Oliver's Vegetables (Oliver, #3)

Oliver s Vegetables Oliver With a bit of help from his grandfather Oliver soon discovers that life exists beyond french fries This fresh and funny book with immensely appealing artwork by a talented newcomer will delight you

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  • Title: Oliver's Vegetables (Oliver, #3)
  • Author: Vivian French Alison Bartlett
  • ISBN: 9780340634790
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • With a bit of help from his grandfather, Oliver soon discovers that life exists beyond french fries This fresh and funny book, with immensely appealing artwork by a talented newcomer, will delight young readers It may also get them to eat their spinach.

    One thought on “Oliver's Vegetables (Oliver, #3)”

    1. Oliver’s Vegetable is an enjoyable story which tells the story of a young boy called Oliver who only eats chips. One day Oliver goes to his grandparents’ house – where they grow their own vegetables -to the disgust of Oliver, who insists ‘I don’t eat vegetables!’ Throughout the story you see the growth in Oliver’s eating habits, when eventually you see Oliver eating carrots, spinach, rhubarb, cabbage and beetroot. This story is an ideal way to discuss with young children about heal [...]

    2. I recently read [Oliver’s Fruit Salad:], a very clear attempt to get kids to find fruits appealing foods. So, I decided to give this book a try, knowing that it would be lobbying for kids to eat their vegetables.First, I have to say that I love Oliver’s dog. Cute!I think I liked this book better than the fruit one. There was a bit more of a story to it. It won’t fool most kids about what it’s trying to show: vegetables taste good.However, it might work. Whether it does or not, I enjoyed [...]

    3. I was asked to read this book by children aged 3 - 4, who found the story very funny due to Oliver only liking chips to eat. The discovery process he goes through, trying new vegetables with his grandfather makes for a gentle read with children. During each discovery, the children I was with enjoyed a discussion about their favourite foods and whether they liked or disliked the vegetable Oliver was trying.Good links to healthy eating, trying new foods and the fun of growing your own food.

    4. Well, I'm not sure this would convince any dedicated vegetable haters to eat beets, but for a kid who just hasn't tried much in the way of vegetables, I guess it might help. I like the illustrations when it's the garden, but the people are a bit creepy.

    5. A lovely book, even though I found some of the pictures a little hard to decipher.Really good to encourage children to try new foods because, guess what, they might enjoy them!Also awareness of where food comes from, e.g. dig it out of the ground, not just go to the shop :-)

    6. Oliver is going to visit his grandparents for the week and they grow vegetables. Will he eat any? Cute way to introduce vegetables, how they grow, and different use for them. Preschool and up for length.

    7. "I only eat French fries." Join Oliver on a scavenger hunt through his grandpa's garden as he searches for potatoes to make French fries. Along the way he discovers many other types of vegetables and learns that he likes more than just French fries.

    8. This book doesn't try to hide it's purpose, but it is beautiful and clever and so worth reading with a picky eater in your family. We borrowed it from the library and will be picking up a copy of our own soon as we can't bear to part with it! The illustrations are beautiful.

    9. A standby book to read about vegetables and how Oliver doesn't eat vegetables until he discovers likes a particular kind of vegetable:)

    10. PB39. As a mother of a picky eater, I like this book. What better way to encourage a child to try new veggies than to see know exactly where it comes from and/or pick the veggies him or herself.

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