A Summer Place

A Summer Place First published in and then turned into a film of the same name in featuring Troy Donahue Sandra Dee Dorothy McGuire and Richard Egan this classic romance is available for the first time

  • Title: A Summer Place
  • Author: Sloan Wilson
  • ISBN: 9785557019361
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • First published in 1958 and then turned into a film of the same name in 1959 featuring Troy Donahue, Sandra Dee, Dorothy McGuire and Richard Egan, this classic romance is available for the first time in ebook format.Ken and Sylvia met twice at the Summer Place.The first summer they were in their teens Their intimacy was without love They d met too early.The second summerFirst published in 1958 and then turned into a film of the same name in 1959 featuring Troy Donahue, Sandra Dee, Dorothy McGuire and Richard Egan, this classic romance is available for the first time in ebook format.Ken and Sylvia met twice at the Summer Place.The first summer they were in their teens Their intimacy was without love They d met too early.The second summer they shouldn t have fallen in love and did They were in their thirties married each with children Had they met too late Ken and Sylvia decided to break two marriages to make the one they wanted together.They almost broke a third that hadn t even started yet Because Ken s daughter and Sylvia s son met at the Summer Place They were in their teens For them, it was neither too early nor too late.This novel is about how marriages are made on earth and unmade It is about the price people pay for changing their minds about love.

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    1. I've always had a secret passion for 50s stories but lately, with Mad Men, it's blossomed way out of control! For years I've been collecting old and/or out-of-print copies of 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s novels and very often I've tried to match a movie to a book, when I know it's based on one (and in that period, it usually is). But though I've seen 'A Summer Place' the movie, with Dorothy McGuire and Sandra Dee a number of times, I'd never read the original novel before. Then last week I re read [...]

    2. This is exactly what I want in a summer read: mid-century fiction that was a bestseller, now mainly forgotten. Pretty people, pretty problems, and it's all a little bit dirty, in a fifties "social issue" sort of way, and shocking, in a "rape as seduction" sort of way, and melancholy, in a Don Draper sort of way.

    3. Ahhhh gotta love Sloan Wilson. He reminds me of the way John Irving writesrhaps J.I. was inspired by S.W. Something about the way he takes a detail or a side character and teases out the backstory to where you forget this side character isn't really that important but the author makes you feel like he's important. ANyway, what Sloan and John do best is to tease out all the interesting bits of domestic life. Sloan was just around a few decades before Irving so we get a taste of what life as like [...]

    4. Although the book was written in the 1950s and is rooted in that era of sexual repression and social mores, A Summer Place still has relevance today with its characters' motivations and internal dialogue, the fear of what a forbidden love will do to the children in a marriage that is breaking up and the first blossoming of love in children unsure of themselves and the their place in the world as teenagers and as people. Sloan Wilson's deep understanding of the human heart and its contradictory e [...]

    5. A reminder of how crazy hormones can make us--how crazy it could make people who are now in their 70s. I was born in 1960 and only imagine those days before me as stiffled and unsexed. They werebut they weren't. The writing is old-fashioned in the amount of telling it does but it's worth it to be reminded of young loved it's consequences.

    6. A wonderful book written in 1958. Hard to believe that it was published at that time. The issues dealt with are as current today as they probably were at that time, but not discussed. Highly recommend.

    7. Due coppie infelici, due matrimoni naufragati, quattro genitori non sempre pronti a interpretare i sogni dei propri figli, ma si sa, i giovani a volte sanno fare scelte migliori e soprattutto credere nell'amore e nella convinzione che questo profondo sentimento possa abbattere tutti gli ostacoliun libro meraviglioso

    8. Un romanzo doloroso in cui del "sole" del titolo (solo del titolo italiano) c'è ben poco. C'è invece molta ombra e molte ombre. Da parte mia trovo sempre educativi questi libri che guardano con occhi diversi (e uno sguardo di sfida) la cosiddetta "morale".

    9. Adultery, unwed pregnancy, rape, alcoholism, divorce, etc this was all very taboo subject matter when this book came out in the 1950's. The story chronicles the lives of two families and the fates that befall them as they navigate through these issues. It begins when the parents of the two main characters are teens themselves. The book was made into a movie in 1959 which is a glorious, technicolor, melodramatic soaper with one of the most recognizable theme songs in movie history. Panned by most [...]

    10. Started a bit slow, but once it got going I really enjoyed this book. The story was really quite sad, but it kept me interested Isn't it funny how characters in a book can make you hate them or love them. I really liked John and Molly - even though they were awkward. I didn't like Sylvia, or Ken at all although at times I sympathized with them. Overall, a great story - and an interesting read.

    11. Loved the darkly comical storyline about Helen's family and how awful Margaret was. It was the best part of the book. I reread the part about the vacuum cleaner incident three times.Not usually a romance reader, but this book didn't gross you out too much talking about that stuff. The characters seemed very real and though some female characters were pretty stereo typical, it was the '50s after all. Also, I have to note the interesting fact that Sloan Wilson REPEATEDLY references how Ken has a d [...]

    12. Written in 1958, this book must have been scandalous at the time! Ken and Sylvia meet when they are teenagers. He loves her. She loves him--maybe. But she marries Bart, who was in her "class." They have two kids. He loses his money. He starts drinking. She's unhappy. Ken shows up with his wife and child. Can you see where this is going? No! You can't! Yes, Ken and Helen divorce. And Sylvia and Bart divorce. And Ken and Sylvia marry--but that is not the story. The story is the tortured teenage ro [...]

    13. I'm loving this book. It was one of my all-time favorite movies in my youth. The producers did a great job of keeping the feel of the book in the limited time they had. I'm really enjoying going into so much more depth with these characters, both the bad and the good. Molly's mother and grandparents are horrid! If you remember A Summer Place (who doesn't remember that beautiful theme music?), I highly recommend the book.

    14. Follow your heart in love, despite who it hurts in the short term, it is the only way to live truthfully. Living truthfully will have its long-term rewards. The book is not what most would consider well-written or even necessarily interesting. I do believe, however, that we are led to lessons in our literary selections. This book helped me to appreciate where I am currently in my life's ventures and to have pride in my choices to follow my heart.

    15. Saw the movie. Enjoyed the bookThe book is more realistic than the movie that led me to read it. I found it a very interesting. I like reading the original books that inspired old movies. I am fasinated by what the director could or could not include because of time or morality.

    16. Another long ago book read and just remembered. They pop into my head occasionally. An entertaining book and I suspect better than the movie which featured Troy Donohue and Sandra Dee. I unconsciously stole the plot for a short story I wrote as a senior in prep school. I'm still mortified. Date read is a guess.

    17. Sloan Wilson is an easy author to cuddle up to. I read this book while convalescing in Kandyla, Greece, during a cold autumn day. Another reviewer has said it much better than I, but you can't beat a good 1950's love story.

    18. The story line very stimulating. It nice to read this type of novel once in a while. Ken is a very sensible father, husband and friend. I had kept this book since the middel 70s and was glad I am still rereading it.

    19. This was not nearly as good as The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. I guess he only had one good book in him. It seemed like a coming of age novel; I don't like them. Some passages had the brilliance of his earlier book. The end was a foregone conclusion.

    20. This is a great book of scandal and romance! The dual love stories in the book are entertaining and full of troublesome love struck people.The movie is even better!

    21. Decent Ttash WallowDefinitely an easy read if you're looking for what's commonly known as a "trash wallow." A bit dated and a bit unrealistic.

    22. Enjoyable summer readingEnjoyed it, the end came too soon like is there a second book? Or did the author meet his required words? Maybe it had nowhere else to go

    23. A wonderfully written classic. Though the book was written some 60 years ago, the subject of love and it's consequences is timeless.

    24. A blast from the past. I remembered the film theme but had never seen it or read the book. Enjoyed it too.

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