Hereafter Drifting in the dark waters of a mysterious river the only thing Amelia knows for sure is that she s dead With no recollection of her past life or her actual death she s trapped alone in a nightmaris

  • Title: Hereafter
  • Author: Tara Hudson
  • ISBN: 9780007430505
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drifting in the dark waters of a mysterious river, the only thing Amelia knows for sure is that she s dead With no recollection of her past life or her actual death she s trapped alone in a nightmarish existence All of this changes when she tries to rescue a boy, Joshua, from drowning in her river.

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    1. Oh boy, am I sick of the insta-love trope in YA romances! Do all these YA PNR authors shop at the same shelf in Writers R Us? I really should have known better than to read any book Becca Fitzpatrick has called a "tender and poignant love story". Hereafter, I shall never read another book recommended by Fitzpatrick. Hereafter, I shall know better than to judge a book by its blurb. Hereafter, I shall not fall for pretty covers. Amelia (and it took me a minute to recall her name!) is a ghost who h [...]

    2. Explain to me what happened in Hereafter. I dare you. You’re at a loss of words trying to describe what happened, aren’t you? I’ll tell you why—BECAUSENOTHING. HAPPENED.(yes, the caps locks were extremely necessary) Amelia is dead. She can’t remember how she died, her family, or even her last name (but she can remember how to find the order of a differential equation and the fact that she doesn’t like Hemingway’s writing). Amelia finds a boy who is driving off a bridge, and the boy [...]

    3. Posted on: bookpassionforlife/Hereafter is the first book by debut author Tara Hudson, and its everything I could of wanted from a book. A forbidden romance, mystery & excitement. I said this last week with Die for Me by Amy Plum but let me say it again - "this is one of the BEST ghost stories I have ever read" Amelia is a ghost, who doesn't remember anything about herself, other than her name and parts of her death. She doesn't know when she died, who she was before or how she ended up in t [...]

    4. I'm sorry I didn't finish you. Okay, maybe I'm not. This book is really boring. There is no tension in the pace, no urgency in the writing, and absolutely no chemistry between the two leads. The writing is rough, unpolished, and suffering from a lot of repetition. There is nothing that makes the female character, Amelia, stand out. She's just so blah. Oh wait, she somehow MIRACULOUSLY is ace at Calculus, just when our guy needs it. Uh huh, right. After she saves him the BOTH of the fall so fast [...]

    5. Haunting and eerie, Hereafter is a touching love story with supernatural mystery. It’s engrossing from the very beginning and Hudson captivates readers with its vibrant characters, remarkable writing, and heart-rending drama.Hudson’s writing is beautiful with her well-described tales and picturesque descriptions. Her prose is alluring and breathtaking. The way Hudson was able to portray emotions along with action was very remarkable. Her interpretation with afterlife came to be so creative a [...]

    6. I’ve been vacillating back and forth between how I feel about Hereafter, the debut novel of Tara Hudson, and I still can’t seem to make up my mind. So, I figured it was time to do another pros and cons list rather than a formal review.Pros:- The first chapter manages to ensnare the reader into the story and convey just how terrifying Amelia’s “nightmares” are.- The writing flows nicely and I enjoyed reading Hereafter.- The secondary characters are or seem pretty interesting.- I could f [...]

    7. p. 24, "A boy climbed out of the driver's side of the car From his profile I could see he had full lips and a fine nose with just the slightest curve in it, as though it had been broken once but set well. He had almost black hair and large, dark eyes."p. 29, "As I suspected, his eyes were very dark, but not brown. They were a strange deep blue- an almost midnight sky color. I was certain I'd never seen eyes that color before"p. 56, "His profile- square jaw, high cheekbones, and full lips- made m [...]

    8. This review is also available over at my blog.___________________________You know guys, I think the actual rating might be 2.5 stars.My expectations for this book were low from the start. But really, I don't think it was horrifyingly bad or anything. Just plain bleh. It's neither bad nor good, and it wasn't really memorable either. The kind of book where you finish it and you just go, "Next."I love ghost stories and the different twists that some authors usually put when writing ghost-themed boo [...]

    9. Araf benim çok ama çok merak ettiğim bir kitaptı. Okuyan arkadaşlarım hem beğenmiş hem de orijinal bulmuştu. O yüzden büyük bir beklentiyle okumaya başlamama rağmen Araf beni hiç pişman etmedi ve beklentilerimi de karşıladı.Amelia sürekli Yüksek Köprü'nün altındaki nehirde boğulduğu kabuslar görmekte ve uyandığında kendini hep aynı yerde, mezar taşının dibinde bulmaktadır. Bir gece nehirdeyken boğulmak üzere olan Joshua'nın hayatını kurtardıktan sonra ik [...]

    10. Uzun bir sürenin ardından ilk kez hayaletli bir kitap okudum ve beğendim. Kendi okutturan ve merak uyandıran bir kitaptı. Devamını okurum diye düşünüyorum.Ama karakterlere pek ısınamadım gibi. Biraz yapaylık hissettim. Belki de ilk kitap olduğu için. Alışmam gerek karakterlere. Not: İlk önce 4 puan vermiştim ama üzerinden biraz süre geçince 3.5 ile değiştirdim.

    11. In the piles of paranormal books & the flurry of hype, it's hard to find books that are memorable. This one was. It captured my attention enough to read cover-to-cover AND to remember well after finishing. My vote: Worth Reading.

    12. Kitabın sadece 50 sayfasını evde okudum sanırım geri kalan kısımların hepsini otobüste okudum. Bu da ne kadar akıcı olduğunu gösterir.

    13. Hereafter was just okay for me. I enjoyed reading the story. but nothing about it really grabbed me. I think that I needed to know a little bit more about the world that Amelia was in. What was the Hereafter? Why didn't Amelia go to heaven? What were those menacing black blobs!? I think that I was a little distracted by all my questions at times.I didn't particularly care for any of the characters either. I mean I liked them, they were nice, funny at times, but nothing about them really touched [...]

    14. THE FAERYS VIEWHereafter is a haunting yet romantic tale of Amelia and Joshua. Amelia remembers nothing except that she is dead and she deduces she jumped from the bridge. She doesn’t sleep yet she has what she calls nightmares recalling her drowning, when she wakes up, it’s in the usual places, generally the same cemetery. When she meet’s Joshua he’s experiencing a near death experience and just for a moment he sees her and that’s all it takes to start this beautiful love story.It isn [...]

    15. I just read this book by my fellow Dark Days of Summer author, Tara Hudson. And completely lost myself in her tale. Amelia's story is so touching, and Tara doles it out little by little—letting the reader discover her protagonist's mysterious past as she does. I love boys who are unwavering and Joshua is a prize. And Eli's sexy repulsiveness really did its work on me. *shudders* Bravo to Tara for writing a chilling ghost story set convincingly in a contemporary world.

    16. Two and a half stars: A paranormal romance between a ghost and a boyDark, crushing water pushes her down, choking gaspinge nightmare, again. Amelia is a ghost, constantly reliving the nightmarish drowning that killed her. She remains trapped in stasis. Stuck in our world with no knowledge of her previous life or the circumstances surrounding her demise. She constantly finds herself plunged back into the river at the moment of her death, only to wake sometime later in the graveyard. She has no id [...]

    17. Hereafter was a very pleasant experience with the 'monster' of the young adult paranormal couple being the girl for a change - and a dead girl at that!I'm not really sure what to say about it. I got about halfway and then picked up another book, finishing that before I finished Hereafter. Some parts of it are very slow, and you have to remember that this is a romance so Amelia spends an awful lot of time with the boy over only a few days developing that.Apart from the romance I found the concept [...]

    18. FINAL RATING: 2.25 STARSCATCHALLHereafter was a lovely, if bland, book. For the most part enjoyable and exciting, it was a read with action and romance. The blurb grabbed me from the beginning, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous. I had to have it. I should've known better than to fall for a cover after Fallen.This review will contain minor spoilersE HEROINESadly, I did not like Amelia. I really wanted to. However, she was so annoying and selfish that I realized early on that nothing would ever [...]

    19. I received an advanced copy of this book from 'NetGalley' in exchange for an honest review. It was an 'uncorrected e-proof'. As i don't have an e-reader it came with a free download of 'Adobe Digital Editions' so I could read it on my computer.Amelia knows she is dead and that she drowned and she knows her first name but that is all she knows, she can't remember what lead to her death or what she was like in life. Left alone in despair and replaying the moments of her death in horrible nightmare [...]

    20. I have a thing for ghosts! Who knew? You would think I would, but no. I cannot believe I didn’t see it. Not until Tara Hudson’s Hereafter enchanted me with such a sweet, fun, heartfelt story.Amelia is dead, but it doesn’t seem to stop her from meeting super adorable boys! Lost, alone, and wandering in her afterlife with very little idea of where she is or memories of her life, Joshua drops in to her world changing everything. His near death experience begins to awaken Amelia’s past, shak [...]

    21. With the market for paranormal YA romance so over-saturated these days, I find myself getting pickier and pickier about the books I’ll heap praise on — and the series I’ll commit to following through into additional books. After all, there are SO many multi-books series popping up these days, and not all of them feel worthy of the multi-book treatment.But I can say with absolute certainty that Tara Hudson’s Hereafter is one new paranormal YA series that I will see through to the next boo [...]

    22. for more reviews: sybillinebooks.tumblr or hypnosomnus-leighmarbellaI finished Hereafter by Tara Hudson a few days ago and I must say that I loved this as much as I loved the last few books that I’ve read this past few weeks. I was actually a bit hesitant at first since this book had mixed reviews on . The story’s protagonists are Amelia and Joshua.To start with, the story is really good. The concept is refreshing for me as this is only my second Ghost YA book. To be honest, I thought I was [...]

    23. Final rating: 2.9 stars.I had some mixed feelings about this book. One minute I'm enjoying everything, then BAM I'm literally throwing the book across the room.(Don't worry, nothing was harmed. It landed quite safely on the recliner) My main problem with Hereafter is the romance insta love and the main character's horrible choices throughout the book. But, you know what? I can understand how her choices can be so piss poor, I mean the girl has been dead. For years. Blind. In the bottom of a rive [...]

    24. Just awesome everything.Awesome guy main (♥).Awesome girl main,Awesome antagonist.Awesome plot.Awesome setting.Awesome problems.Awesome solutions.Awesome beginning.Awesome middle.Awesome end.Awesome crazies.Awesome freaks.Awesome ghosts.Awesome history.Awesome theories.Awesome cover.Awesome blurb.Awesome words.Awesome pages.Awesome author.Awesome point of view.Just awesome everything. I recommend it.

    25. Caution: Cheesy 90s movie references aheadI really argued with myself about this rating because I did really like the book. Joshua was charming, and the pacing was great. But what kept me from giving it four stars was my lack of interest in ghost stories. I just couldn't connect with the plot, and there were so many bits about Amelia's ghost life that didn't make sense that I couldn't get over.Paranormal romance gets a lock of criticism about being the same. That there's a formula for every sing [...]

    26. This review is also available on my blog, Qwerty*Sigh* I really hate it when I have to read a book in many sittings. I can't be sure if the book was indeed not that good or the gap between the sittings made me losing my interest. The book started so well, I think the first four chapters were the best starter I've read so far. It was sharp, well-paced and deep with emotions.After Chapter 4, it waswellokay for me. Some of the scenes truly entertained me such as the differential equations incident. [...]

    27. I was given this galley free of charge from NetGalley.This has so much potential to be a truly unique, gripping paranormal love story. I haven't read many ghost-centric stories in this genre, though I'm sure they exist, and was excited to see a new spin on the young adult romance. I was disappointed. Though the premise had potential, the execution was lacking. The writing was rambling and repetitive, and though I know it was in the voice of an eighteen year old girl, didn't feel smart. I never f [...]

    28. You can find this on my blog bibliophilemystery/The description of this book intrigued me a lot, so I was thrilled when I received it as an ARC.A big THANK YOU to Harper Collins for giving me this chance.It’s a first person book, the whole story is told from Amelia’s point of view and I love reading such ones. Makes me get into the scene so much more, the feelings seem more natural…you knowwhen you start to believe that you’re going to kiss the partner instead of the heroine…So Amelia [...]

    29. See more reviews at theyabooklover/1.5 stars For the last half, I skimmed the pagesScrap 'it was okay' this book was drop dead gorgeously ghastly. Normally I give my own synopsis of the book, but I can't bring myself to write it. Yes, it was that BAD. I'm not a big fan of giving out low ratings but lets be honest here,WHERE IS THE PLOT?!Sure, their were a few complications here and there but there wasn't anything I could classify under 'plot'. The closest I'll go for plot making was the end. It [...]

    30. Source: I own this book. Cost: Free Gift Title:Hereafter Series:Hereafter #1 Author:Tara Hudson Overall Rating:4 stars Hereafter is one of those books that I've had for years. Literally like 5 years I've had this book, and I keep meaning to get around to itBut I never have. For some reason it just sat idle on my shelf until this month, I have decided to conquer my physical TBR shelf and lower the number from 69 down. A sort of month long Project TBR if you will. So when I opened this book and wa [...]

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