Evergreen A Christmas Tale

Evergreen A Christmas Tale A dying grandfather tells the story of the first Christmas tree to a family wrenched by strife

  • Title: Evergreen A Christmas Tale
  • Author: Richard Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A dying grandfather tells the story of the first Christmas tree to a family wrenched by strife.

    One thought on “Evergreen A Christmas Tale”

    1. Interesting Christmas story. I had never heard this before, but I liked it. I could almost picture the tree as it was described. Sometimes I wish Christmas would be as simple as I remember those of my childhood, well at least they seemed simple. When did Christmas become about things and not about the perfect gift. I remember treating my things with respect, to appreciate what I received.Hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner.

    2. This was a very sweet and loving story. The story is short but it packs quite a punch. The writer brings the story of the first Christmas tree to a battling family. I enjoyed this so much.

    3. Short story that was free for Kindle.A nice story about a grandfather who visits his daughter for Christmas and finds a house in turmoil. His daughter has lost her job and is fighting with her husband. The four sons are at war with each other.Grandfather sits the boys down and tells them a story. About love in the time of the ice age and the healing power of faith in the presence of a magnificent evergreen tree.The story within the story was very heartwarming. A nice quick read.

    4. A very short little Christmas love story about the first Christmas tree told by a grandfather to his family. Warmed my heart, but then I'm a sucker for good feeling books that bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart. Free on the Kindle, worth the reading.

    5. This really was just a nice very short story. Got it on my nook a while back and saved it for Christmas eve. This and my cup of hot chocolate gave a nice warm feeling. =)

    6. A heartwarming short story about a Grandfather telling his rowdy grandsons about the first Christmas tree.

    7. A sweet story to end the year. I loved this story of love, faith, and beauty. It left me with a smile on my face and in my heart.

    8. This short 10 page story was hart worming. I highly recomend it to any one who loves books that have the power to bring familys together.

    9. A different take on the first Christmas tree.ading some Christmas stories that I downloaded to my Kindle. Nice story.

    10. Eh, it was ok. I got this story for free on Barnes and Noble for my Nook. It was a nice short story, just not quite my usual taste.

    11. This is a very short, sentimental Christmas tale. It is enjoyable, but certainly could have been a chapter in a much longer, interesting saga.

    12. Tree historyA nouvella about the story of the Christmas tree leading from the beginning of time. A young man and new bride got stuck in a blizzard and how they survived with the help of the tree and their faith.

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