Jerusalem Gap

Jerusalem Gap Set in the Appalachian highlands of Virginia JERUSALEM GAP is the timeless story of a boy and his dog an OLD YELLER for the st century Big boy Good dog

  • Title: Jerusalem Gap
  • Author: T.R. Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780615398655
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in the Appalachian highlands of Virginia, JERUSALEM GAP is the timeless story of a boy and his dog, an OLD YELLER for the 21st century Big boy Good dog.

    One thought on “Jerusalem Gap”

    1. A completely charming book about life in the Blue Ridge mountains. Much of the book seems to be a reflection that life is not who you are or what you are given, but how you look at things. It is the story of a divorced handyman and a dog. But it is also the story of the simplicity of kindness and the importance accepting those around you (and yourself) for what they are.

    2. a meditative book that revolves around the relationship of a man, a dog, and the lives that intersect with theirs. there's nothing dramatic, much that is lovely. nothing much happens, then something does, and then the next thing happens. what made me decide to download this book was the fact that it involved the human animal relationship. what made me keep reading it was i wanted to spend more time with Donald and Nova and Abagail and Ethan and's not usual to read a book where no one is demandin [...]

    3. Man saves dog, dog in turn saves man. Short and sweet little book. I love the narrator's dry, straight-faced humor. There is of course the bittersweet ending, but it's not fulsome or maudlin like most such books. Great descriptions of rural Virginia.

    4. Liked it a lot - but I wouldn't have read it if I had caught the 'Old Yeller comparison in the synopsis, I wouldn't have read it

    5. Really enjoyed this short novel about a man and his dog. If you own a pet, or have ever loved a pet, this book is for you. Folksy first person narrative, great characters, wonderful story line.

    6. Sweet story about a man and his relationship with his mixed breed collie. The slow, gentle pace of this read is what makes it worth reading. Simple people, simple life, all drawn together through each other and the dog. I'm not sure I've read T.R. Pearson before, but will definitely buy more.

    7. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    8. I put off reading Jerusalem Gap because I knew I would be overtly taunting traumatic memories, but I girded my emotional loins and waded in. One sitting. No other way to deal with a story that promises to be so painful. Jerusalem Gap does a lovely job in honoring every wonderful dog and every loving owner without tipping over into the maudlin or trite. Is the story familiar and, at times, even predictable? Sure. But who cares? For those familiar with Pearson’s novels, we are treated again to a [...]

    9. Jerusalem Gap by T.R. Pearson is a slim novel -- more a novelette, really -- and a fairly simple story that packs an emotional wallop.Every dog-lover knows that there are certain dogs that come into your life that bond to you in a special way. If you're lucky it happens a few times during your life, but usually you just get that one unique relationship that can never be replicated with another dog -- Jerusalem Gap describes that sort of relationship.To call this a "dog-lovers book," though, woul [...]

    10. In addition to the beautiful prose, I simply loved the author's sly observations about people, life, dogs, and nature.Reading this book was like listening to a comedian who loves people. All kinds of people. Don't get me wrong, he has disdain for some, but of course, they deserve it!Here's the publisher's blurb - I usually don't agree with them, and I could quibble with this, but you'll get the gist:"Donald Atwell didn't want a dog. He already had an ex wife, a balky truck, and a cat that was pa [...]

    11. It has been years since I read anything by Pearson. When this book became available as a free ebook, I decided to try him again. So glad that I did.This gem is a small glimpse into one man's ordinary life. This is the kind of book that shows that there is a story in everyone's existence. The story just has to find the right person to tell it.On the surface there is not much to Donald Atwell's life. He doesn't seem to do much at all. But his relationship with his dog, Nova, and the people he asso [...]

    12. 3+ stars actually. When a wealthy man's recently-divorced caretaker meets an abandoned puppy - it isn't exactly love at first sight. But it IS the start of a wonderful friendship.Set in rural Virginia, this is a short, simple story of the bonds that can develop between humans and canines. The author gives the caretaker a believable down-to-earth style of seeing the world, including a dry wit. The best parts of the book are those that focus on the relationship between man and dog. Unfortunately t [...]

    13. Ostensibly this was the story of a man and a dog, but it was more the man and the people around him. I love T. R. Pearson's characters and I know those people, some decent, some not so much. I can add that Mr. Pearson must have seen Alzheimer's up close and personal. His descriptions of the care facility will make you laugh the laugh of someone who has seen it up close. He captured the absurdities, the relentless wandering, the repeated conversations of people who relentlessly want to go to a ho [...]

    14. Jerusalem Gap is a touching first person story about a man and his dog. Dwayne is a solitary man, a caretaker for the Virginia house of a Texas hedge fund guy. Dwayne sees a dog dumped from a Chevy Nova, rescues him and names his Nova. They bond quickly and Nova “speaks” to Dwayne, visits a home for the elderly with him, and helps find a woman who has wandered off. Anyone who has had a dog will understand the ties between the two. The author tells the story in a simple direct manner and alon [...]

    15. This book was so much more than I expected. Having had dogs myself in the past I knew that I would most likely like it but this author has a way with words and I felt that I was there that day when Nova was dropped on the side of the road. Donald was such an easy going guy and the relationship between him and Nova was so comfortable, it was so easy to fall in love with them both Great story line and wonderful characters, well done Mr Pearson! I definitely, highly recommend both this book and the [...]

    16. When reading a book that the publisher calls an "Old Yeller" for the 21st century, you have to be prepared for the worst. But what could I do, T. R. Pearson is one of my very favorite authors, so there was no question about whether I would read it. Authentic Pearson style: funny, sad, human. I loved it --- except for that Old Yeller part."They were the sort of people who shouldn't have had either children or a dog, so they had three of the former and two of the latter and neglected the whole ass [...]

    17. This books is a little story about some folks in the mountain of Appalachia. There's nothing special about the people, other than that they're good folks. There's a small crisis, and then, at the end, a sadness. But life goes on, and there's hope for the future.I'm not trying to minimize anything in my comments, btw. It's a sweet little story, and I liked it. But dammit, why does the dog always have to die at the end of stories like this?? The hero gets to move on and continue his life. Why coul [...]

    18. This short (140 pgs) novel has very little plot, but the characters are interesting and likeable. The main character accidentally ends up with a dog that had been abandoned beside the road. The dog, predictably, steals his heart and fills a huge void in his life. The nearby nursing home and its inhabitants and staff become an increasingly important part of his life as he begins to change from "Mr. Prickly" to a caring individual. Lovely story.

    19. I had almost forgotten just how much I like T. R. Pearson. I read some of his work 20 years ago, and when Book Bub recently offered this little tale about a man and his dog, I looked forward to it like I would a reunion with good friends. This little gem is a joy to read.

    20. I loved this book ! Surprisingly, there is no plot. T.R. Pearson writes with a lot of humor, very simply, about the life of a man, the narrator, and his dog And even without a plot, the reader's interest is kept all along. I had much pleasure to discover a book I think hightly refreshing !

    21. I loved this little book. The author's voice was really wonderful and I loved the protagonist's approach to life and his relationship with his dog and other animals. And this sentence: "They were cows - beasts put on this earth just to make horses look smart".

    22. This is the first book I've read by T.R. Pearson and I enjoyed his writing style. It takes place in Virginia close to the Blue Ridge Parkway . Donald Atwell finds a stray dog that he really doesn't want but quickly comes to love. I just loved the characters in this book

    23. This small book is wonderful. The characters are richly drawn, including the protagonist's dog! It's a simple plot, but filled with humanity. You'll be rooting for some of the characters, hoping they'll win out over some less worthy characters. Very enjoyable.

    24. anyone who loves animals especially dogs will enjoy this book. Very touching. Loved the communication between owner and dog and instinctual relationship that developed between them. Very touching story if you have ever had such a relationship with a pet. very quick read

    25. If you've every loved a dog, don't miss reading this book. If you haven't loved a dog, read this book to find out what you've been missing; then rescue a dog and love it. This book paints a perfect picture of that special relationship between man and dog.

    26. I'd forgotten how rich T.R. Pearson's writing is, despite its simplicity. I'm crazy about neither dogs nor the elderly, and this book managed to break my heart about both. I'm going on a Pearson spree for sure!

    27. Part of the attraction of this book for me was the setting. It's close by and familiar. There were interesting characters, a well written story, and a smart and faithful dog. Everything you could want for a good read. But keep tissues handy.

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