14. How Spin-Offs Should Be DoneTHOUGHTS: Marvel and DC have snatched up some of the best indie writers and put them on books. 80% of these are garbage, however some deliver solid results with compelling characters and strong story. Rick Remender's writing on Venom is one of these few exceptions, showing how it should be done. VERDICT: Fans of Venom (and Spidey and Thunderbolts) should not miss this story-line. However, the real value of this book is an example for how writers should approach a limi [...]

    15. This collection really didn't hold my attention. I didn't feel attached to the main character, or his supporting cast. I didn't find it to be worth my time.I like the idea behind this book, but the execution didn't work for me.

    16. Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) is sent to the Savage Lands. That's really all that I needed to know. I love all Marvel stories that take place in the Savage Lands. Bring in a symbiote that doesn't want to be tamed and I'm hooked.

    17. Read this late last year and I really enjoyed it. While some will say this isnt the best venom run, I would say it a introduction to those who havent read any venom and those looking to become reacquainted with an old FIENDLOL

    18. Interessante essa perspectiva do Venom como um personagem tentando ser herói, sobre a relação com o simbionte e com o Homem-Aranha. E lindamente desenhado também.

    19. An OK super hero/villain romp with a fresh take on Venom as a character. Fun as a quick read but i don't think i'll be going back for more.

    20. You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:thefoundingfields/2013/04/Admittedly, my only familiarity with the Venom super-villain is him as the crazy alien symbiote who is one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies. Reading of Venom as someone actually normal was like a power-punch to the gut. Flash Thompson, one-time school bully and also one of Peter Parker’s best friends is now a former handicapped military veteran who is given a second chance at serving his country by being bonde [...]

    21. I'm not a great fan of the Venom character.I liked the original concept of Spider-Man's using an alien being as a costume, but I never really liked how it was portrayed once it had taken over other people. I think the thing I hated most was the blatant disregard for the laws of Physics that the being engendered in the writers and artists. Where on earth does all the extra mass the creature can create come from? And, where does it disappear to?Anyway, that aside, I thought this was one of the bet [...]

    22. Russell T Davies once talked about how, when writing the character of the Doctor in Doctor Who, the temptation is to pile on the quirks, overloading him with strangeness upon strangeness. Wisely Davies pointed out that this is a guy with two hearts who roams through space and time in an anachronistic oddity – that’s enough to be going on with. It’s a similar story with Venom. Up to this point he’s been a fairly simple character, an ultraviolent symbiote bonded with people who hate Spider [...]

    23. Venom is not a character I know almost at all, but this is an excellent and interesting introduction. This book is just about as dark as the character looks. The premise is that Flash Thompson can only wear the suit a short time before it takes over and he becomes a crazed murderer. He also cannot become angry or the same result will happen. In spite of that, he has good intentions and wants to be a superhero. This leads to a lot of tension in a dark book. What really hooked me is how Flash's pe [...]

    24. This book is awesome! Jack O' Lantern is quite horrifying, and even in the opening pages, you're immediately drawn into the characters' lives who are tragically obliterated by this lunatic villain. Then enters Venom, and not of the Eddie Brock variety. No, this is Flash Thompson, high school bully of Peter Parker but strangely Spider-Man's biggest fan. Peter and Flash since college have then started to hit it off, but there is still somewhat of an awkwardness between them. Anyway, that parts not [...]

    25. At first I hated this book! The first issue with the fight with Jack O Lantern is just to gory for my taste. In my opinion this series is not for kids as the violence is just too graphic. But as I read the rest of the issues (#2-5) this series really started to grow on me. I really like the premise of this new incarnation of Venom. Flash Thompson a US war hero and admirer of Spider-Man working with the Venom symbiote, acting as a spy for America all while trying to maintain control of the symbio [...]

    26. The concept is good: Flash Thompson has experienced all kinds of traumatic events, is an alcoholic and has anger issues. But due to his heroic conduct in the Gulf War he gets the chance to wear the Venom symbiote in service of his government. Can such a tragic figure be trusted with that extreme kind of responsibility ?Remender serves up a dish full of action and Tony Moore’s drawings are top notch. The storytelling is sometimes a bit chaotic though and the drawings look rather dull colored, o [...]

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