Pirate My Love They call me privateer cold ruthless brazen and bold Yet from the first moment I saw you I was overcome You were but a helpless child orphaned and innocent when I rescued you from almost

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  • Title: Pirate
  • Author: Fabio Lanzoni Eugenia Riley
  • ISBN: 9780380770465
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Love,They call me privateer cold, ruthless, brazen and bold Yet, from the first moment I saw you, I was overcome You were but a helpless child, orphaned and innocent, when I rescued you from almost certain defilement and death and whisked you off to my Caribbean island hideaway to be shockingly pampered by my loyal crew.And now you are a woman as beautiful as the dawnMy Love,They call me privateer cold, ruthless, brazen and bold Yet, from the first moment I saw you, I was overcome You were but a helpless child, orphaned and innocent, when I rescued you from almost certain defilement and death and whisked you off to my Caribbean island hideaway to be shockingly pampered by my loyal crew.And now you are a woman as beautiful as the dawnd as wildly unpredictable as the winds and the sea You are in my blood, cara mia your breathtaking loveliness haunts my dreams But to have you, I first must tame you to awaken you to the dangerous ecstasy of a pirate s passionsd a lover s touch.

    One thought on “Pirate”

    1. I bought this book as a deterrent for a youth group any boy caught calling a girl "bitch" or "ho" would have to read a few pages aloud to the rest of the group. Amazingly, once I read them a random selection, that language completely disappeared from the group meetings. Thanks, Fabio!

    2. No, wait, let me explain I originally bought this as a joke. It was in the paperback rack at the library book sale. (As if I would pay full price for this, seriously?) It's one of those ironic book purchases; you know, the kind that you're not seriously considering reading, you just thought it would be funny to have on the coffee table when friends came over and everybody has a good laugh over it. I mean, it can't actually be any good, right? I mean, look at it: all paperbacky and stuff, with a [...]

    3. Privateer Marco Galviano rescues 12-year-old Christina Abbott from being raped and killed by the Spanish, takes her to his island and spoils her rotten without realizing the chit is completely in love with him (though how she even knew what love was at 12 is beyond me)…Flash forward six years. Christina is now eighteen (almost on the shelf!) and she’s trying to remind Marco of the promise he made her six years ago, of one day (when she’s old and wise enough) marrying her. There’s a sligh [...]

    4. I bought this for a quarter in a Goodwill in Amish Country, PA. It is written by Fabio. He is also the cover model. And he has a centerfold of himself just inside the front cover that is signed and has the words, "For You Alone" on it. I am reading it. This has been a series of true statements.This book is exactly what you think it is. Amazing and horrible. Amazingly horrible?

    5. This book was awful. I enjoyed every minute of it.Yes, it was one of those books. By all rights, this should have gotten a much lower rating, but it was so unintentionally hilarious, I could not stop laughing.I seriously don't think I could ever do justice to how many "wait what just happened? Are you kidding? But that makes no sense!" moments there were in this book. The prose was so purple I was amazed the pages hadn't been stained that colour, there was some excessive abuse of exclamation poi [...]

    6. I can't believe I read this. It came with a mini poster of Fabio. My kids found this in my closet and teased me mercilessly. I never knew where that Fabio poster would show up!!!!

    7. This is the first book I've read by Fabio. I found it by fate at Bargain Books in the valley for $1.00. I figured, why not get it. I'm curious HE wrote it. That shocked me right there. Originally I bought the book for my mom so she can read it to escape everyday crazyness. It stayed on the kitchen table for over a week before I decided to read it.My romance novel phase lasted the 4 years of my high school experience. Here I am 9 years later picking up a romance novel!This book is full of witty q [...]

    8. A meaty story. (No pun intended) I thought this book was well written and the plot was full of adventure, exciting depth in the characters, sizzling love scenes and a great alpha lead.After this one, I sought out other books by Fabio.Although this book was a collaboration between 2 writers, I could easily see the dominate male influence in this story. Being partial to dominate alphas, my thinking was enlightened regarding Fabio as a writer.I have never given much thought to the man Fabio, but si [...]

    9. The avatar of the sex god tantalizes and titilates in this sexy tale of swashbuckling on the high seas. This book truly shivered my timbers and I would be willing to swab his poopdeck any day.

    10. What should I do with the Fabio-crawling-around-on-a-sandy-beach poster that was inside this book? Place it over my TV for a weird juxtaposition of seeing Uber Man Fabio while I'm watching Criminal Minds play break-the-cutie with Dr. Reid? (I think this is the only option.)

    11. This really is a fascinating shard of shrapnel from the Fabio explosion. It is written in his unmistakable voice, which arouses more amusement than passion in me.

    12. 1993. The first WTC bombing. Waco, Texas. The Tomsk-7 explosion. And Pirate by Fabio. A disastrous year. The blame can’t be laid entirely on the man who killed a goose with his nose, however. Eugenia Riley, most well known for her time-travel romances, shares a “with” credit. How much input an Italian supermodel was allowed to have on the plot is up for debate, but Pirate is the first of five historical collaborations released in Fabio’s name. (As the 90s waned, he switched to a series o [...]

    13. El libro es malo con ganas, una parodia de las novelas de piratas. Pero es una de las lecturas conjuntas más divertidas que he hecho, y ésa es la única manera de leerlo sin desquiciarse.

    14. A love story written for women from a hot male no, THE hottest male model of all times IMHO and it IS GOOD! I read it ack in the days when I used to devour those kind of books and I loved it. It's captivating, very well written and the love scenes are hot yet never vulgar.

    15. In retrospect, I can't believe I ever read this book. I was young that's my only excuse. Having re-read the book, it wasn't too terribly bad. I expected a bodice ripper as that was all that was available at the time I read this, but it wasn't. If anyone could be accused of forced seduction it's the hoydenish heroine. What's a little squicky is that the two start to have feelings for each other while she is very young. She decides she's going to marry the hero when she's like 12 or something, and [...]

    16. Hace tiempo quería leer algo de este hombre, y resultó lo que pensé. Empezando porque obviamente, el prota es un galanazo!! guapura de guapuras, la prota no duda en alabarlo y decir lo HERMOSO que es y obviamente con un atributo enorme, jajaja. Tiene sus momentos que aunque no sean graciosos te hace reír; a mi parecer es demasiado blandengue el Pirata Marco, ambos protas tercos, ella más. Situaciones un tanto ridículas que dan un poco de pena. Diré a su favor, que no pintó al prota todo [...]

    17. The plot is interesting considering it consisted of "the man raising his woman" but I find that near the ending everything is rushed-- the story quite chaotic in the end. A certain hated life-long villain is suddenly forgiven and became an allay of sorts--it's nearly not possible unless if the protagonist would have been a saint, in which he isn't. All in all, I rate this book 3 stars. I might have rated it 4 or 5 if I had read it when I am still 13 years old and had only read a few pirate/roman [...]

    18. This book is not sexy. This book isn't even a romance novel geared towards females. It's one man's domineering wet dream, and frankly horrific. I have nothing good to say about this.Not one single point.Seriously, when you have characters asking their pet cheetahs for relationship advice, you have problems.It went beyond "This is so bad, I'm basically reading a train wreck". Because I've sat through such train wrecks and still found some enjoyment in the ride. This is just BAD. And I didn't get [...]

    19. Yes, I am talking about that Fabio. Which is exactly why I picked up Pirate. I mean, how could I not want to read a book by the legendary Fabio? (Though, technically, he co-wrote it with Eugenia Riley.) Okay, fine, the real reason I picked it up was because I wanted to laugh and make fun of it. (Does that make me an evil person? Reading a book solely to make fun of it?) Anyway, Pirate wasn't exactly what I thought it would be but I did nearly pee in my pants from laughing so hard.

    20. ummm, lots of sex, not too explicit. Lots of whore and wench calling to the point that I had a dream about itwhich was hilarious to me. The story was VERY familiar. Not sure if I was having desavue(sp?) the whole time, or if I had heard or seen something similar before that. Luckily, I did not think the main character was anything like Fabio.

    21. This book is pure, unapologetic brainless fantasy. It doesn't pretend to be anything else. The characters are two-dimensional, and the plot is so predictable that the only thing that surprised me was that it actually attempted to have a plot twist at the end. It does exactly what it says on the box, and is rated accordingly.

    22. This book was horrible. It was so very obvious, and it was so stilted. But at the same time, it was hilarious. I found myself laughing when I knew I shouldn't be laughing. I think Fabio and his helper used a thesaurus way too often. But overall, if I were into harlequin romances, I would suspect I would have enjoyed this one. I give it three stars because Fabio is just freaking awesome.

    23. I'm gonna be honest. The only reason I am reading this book is because Fabio is on the cover and that he wrote it. You guys are looking at Fabio's #1 Fan, so I don't honestly care what its about. All I know is that its gonna be good. Enjoy!

    24. Maybe it's because I'm I'm the middle of Blizzard 2013, but I actually enjoyed this oneI think I've just given in to the cheesiness of it all. I've embraced Fabioe sexiest, most desired man in the world (circa 1994). YikesI just typed that out loud didn't I? Bahaha

    25. I dont' want to hear a single word from my friends. I picked this up years ago when my mom was done because i was stuck home sick and had nothing to read. It's kind of a cute story though. Considering I only read romance on a very rare occasion it wasn't that bad.

    26. I'm gonna be honest. The only reason I am reading this book is because Fabio is on the cover and that he wrote it. You guys are looking at Fabio's #1 Fan, so I don't honestly care what its about. All I know is that its gonna be good. Enjoy!

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