The Search for the Green River Killer

The Search for the Green River Killer The true story of America s most notorious serial killer case ever

  • Title: The Search for the Green River Killer
  • Author: Carlton Smith Tomas Guillen
  • ISBN: 9780451212382
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The true story of America s most notorious serial killer case ever.

    One thought on “The Search for the Green River Killer”

    1. The really cool thing about this book is that it was written before Gary Ridgeway was ever caught and found to be responsible for the Green River killings. Written by two journalists who worked for The Seattle Times during the years that the murders were taking place, this is an account of the task force's efforts the catch the guy who was terrorizing prostitutes in Washington state back in the 80's. I found it fascinating to follow the investigation as it was happening, and before the authors, [...]

    2. Chilling and well-researched, this true crime novel is less about murder and more about the way in which Seattle and Washington State at large coped with this horror.

    3. I remember the furor about the Green River killings and now that I'm in the PNW, thought this would be an interesting read. I was right. Reading about the process of finding the victims and then seeing their pictures really brought home how these were someone's sister, daughter, friend. There were a lot of accusations about how not enough was being done since most of the victims were prostitutes, but the police were really stymied by the false names and frequent moves that are a part of that lif [...]

    4. This is the first Green River Killer book I read. It was fantastic and informative. I grew up with the Green River Killer on the loose. I am happy that even though this particular book did not have a happy ending, it has finally been resolved.

    5. I read this so long agoI remember running out of books to read and not feeling like going to the library at that min, so I went to my parents room to raid there bookshelfWell I found this big silver book and thought ok Looks like a good time waster WOW!!!! I remember thinking all those girls just gone What a sad price to pay for that lifestyleI'm glad he's FINALY caught

    6. Despite the fact that this was written before the Green River Killer was identified (maybe even because of it), it is still a really good read. Smith and Guillen have researched every aspect of the investigation, showing where it worked, where it didn't and where it was just plain chaotic, all the while managing to avoid placing blame on the various parties (let's face it, serial killer hunting is a rather recent ability to have developed, partly because of the likes of Bundy and Ridgway). They [...]

    7. A well-written account of the investigation into the Green River killings in Washington state. This book was frustrating to read as it details the many lost opportunities, wasted resources, and terrible tragedies associated with this notorious case. Even so, the authors were extremely engaging and kept my interest throughout the lengthy account. I recommend this book to true-crime lovers or people interested in the police investigatory process.

    8. I was a little meh on this one. It wasn’t at all bad, exactly; it’s only that I mistakenly didn’t really take the title of the book seriously—it is really only about the *search* for the Green River Killer, not about the crimes, capture, or conviction of the Green River Killer himself or the victims. It don’t have much to say about the Green River Killer suspects or Ridgeway (he wasn’t mentioned at all until page 392 and even then not even by name, regardless that at the time of publ [...]

    9. This is an excellent book to choose if you want to know more about one of the most notorious murder sprees in history. I was very interested in this case since the events occurred near places where I lived at one point. The authors did an immense amount of research into the crimes and relayed the information n a way that was interesting and compelling to read. With the additional information that has been added to this book about the apprehension of the killer and the evidence that they had agai [...]

    10. A Comedy of Police Incompetenced society's total disregard for prostitutes, whom most of society considers less than human, and disposable.This book chronicles all the Green River Killer's murders, and the ensuing investigation, including the time a witness led the police to the murderer's house, only to have the police ignore the tip.Most of the events happen early in the history of serial killer science and advanced forensics, but the book paints a damning story on police incompetence. This bo [...]

    11. Whelp, once again I'm surprised to learn that another infamous killer is worse than I thought. Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer, is the most prolific killer in U.S. history. Having 49 confirmed victims. And possibly more. The book was written before Ridgeway was officially captured, but it's crazy to see he was a major suspect 15 YEARS before his actual incarceration and conviction. I wouldn't mind reading his confession. A real sicko that it took nearly 20 years to catch. Glad I wasn't a h [...]

    12. I got involved with this book and was fascinated as to how they went about getting started in the investigation, but I thought it got bogged down about half-way through. I kept reading, but by the time I got to the end, I was disappointed that they never caught the perpetrator.

    13. This was a very interesting read, considering I know now more about what happened than the authors did at the time. The eerie encounters with Ridgway, the discovery of dozens and dozens of victims, the toll taken on the lives of the investigators, all of them seem even more powerful in retrospect. And the human tragedy is hard to explain in works - all these kids (many victims were even a decade younger than I am now) and all these women struggling to live from one day to another just disappeari [...]

    14. I remember this case in the news, so I looked forward to reading this book subject matterSome of the theories that were given were just a bit far fetched, but the book gave a lot of information. It was written very concisely even if at times it did drag. The book seems to have been written before they caught the man that was called, "The Green River Killer" but was still a good read. it is very easy to understand why the citizens of Washington and surrounding areas was leaving in fear until this [...]

    15. I probably should have paid closer attention, because this book was originally published in 1991, a decade before Gary Ridgway was arrested. There are epilogues that have been added since, but still, it makes the actual discovery & arrest only a tiny fraction of the book. (I know, it's called The Search, OK.) Still, well reported and suspenseful, though too heavy on police organization and politics for me.

    16. Long winded. So much detail that doesn't add to the story. I really had to force myself through this book.

    17. Interesting story and I was afraid it would leave it open ended! Just a bit anti climatic. Kind of a clinical book

    18. There are numerous books of serial killers and the atrocities and destruction they have reaped. If the reader expects blood, gore and the titallating tale of sex and murder this book is not for you. It is a book of human nature. It is of human failure and success affiliated with personalities. From the teenage and adult prostitutes to the women who seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time these pages do not condemn or justify their action but properly labels them for what they are which [...]

    19. This book was written before they finally caught the Green River killer in 2001 through DNA evidence. He would confess to the murder of at least 48 young women in exchange for life in prison without the possibility of parole. However, this book, written by local reporters, is an account of the search for the killer and about his victims, not about the killer who was still unknown.In the early 1980s, there were a cluster of bodies found in an area close to the Green River in South King County, Wa [...]

    20. See I did not add all my books that I did write reviews for.This is what I wrote:----------------------------------------------- on Thursday, December 15, 20058 out of 10 Well after a very long time of waiting, I finally got my hands on Ann Rule's Green River Running Red. Then i still wasn't sure which book to read first so I decided to read them both together. Not my favourite way of reading but in this case, a must. Not only was I reading those 2 books, but also another book on this subject, T [...]

    21. I borrowed this and My Friend Dahmer from a good friend because she recommended them and I figured there was a bit if a theme: graphic novels about serial killers. But the two books couldn't be more different. Green River Killer is written by the son of the police detective who worked on the case for decades until the DNA technology available was enough to convict the killer. The book leaps around in time and the deft, evocative artwork is the real strength of the graphic novel. I struggle with [...]

    22. I have read this book at least a couple of times and it was fascinating to me as the I-84 corridor in Oregon and Washington was the hunting ground for the killer and one of the victims disappeared from the small town in far eastern Oregon where I was born and raised. I was in high school at the time of that disappearance and so the case always interested me although it wasn't until I read this book that I realized that the disappearance was attributed to the Green River Killer. I admit to having [...]

    23. A lengthy portrait of just how preoccupied and shaken the Pacific Northwest was of the Green River Killings during the 80's and early 90's. Before extensive DNA technology, the police's hands were tied as far as making any arrests for murder. This book greatly captures that frustration. You're exhausted by the time you're done reading it, but taking the time to read it can be interpreted as a genuine effort to appreciate that frustration the region had for so many years.

    24. Riveting, intense, and heartbreaking for EVERYONE involved. Both law enforcement officials and families of the victims. I read this book years ago and I am still haunted by it. This True Crime book is about an unsolved serial murder case but even more so, it's about police incompetence, jurisdictional disputes, and bickering between departments to the level that it hindered the investigation. It becomes clear that politics is the reason why the killer was never identified.

    25. Just got this back from a friend, so I am able enter a review under the correct edition. "The Search" is an excellent title as this covers the crime from the police investigators' view. The dead-end trails, sought for clues and hopes dashed amid managing a large task force and trying to embrace and benefit from early computer technology tell an intriguing story of a community seeking to remove a killer.

    26. At the time of publishing this edition, the killer had not yet been found and I had to go and do a little googling to discover what happened next. Despite this, it was an engrossing read that demonstrated how easy it can be to slip through the cracks in society and become a victim to the predators that lurk. The determination of the detectives, the frustration of the investigation and the elusiveness of the killer was heart wrenching despite the factual way in which it was written.

    27. An excellent book detailing the hunt for the green river killer. It was written before they caught him, but they included an afterword in later editions detailing his capture through DNA. This book was recommended to me by one of my professors in college who was also an attorney, and I wasn't disappointed. It's lengthy, but I never felt bored while reading it. Definitely a recommended book.

    28. Not to seem too morbid about it, but this book was more interesting before the murderer was caught. He hardly lived up to the image of the elusive fiend portrayed here. In reality, he was just more "lucky" than he deserved to be, regarding evading capture.

    29. This chronicles the murders committed by the recently captured Gary Ridgeway AKA The Green River Killer. The book was written well before Ridgeway was arrested and is extraordinarily researched. The books ends before the killer was caught.

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