Are Your Lights On?

Are Your Lights On The fledgling problem solver invariably rushes in with solutions before taking time to define the problem being solved Even experienced solvers when subjected to social pressure yield to this demand

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  • Title: Are Your Lights On?
  • Author: Donald C. Gause Gerald M. Weinberg Sally Cox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The fledgling problem solver invariably rushes in with solutions before taking time to define the problem being solved Even experienced solvers, when subjected to social pressure, yield to this demand for haste When they do, many solutions are found, but not necessarily to the problem at hand.Whether you are a novice or a veteran, this powerful little book will make youThe fledgling problem solver invariably rushes in with solutions before taking time to define the problem being solved Even experienced solvers, when subjected to social pressure, yield to this demand for haste When they do, many solutions are found, but not necessarily to the problem at hand.Whether you are a novice or a veteran, this powerful little book will make you a effective problem solver Anyone involved in product and systems development will appreciate this practical illustrated guide, which was first published in 1982 and has since become a cult classic.Offering such insights as A problem is a difference between things as desired and things as perceived, and In spite of appearances, people seldom know what they want until you give them what they ask for, authors Don Gause and Jerry Weinberg provide an entertaining look at ways to improve one s thinking power The book playfully instructs the reader first to identify the problem, second to determine the problem s owner, third to identify where the problem came from, and fourth to determine whether or not to solve it.Delightfully illustrated with 55 line drawings by Sally Cox, the book conveys a message that will change the way you think about projects and problems.

    One thought on “Are Your Lights On?”

    1. Written with obvious and playful humour, a short book on problem solving. "A problem is a difference between things as desired, and things as perceived" - and this book goes on to arm you with a number of problem solving techniques, from the venerable "ignore the problem" to understanding just what the problem is, whether the solution is desirable, whether people will believe you've solved the problem, who's problem it actually is, and defining problems well.Some funny lines too: "Once the rumor [...]

    2. This book is such an easy read it catches you off gaurd, then walks you through a series of fictional short stories, each teaching a certain lesson.

    3. I like the point of the book, but it gets repetitive and most the examples are (purposely?) contrived. It's been a while since I read it, but I think some of my takeaways were:- who's problem is it (who cares)? that will usually give you a clue on how to get it solved- should you be the one solving it?- if you cannot solve it, then make it a problem for the person who can (make that person care)- does it needs to be solved / is it a real problem?- don't jump to a solution / blindly go along with [...]

    4. As a book on general problem solving, it was pretty entertaining. It was thought provoking, but I didn't learn anything too dramatic.

    5. A nice way to re-frame your approaches to solving problems. Written in the style a book from 1982 could only produce.

    6. Characterisation of the classic 'have you tried restarting your computer' use case. Good for high school freshmen. Disliked the narrative format.

    7. A book about what is your problem and is it really your problem and are you sure that you have a correct definition of the problem? And of course, if you solve it too fast no one will actually believe you that it's solved - and tons of other stuff related to problem solving.In the beginning I thought it's not gonna be useful to even finish reading it, but it was entertaining and now that I finished it, I have to admit it was also enlightening.I can only recommend you to read it if you didn't yet [...]

    8. Discusses problem-solving in the abstract, with various flippant/goofy parables and images. Seems somewhat intended for a business audience, but I found it way too general to be useful.Some quotes I liked:- “designers — special people whose job it is to solve problems, in advance, for other people”- “to get a fresh point of view, we can call upon almost anybody as our ‘consultant’”But overall just couldn't get into it. Gave up a little over halfway through.

    9. This is a book anyone who is ever asked to solve a problem should read. It's a quick read, entertaining, and disarmingly insightful. Too many people go about addressing the issues they are presented with and not actually solving core problems, and this book is a good start to thinking about how to change that.

    10. This short booklet about problem-solving reviews important philosophical questions to consider before to search for solution These questions include for instance "What is the problem?", "Whose problem is this?" or "Do we really need to solve it?". Although it reads very well, I did not find it as much thought-provoking as its reviews say.

    11. One particular thing to keep in mind when solving a problem: If you can't think of at least two other problems that the solution will cause, then you probably do not understand the problem well enough. Sure, you create other problems with the solution, but hopefully they are smaller, more tolerable, or easier to solve.

    12. i tend to pick this book up again after a few months to just get back on the path of enlightenment. the author presents a way of thinking that in hindsight seem so logical that you're left wondering why you never did it in the first placeis is one of those books you hand down to others as one of those 'must reads' if you're looking into consulting.

    13. A classic that reminds us that the problem we think we're solving isn't always the problem we need to solve. A good reminder to keep searching for the actual problem - then the solution will be obvious.

    14. "Brevity is the soul of wit" - ShakespeareWhile I think there are good tips in the book, I did not like the story format of the book. The book could have been a lot shorter and/or presented differently. A bit disappointed for a being a career/personal development book.

    15. Extraordinary book on problem solving, I not only enjoyed this book but enjoyed applying the concepts in real life.I think I am a better problem solver, more non-engineer, than before due to this book.

    16. Meh. I think this book could have been condensed to 10 pages. The nuggets of wisdom for expanding your problem-solving mindset are trapped beneath pages of fluff and caricatured examples that aren't entirely applicable to the real world.

    17. Very insightful and funny. I really enjoyed the book and the simple problem-solving methods it advocates. I also like their definition of problem (delta between desired and perceived state) and it's implications. This was a very thought provoking book.

    18. Extremely simple arguments structured around twee little narratives where everyone's name is consonant. I wasn't really convinced or engaged, and by the end of the book I felt a bit talked-down to. Meh, I say, and fie.

    19. Almost all of the suggestions for how to get at the root of a solution to a problem revolved around viewing the problem from other points of view. While it is very good advice, I didn't find it particularly insightful.

    20. Easy, enjoyable book, but waaay too digestible, so I don't know how good this book will be at remembering all that compressed wisdom in the long run. But that's my problem ;)

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