Violet in Bloom: A Flower Power Book

Violet in Bloom A Flower Power Book The Flower Power girls are nurturing their new friendship and busy building LuvYaBunches their very own social networking site Their first flower power task A doomed campaign to get their school to s

  • Title: Violet in Bloom: A Flower Power Book
  • Author: Lauren Myracle
  • ISBN: 9781419700323
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Flower Power girls are nurturing their new friendship and busy building LuvYaBunches, their very own social networking site Their first flower power task A doomed campaign to get their school to serve healthier snacks The Jelly Yums they champion soon dubbed beans of grossness taste like candied beets And that s just the start of their troubles It will takThe Flower Power girls are nurturing their new friendship and busy building LuvYaBunches, their very own social networking site Their first flower power task A doomed campaign to get their school to serve healthier snacks The Jelly Yums they champion soon dubbed beans of grossness taste like candied beets And that s just the start of their troubles It will take all the strength and genuine affection of these pals to weather a particularly stormy week of fifth grade.

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    1. Violet In Bloom by Lauren Myracle was a realistic fiction book about four best friends, Milla, Violet, Katie-Rose, and Yasaman, and about their ups and downs during the fifth grade. Milla has a crush on Max, Katie-Rose’s neighbor, and accidentally kills his hamster. Violet is trying to cope with the fact that her mom is in a mental home, and Katie-Rose and Yasaman are fighting because of a classmate, Natalia. Meanwhile, the girls are launching a “Snack Attack” mission to help their school [...]

    2. So . . . I just got off the phone with Lauren Myracle after she did a Book Club chat for the organization I work with, so I might be just a teensy bit biased by her awesomeness. But, I probably would have given this book four stars (or at least a very high three) anyway.I always think of Lauren as a Modern Day Judy Blume for the way she captures authentic adolescent girls' concerns and voice, although I think she's a touch more fun than Judy Blume (Judy Blume, I still love you!). This book, the [...]

    3. I Loved this book. It was so good. I think is just because I really like Lauren Myracle's books and her style of writing, that's probably why I like her books. My favorite character in this book is Camilla also known as Milla. She did something terrible to her crush, Max. She killed his hamster!!! You have to read the book to find out the rest. Violet has deal with something big. Her mother is in a mental hospital.Also, this boy in her class Cyril keeps staring at her and writing in his mysterio [...]

    4. The FFFL ( Flower Friends For Life) Katie Rose, Yasaman, Violet and Camila are best friend. Camila has a crush on Max, Katie Roses neighbor. When Camila is invited to Max's house and ends up squishing Stewy, Max's hamster. Camila feels really bad and hides and skips school. Meanwhile, Violet and Yasamen and Katie Rose are having their own problems.Violet is having to deal with her mother who is in a mental home. Yasamen and Katie Rose are having some friendship troubles over a girl named Natalia [...]

    5. Yet another awesome book from Lauren Myracle. I love the newfound friendship of the girls, and how hilarious their ideas are. I like this whole book! The one part I don't like is(SPOILER AHAID)When Milla accidently kills Max's hamster. I feel so sorry for her. And Max. And the hamster.But I did love this book.

    6. I really liked how descriptive the author (Lauren Myracle) was about Violet. Also, I really like the evolving friendship between the flower girls. :)

    7. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars - this was a very interesting book. I'm taking 1/2 a star because personally, I do not like the use of text lingo in books - even when used in a text or blog situations. Why? Because phones now have full keyboards. There is no need to shorten beyond contractions or established acronyms. Even worse was the talking frog emoji (LOLfrog) that spouted, "I hope you is hazzing" I feel that we need to encourage proper grammar in written and spoken word. Understandably this is my own [...]

    8. This is a book for children in grades 4-6 to enjoy due to the use of blogging and the maturity of the narration. In this book, the Flower Friends Forever, Katie Rose, Camilla, Violet, and Yasaman are four fifth graders who don’t have much in common besides their flower names and their love for each other. With the start of their fifth grade year, Katie Rose had posted an invite via their blog page luvyabunches so the four of them could discuss an urgent issue-the evil Cheezy D’lites. The gir [...]

    9. Violet In Bloom in my opinion would be a good book for fifth graders. The book is written about a group of ffith graders and focuses on the drama and hardships that people go through at that age. Therefore, I believe fifth grade readers would be able to relate to it and bettering there chances of sticking with it. While I enjoyed the reading and found it entertaining, I also found it somewhat predictable. The whole book led up to this huge catastrophy at the end. The plot was good and the storyl [...]

    10. Violet in Bloom is about another adventure that the FFF'S (Flow Friends Forever) endure. Violet, Katie-rose, Camila (Milla), and Yasmin are back for another heart breaking, fun, and outrageous time in 5th grade. Yasmin comes up with a great idea that she posts on her blog (LuvYaBunches) and all the girls like but Katy-rose takes it a little too far when Natalia comes into the picture. Camila thinks she is doing things right with her crush Max, but something goes wrong and it devastates her. Viol [...]

    11. Violet in Bloom follows the 5th grade stories of the flower friends; Milla, Katie-Rose, Yasaman, and Violet. All dealing with problems in their lives. It's a good thing their flower pals will be there forever. Their site that Yasaman created is just blooming but will the girls survive what happens when the soil of their flower box is shaken? All their problems somehow, indirectly relate to a guy. It could be their dad, a crush, or an annoying pair of classmates who can't seem to do the chicken d [...]

    12. As with the prequel to this book, the author accurately portrays typical tween drama with heart, including friendship troubles, insecurities, fears, crushes, teamwork, and the importance of being yourself. Girls will relate to these issues and speed through this fun and easy read. Diversity is celebrated, as each of the four girls are of a different race (African-American, Asian, Caucasian, and Middle-Eastern), and each has her own (click for the full review storysnoops/detailp)

    13. Katie-Rose, Violet, Milla, and Yasaman are back for another round of blogging, videos, chats and text messages. This time they face the problems jealousy, a mentally ill parent, crushes, hamster death and a fight for healthier food. All while trying to stay friends.Myracle once again proves she has an ear for the voices of the tween set. She also knows how to integrate new technology into her writing without it being a gimmick. These two facts make up for the fact that the story takes a bit to g [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book through the mindset of a preteen. This book focuses on difficulties with friendships which can be prevalent in schools. I would recommend this for girls between the ages of 9-13 but all ages might enjoy. The chapters a short and to the point for the most part which makes it easier, in my opinion, to read. I thought this book was interesting in the character development, and I also really liked that their was something unique and diverse about each character. (Gay moms, Muslim [...]

    15. Lauren Myracle's books are highly rated by readers and critics alike, but I am not overly impressed with her books. This book was written (the readering level, and the way that the characters spoke) for a pretty young age. Id say third or fourth grade. But it also delt with some pretty heavy issues. So it is a bit difficult to know what age to recommend this book to. However, think book was, in my opinon a HUGE imprevment to TTYL.

    16. I have been so excited to get my hands on this book. Though I would have preferred a tangible edition instead of just words on my Kindle screen, I was desperate, you know? I've been waiting so long, and I didn't know what else to buy. Well, there's not much to say. A simple plot, and a nice follow-up to Luv ya Bunches. I can't wait for the next book. I'm gonna make a prediction here; the book cover will be blue.

    17. I really liked this book, even though I believe the first one was a little more interesting to me. I disliked how sassy and mean Katie-Rose was being to Natalia. I felt like she was the new Modessa. I don't think it was necessary to put the death of Stewie the way Lauren Myracle did. It was a little unclear to me and after realizing what happened, a bit, you know, weird. But, overall, I liked the book enough to give it four stars.(I would have given it three and a half stars, though)

    18. It's easy to look at this series and say the diversity is forced, or too easy, but at the same time, it's just nice to see such diversity in a middle grade book. And forced or not, it's worth it, because Myracle has created four distinct and wonderful characters, each with their own credits and their own faults, and the best thing I can say is that I can see a little bit of myself in each one of them and their struggles.

    19. Violet, a sweet, shy girl, wanted her mother to come back home to be a whole family with her father, but her mother is in a mental hospital and was under a strict lock-out and she could never visit her because of her state of mind, so she tried her best to get her daughter to come visit her, was it really how they both expected it to be? Violet in Bloom, a book about strength and self discovery.

    20. This book was really good to me, because it was about 4 girls name VIOLET,KATIE-ROSE,CAMILLA,YASAMAN. The reason why i like this book because it is a type of book that is good for you and to me it was exellent. and each chapter it has their name and through the whole chapter it's talking about them and it's interesting that's why i like it.

    21. OH, how I <3 this series!!!! 4 girls who all have both good and bad things going on in their 5th grade lives. Acknowledges how hard the age is, while still pointing to the parts where there is joy. I wish I could have read this when I was 10! Tween-ness handled with sensitivity, respect, and HUMOR. A supportive, safe series for girls struggling with being THAT age.

    22. Before I start my critique, I think this book is for audiences a little younger but I loved it. My critique is that some of the characters don't really fit into the story or have a story. Like a character named Cyril, he is mysterious and shows the readers that the girls stand up to bullies but he has no true point.

    23. It was so fun to jump back into fifth grade with Milla, Violet, Katie-Rose and Yasaman! I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Luv Ya Bunches. There was lots of drama in this book but Myracle deals with it all in a way that's endearing and age-appropriate. I hope the next book has lots more FFF (Flower Friends Forever!) hijinks and lessons about friendship.

    24. As Korin would say, "1, 2, 3, awwwwww!"But it was awww-worthy: it has a two-mom family, fifth graders rallying for animal rights, Myracle's pitch-perfect tween girl emotions, a peeing hamster, and the phrase "lunch was made of awesome." So cute! Maybe the 10th Avenue girls will read it if I can give them the first one in the series first.

    25. This book was a lot better than the first. I read this in 6th grade, which was the grade that lots of friend drama occured. This book had a classmate tried to interfere with two girls' bond. I can totally relate to this because it happened that year, and I think that's why enjoyed the book better.

    26. This was a great book i loved it, it was about four girls who each had a name that was a flower. each chapter was from a different girls perspective. if u like books about girls u should deffinatly read this book!

    27. I think this book was a great book for pre teens and late elementary aged girls. It explores interesting topics and keeps the reader engaged. I enjoy how technology is incorporated with the use of blogs in the book and laptops.

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