Say You'll Be Mine

Say You ll Be Mine Isabel Gallegos is only a handshake away from living her dream life After years of putting everyone else s needs before her own she s selling her family s vineyard and moving to a quiet cottage on th

  • Title: Say You'll Be Mine
  • Author: Julia Amante
  • ISBN: 9780446581639
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Isabel Gallegos is only a handshake away from living her dream life After years of putting everyone else s needs before her own, she s selling her family s vineyard and moving to a quiet cottage on the California coast But just as she s about to seal the deal, a letter arrives from Argentina with shocking news Her beloved cousin has died and Isabel is now the sole guardIsabel Gallegos is only a handshake away from living her dream life After years of putting everyone else s needs before her own, she s selling her family s vineyard and moving to a quiet cottage on the California coast But just as she s about to seal the deal, a letter arrives from Argentina with shocking news Her beloved cousin has died and Isabel is now the sole guardian of three young children Still holding on to her dream, Isabel travels to Argentina There she meets little Julieta, the cherubic baby of the family eight year old Adelmo, as hot tempered as his sister is sweet and ten year old Sandra, whose heart shaped face and quiet confidence remind Isabel so much of her late cousin She tells herself to let the children go, to leave them in the care of their grandmother or perhaps their long lost uncle who abruptly reappears Or should she listen to her ex husband, who is suddenly at her side, urging her to give the children and him a chance If she s willing to take a risk, three tiny strangers just might change Isabel s life in ways she s never imagined.

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    1. Do you have to let go of your past to build a future?Driving down the same determined path her entire life has left Isabel Gallegos worn out and ready for something new. She is the successful owner of a renowned California winery who has had enough of chasing every body’s dreams without fulfilling her own. With life altering decisions about to be made Isabel receives the devastating call that her beloved cousin in Argentina has had a fatal accident. When Isabel learns she is now the guardian f [...]

    2. I was really psyched about Say You'll Be Mine. A woman at a turning point in her harried and frustrated life has an opportunity to begin again, with a new life in Argentina when she leave the vineyards in California behind and becomes a surrogate parent to her late cousin's children. Sounds like a great plot and a fabulous opportunity to show growth and the discovery of love in Isabel's life, heart and soul.I struggled to stay with Say You'll be Mine. I did read it and finish it, but it took sev [...]

    3. This wasn't a bad read, it just didn't wow me either. Isabel has ran her parents' winery forever and she would like to cut all ties with it and do what she originally wanted to do: live and work by the water. But just as she is about to sell the winery, she has to go to Argentina and take custody of her dead cousin's kids. Why the cousin left childless, divorced, workaholic Isabel her three children nobody knows. Isabel agrees to hand them over to Ramiro, an uncle of the children after 6 months. [...]

    4. I found it very enjoyable! This romantic novel is brought to life with a background of beautiful landscapes; California Vineyards and Argentina. The author not only enlightens us with vivid imagery but also does an exuberant job in bringing to light the challenges of finding ourselves in unexpected situations when we think our life is planned out. Isabel, a woman who took on the responsibilities of her parent’s wine business to help her family achieve their dreams, is faced with a sense of des [...]

    5. A beautifully written novel of life and love! In Say You’ll Be Mine, Julia Amante manages to connect many key aspects of a novel successfully: love, life and the triumph of the human spirit against all odds. Isabel Gallegos is the successful owner of an enchanting winery, located in a romantic setting, yet she lacked the joy of love and a family. That is until life opens up new doors that will bring her the opportunity of a ‘second chance’. The plot seductively engages the reader into the [...]

    6. I won a copy of this book through the First Reads program and was excited to dive into it, as the plot sounded like it would be both visual and emotional. However, the plot is more convoluted than the back flap appears. Isabel is just about to sell her family's successful California winery when she receives the news that her favorite cousin in Argentina has died and named her guardian for her three children. Isabel is divorced, though her husband is still a co-owner of the winery and often aroun [...]

    7. This one took a while because I only read it when I worked out. I connected with it because the main setting was in a vineyard. You will like this book if you like books focused on relationships.

    8. They say timing is everything"Doesn't it seem like life just sort of snowballs and you start going down one road and pretty soon you realize it's too late to turn back, that you have to keep going, because you've left yourself no other option?" Occasionally in life events change you. Something happens and you take a path you could have never foreseen yourself taking. Sometimes it's for the better and other times it's for the worse. Sometimes only you can decided what the outcome will be.That is [...]

    9. Isabel Gallegos is tired -- tired of being the responsible one, tired of running the winery that was her parents' dream, tired of being the one who puts her dreams aside to take care of other people. She's ready to sell the winery that her parents left to her and her ex-husband, Nick, and buy a house by the sea. It's too late to pursue her old dream of being a marine scientist, but she's going to at least enjoy the ocean recreationally. A larger wine company has expressed serious interest, and s [...]

    10. Isabel Gallegos, owner of Gallegos Wines, can't wait to sell the place. She's worked there most of her life, and even after her parents died she continued to make the business flourish. But the winery was her parents' dream, not hers and now she is excited about selling it and getting her life back.Nick Reeves is horrible with money, a recovering alcoholic and the ex-husband of Isabel. Divorcing her was the only thing he has done right, to stop hurting her. When Isabel's parents passed away, the [...]

    11. Isabel Gallegos is tired of taking care of everyone but herself. From helping her parents with their winery for decades to dealing with her alcoholic husband (now ex-husband), she’s had enough. She is tired of being selfless and thinks it is about time she starts being selfish and acquire what she actually wants for a change, which happens to be to sell her family’s winery and retire to take some time just for herself. Things are headed in that direction; she has some interested buyers in he [...]

    12. Say You’ll Be Mine by Julia Amante is a story of Isable Gallegos, a woman who is constantly conflicted with herself and where she is in her life. Her cousin in Argentina passed away with her husband on a ski trip and left their three children to Isabel. Isabel is in her forties and has no idea on how to raise children, only how to run a successful winery. To complicate matters when she returns to her home in Argentina to deal with this situation, her ex-husband, Nick, decides to come along to [...]

    13. Julia Amante gives us a dose of womanhood in modern day where succeeding means “sacrifice” not in the religious way, more on the tone of “it needs to be done and it needs to be done right!” Isabel Gallegos, does not struggle with being an immigrant, nor learning English, she is a successful business woman who is ready to sell her business, cash in on her success and begin living her dreams only to find out that her dreams are not far from all she knows and has lived so far. Isabel comes [...]

    14. I won this through the giveaway and what a delight this was.Isabel Gallegos has devoted her life to helping her parents run their vineyards and winery. She also baled out her alcoholic ex-husband as he began the process of cleaning up and he continues to work for her at the winery. After her parents' deaths, she continues to run the vineyards and at the beginning of the book has decided that she has lived her life for everyone else but herself and is selling the vineyards. She has the surprise [...]

    15. After years in a bad marriage and taking over her family's vineyard, Isabel Gallegos is only a handshake away from the life she always wanted. But when news reaches her that her cousin died and she now is guardian of three young children, she flies to Argentina to form a plan. Right by her side is her ex, who suddenly wants to offer support. Isabel must choose between raising the children, leaving them with their grandmother, or maybe the long-lost uncle who mysteriously lays claim. Along the wa [...]

    16. This is a story of a woman who has forever put off her own dreams to take care of everyone else. Now just as she is finally free of family and business obligations, she receives the devastating news that her beloved cousin has been killed in an auto accident and that she has been named the sole guardian of her cousins three young children! What made the book very interesting to me was that Isabel had to travel back to her native country of Argentina to meet the children. I enjoyed reading about [...]

    17. I received this book for free through a First Reads giveaway. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a great read and kept me reading from the beginning. I just couldn't put this book down. There are a few sad moments in this book but the good moments made the sad worth it. I loved how yes it showed the romantic side of owning a vineyard but also show the possible downside. This book is one that had me in it's grip from the very first chapter. If you are looking for a great read then I [...]

    18. This was a fun little romance. It was a bit predictable. Good discussion book about what is means to be a parent. My book had discussion questions at the end which gave me added things to think about after reading it. There is also an imagined tour of Northern Argentina at the end of the book.Isabel owns a vineyard in California but is ready to do what she wants to with her life when she becomes guardian of children that she isn't sure she wants and her ex-husband comes along with her (back to A [...]

    19. Feel-good read about a woman originally from Argentina who had moved to California over 20 years before with her parents and her new husband, who convinced them to start a vineyard in the U.S. Now divorced and with her parents deceased, she wants to live her life her own way with no responsibilities to anyone. However, when her cousin in Argentina dies in an accident, she is named guardian of her cousin's three children.

    20. I read this for the Reader's Choice contest at my local library. Although the writing wasn't the best, I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice, quick, happy read. The story is about a successful businesswoman whose life is turned upside down when she learns that she was named the legal guardian of her cousins three children. Sound cliche and predictable? I guess it was - but it was still a sweet story. Sometimes that's just what I need.

    21. The title is a bit misleading. It sounds like a complete romance novel, which it isn't. Isabel lives in California, but was born in Argentina. She returns to Argentina after a close childhood friend dies and has named Isabel Her three children's guardian. The book leads the reader through the journey of choices Isabel makes in the next year. The first 3/4 of the book I struggled to find anything I liked about Isabel. I felt strongly enough about the other characters to keep reading.

    22. Amante weaves an interesting story about an Argentinian woman caught between the mores of South American and America. She is torn between selling her vineyard in California that her family started, taking on the responsibility of raising three young children whose parents had died, and feelings she still has for a man she has since divorced.

    23. Isabel is a very rich woman, ready to sell her business and start a new life. A phone call from Italy changes her life. The story never grabbed me and had some swearing that always ruins a story for me.

    24. Having won this book from First Reads, I couldn't wait to get the mail. I have to say don't you just love this cover?! I know I know don't judge a bookIsabel thinks her life is all planned out now, until something else makes her put her priorities in order again. Great story.

    25. Really enjoyed this book! It was different from what I usually read. The one love scene was a bit descriptive for my liking, but even so, it was a great story about figuring out what you really want in life.

    26. Enjoyable story. Somewhat predictable, but still well told. I kept expecting to be upset with with Isabel and not enjoy the story, but although I shook my head at her a few times, I was very enthralled with the story.

    27. I enjoyed reading this book and how this lady had to grow up And take responsibility for other human beings besides herself and create a family. You can say this book was all about making choices in one's life.

    28. Great idea for a story but it was executed as predictable soap opera slop. It was also wordy, giving you every detail of what the characters were thinking and why. Amazingly, even with all the details, the characters still lacked depth. Strike 2 for the readers choice books at my local library.

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