Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 15: Silver Sable

Ultimate Spider Man Volume Silver Sable The head of Roxxon Oil sics the world s greatest mercenary Silver Sable on Spider Man to learn why the web spinner has targeted Roxxon on his nightly patrols How violently Ms Sable wants to handle t

  • Title: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 15: Silver Sable
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785116813
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • The head of Roxxon Oil sics the world s greatest mercenary, Silver Sable, on Spider Man to learn why the web spinner has targeted Roxxon on his nightly patrols How violently Ms Sable wants to handle the situation is strictly up to her Spinning out of the Ultimate Spider Man video game written and designed by our longstanding team of Bendis and Bagley , Ultimate SilverThe head of Roxxon Oil sics the world s greatest mercenary, Silver Sable, on Spider Man to learn why the web spinner has targeted Roxxon on his nightly patrols How violently Ms Sable wants to handle the situation is strictly up to her Spinning out of the Ultimate Spider Man video game written and designed by our longstanding team of Bendis and Bagley , Ultimate Silver Sable might be the most dangerous foe Spidey has ever faced Plus the mystery of Ultimate Omega Red.Collecting Ultimate Spider Man 86 90, Annual 1

    One thought on “Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 15: Silver Sable”

    1. The highlight this time is Peter dating Kitty Pryde. They make a very cute couple, and since Peter has broken up with Mary Jane, a very natural one. Silver Sable and her somewhat inept mercenaries are at least entertaining, though I can't even begin to guess what the guy who hired them was thinking.

    2. I really like Kitty Pryde. Is it okay to ship her with Peter? Is that a done thing in comics? Oh, hell, I don't care. In this volume, she was pretty awesome -- and she really can keep up with him better than Mary Jane.The fights and so on were fairly typical, but there were some good bits (other than Kitty Pryde) dispersed throughout -- especially Aunt May's reaction to Peter trying to come clean to her about Spider-man. That's an impressive amount of that river in Egypt, May.

    3. I did really like the relationship between Peter and Kitty in this volume. I was sorry to see him break up with Mary Jane, but it's nice to see him in a relationship unique to the Ultimate Universe.

    4. This was a darn good volume in the Ultimate Spider-man saga. Making Peter Parker a high school student (in the regular Marvel U, Peter didn’t stay in high school for long) is really used to advantage here. The annual reprinted here, where he starts dating the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde, is a perfect example – Peter having broken up with Mary Jane for fear of her getting hurt. Peter and Kitty's date in this issue is a precious and fun story. Other things in this volume I liked: the use of the Wrec [...]

    5. Way to shake things up! Once again the bad guy is the big change for this collection, with the honor going to the mercenary Silver Sable who did indeed have excellent hair. I was really hoping that the panic attack Peter had over his secret identity would end differently. Sadly, no dice. I'm still having fun though and that's the important thing.

    6. Good volume overall! Although I must say all of Spider-Man's quips get on my nerves after awhile. Like 'we get it, you make fun of your foes while you fight them, you don't have to do it 10 times in a single fight'.

    7. 11/14 I am currently on page 57 of Ultimate Spider-Man. So far, a dragon tries to hurt X-Men's Kitty Pryde. Spider-Man fought a guy in an eight foot-tall mechanical rhino suit. An army showed up. Spider-Man defeated the rhino. At school, Peter Parker feels like he's the loser at school. He thinks that he would be cooler if he tells people that he is Spider-Man. He asked the girls if he was Spider-Man, would they think he was cool. He then told them that it wouldn't matter anyways cause he has a [...]

    8. I recommend this book because even though is fiction(graphic novel) is a book where you learn a lot of stuff from. In this book Spider-Man is kidnapped by the order of Sable a girl that loves to do bad things and loves to steal from other people. One night she was stealing a cargo from a rich person very popular in New York City and spider man got on her way that why she didn't like spider man. Also there's more than one story In this book that is one of the biggest reason why I recommend readin [...]

    9. Have to say I was a little thrown off by the non Bagley art in the first part. I've gotten so used to Ultimate Spider -man being his art it felt odd. But I suppose I will have to get used to it cause not long after this he leaves the seriesAnyways, onto the important stuff: O M G Kitty Pryde! She is my all time favorite X-character and I've adored everyone of her cameo's in Ultimate Spider-man but to see the two of them get together as a couple totally gave me a nerd-gasm. Their first date was s [...]

    10. Surprisingly enjoyable arc because of the characters. World: I don't know why but I found the art better this arc. Bagley us good with Spidey not so much Peter but u don't know, it was actually ok. I really enjoyed the world building this arc with Roxxon, Silversable, Kitty it was good. The world is fully formed now but adding different prices and different takes from 616 is always interesting and fun. Story: Surprisingly interesting and fun. Paced and written we the main tale of Silversable is [...]

    11. I'm not really sure why this is called Silver Sable as she doesn't really take up that much of the story. It actually kind of jumps around a bit with the loose association of the stuff that was made to get Roxxon. It does introduce Kitty Pride of the X-Men as a love interest for Peter (like) and then spends some time introducing various villains for Spider-Man to fight.The actual Silver Sable story line was interesting. I liked the kidnapping of Flash Thompson and what it turned in to. I'm intri [...]

    12. "Silver had always been angry since she was a child. Her anger only grew as she grew up. She hid it under the recreated mantle of aggression she wore."The introduction of Silver Sable in her generic job as she tries to kidnap Spiderman for a big shot businessman who believes that the masked webber is working his ass off to preserve the latter's assets against unexpected superhuman assaults is right down there among the few origins that really tends to stir a fan boy's curiosity.Overall, the stor [...]

    13. Things are looking up for Peter Parker! Fresh from his break-up with MJ, Peter gets a call from Kitty Pryde, of the X-Men, to on a date and things are working out nicely! I have to give Bendis props for being able to write teenage dialogue so well. Everything about this relationship between Peter and Kitty feels so real, mostly due to the great dialogue. The story arc involving Silver Sable turned out to be really entertaining as well. I found it oddly refreshing that Sable's squad of mercs are [...]

    14. The good news: Peter might actually have a thing with Kitty Pride (an X-man who can take care of herself!). The bad news: MJ is depressed and misses Peter and not happy about him finding someone new.The bad news: someone's trying to kidnap Spider-Man. The good news: they accidentally kidnap Flash instead, thinking he's Spider-ManThe bad news: There's a bald bird guy on the sceneThe good news: There's a bald bird guy on the scene and Spider-Man is finally back in his element. There were tons of u [...]

    15. The best issue in this collection is the Annual, where Kitty Pryde and Peter start a relationship. I'm not a diehard Peter/Mary Jane fan, especially after how he treated her in the last arc, so it was good to see Peter find someone who is more suitable to his life of fighting crime on the sly now.Ultimate Vulture appears (and, so far, his story isn't that developed), as does Ultimate Silver Sable (her story is more interesting). There are several brawls, as well as a case of mistaken identity th [...]

    16. Book Info: This collection containsUltimate Spider-Manissues #86-90 and Ultimate Spider-Man annual #1.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>

    17. Definitely a step forward since the last volume, but still has it's flaws. For one, the whole kid's storybook telling of Roxxon, Sable, and Spider-Man was a goofy, and somewhat creative idea It kind of bordered on "campy" stuff, which I haven't seen a lot of in this series. I did like the new romance arc between Petter and Kitty. I honestly didn't see that coming, and when it did come, I really liked their chemistry. Still another good addition to the Ultimate Spider-Man series.

    18. This is actually a pretty fun volume. Peter has broken up with MJ and Kitty Pride comes along and asks him out. This makes me sad, but unfortunately, Peter and Kitty are actually cute together. Spider-Man's encounter with the Silver Sable and her crew is also a lot of fun; it involves action as well as a bit of puzzle solving.

    19. Only 9 months have gone by since the events in Issue 1? No wonder Peter's freaked all the time. This is a solid story, though the main villains--Silver Sable and Vulture--are lower down the bad guy pecking order. However, we also get the start of the Peter Parker-Kitty Pryde relationship. MJ who?

    20. Ultimate Spider-Man has hit a bit of a lull, but usually when that happens that means it's about to pick up big time. Now that Peter is dating Kitty Pryde, I expect to see some crossover points like I did in Ultimate X-Men, Ultimates, etc.

    21. this book would be perfect for the little sister or little brother to read is combineds fun with action. what i like about the book is how they had Peter Parker or better spider-man date Kitty from x-men because who would of thought them two would get together.

    22. Not bad. Not great though. Mostly a vehicle for moving Peter Parker's relationship subplot along though it was interesting to consider his social relations with other superheroes. And the Silver Sable backstory was interesting.

    23. In this volume, we explore Peter/Spider-Man's relationship with Kitty Pryde, meet up with Ultimate Silver Sable, and enjoy all the usual pleasures that have made this series so difficult to put down for me.See my reviews of prior volumes for more details.

    24. This arc feels like the series is stalling for time for some reason. Despite its blandness, I liked seeing a bunch of villains' flunkies screw things up. I also felt sorrier for Roxxon than I was expecting.

    25. This book single-handedly made me give up on the Ultimate Universe as a whole. Here it became clear that whatever plan Bendis had for the UU when he started out had been fulfilled, and now he was just treading water.

    26. Kind of fun with the whole dating Kitty but the other storyline was a bit weak. Some nice touches with a spiderman tv movie being made.

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