The Saucer Of Larks Stories Of Ireland

The Saucer Of Larks Stories Of Ireland None

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  • Title: The Saucer Of Larks Stories Of Ireland
  • Author: Brian Friel
  • ISBN: 9780090020201
  • Page: 268
  • Format: None
  • None

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    1. My favourite was "Foundry House". It's a long time since I've read this but had it not fallen down the back of a bookcase for some years I'd have read it again much sooner, so it will go on the to read again pile.;)Edna O'Brien says"These stories are everything short stories should be - deft, skilfully written, funny and quite often breathlessly sad. I shall not easily forget "Among the Ruins" and "Foundry House"; both of these stories I rate with some of the best short stories ever written, and [...]

    2. Brian Friel's stories have a deep range of emotional truth. ***"Among the Ruins" -- a poignant story of a married man revising his childhood playground, questioning the fragile beauty of "the private joy of a child". How fleeting it is, not by time nor location, but by being an adult intruded by spouses and others. "Man's World" -- the cruel maturation of a boy during a snowy holiday, who walked away from his old loyalty to his aunts. "The potato gatherers" -- two brothers, 13 and 12, skipped sc [...]

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