Murder Unleashed

Murder Unleashed Unscrupulous bankers abandoned homes and a cold blooded killer on the loose Mags Rogers and her wire haired dachshund Baxter digg up the dirt in the second scintillating novel in New York Times be

  • Title: Murder Unleashed
  • Author: Rita Mae Brown
  • ISBN: 9780345511836
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Unscrupulous bankers, abandoned homes, and a cold blooded killer on the loose Mags Rogers and her wire haired dachshund, Baxter, digg up the dirt in the second scintillating novel in New York Times bestselling author Rita Mae Brown s delightful new series featuring some doggedly determined canine sleuths and their intrepid human companions.Settling into ranch life outsideUnscrupulous bankers, abandoned homes, and a cold blooded killer on the loose Mags Rogers and her wire haired dachshund, Baxter, digg up the dirt in the second scintillating novel in New York Times bestselling author Rita Mae Brown s delightful new series featuring some doggedly determined canine sleuths and their intrepid human companions.Settling into ranch life outside Reno, Nevada, with her gregarious great aunt Jeep Reed and Jeep s German Shepherd, King, former Wall Street trader Mags doesn t miss the cutthroat world of investment banking because its destructive tentacles have reached westward to the Silver State The foreclosure crisis has taken a huge bite out of the local real estate market, where rows of homes sit unsold and forsaken but not empty.A group of squatters, including desperate single mothers with children, are living under the radar in the houses on Reno s Yolanda Street without water or electricity Big hearted real estate broker Babs Gallagher enlists Jeep and Mags to start a community outreach program, but that means going up against uncaring utility companies, corrupt officials, ruthless politicians and a merciless murderer When a former banker is found brutally slain in one of the abandoned homes, the notion of cutthroat business practices takes on a whole new meaning.Baxter, King, and some other canine detectives leave no bone of contention buried as they help their human charges untangle a string of murders rooted deep in the heart of Red Rock Valley s prominent citizenry Though Reno deputy and Mags s unofficial significant other Pete Meadows uncovers evidence of blackmail, shady real estate ventures, and rumors of lost treasure, the killer seems to hold all the cards in a city of gambling and sin Luckily, Mags, Jeep, and Babs still have a few tricks up their sleeves As nefarious sexploits and backroom backstabbing reverberate throughout the county, the dogs are officially off the leash and on the hunt for a killer Along the way, they encounter curious coyotes, human kindness and treachery, and a long buried stash of riches.

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    1. This new series just isn't my cup of tea. I'm a fan of the Mrs Murphy books and I also like the Sister Jane series. But in this series I just can't get used to the characters. I tried to give it another chance and read the second book. But it was even worse than book number one where I at least saw some logic in the plot. I probably won't read any more books in this series.

    2. A book has to be really awful if I can't even stand to read it during a power outage when I have nothing else new to read, not to mention no internet or tv. This book is so badly written it beggars description. I had to go get "Pride and Prejudice" to get the awful taste of this truly awful writing out of my mind.The book seems to have been written as a fictional response to the '08 crash. The main character is constantly spouting off her very muddled - some sort of improbable Libertarian + Do-G [...]

    3. Some interesting tactics going on here. It has the 'cozy' element, a lot of politics/social commentary, and queer characters who are incidentally queer -- not something that the plot revolves around.That last bit was one of my favourite parts of the book. In university I read (and loved) Rubyfruit Jungle, which is one of those books that is all about being queer, and being out, and finding oneself. That's, you know, valid and awesome and all that, but at this point I really appreciate books in w [...]

    4. This book tells about the effects of the foreclosures in Reno and the number of people affected by themand the unemployment rate that are a part of the downturn in the economy. How people down on theirluck try to keep themselves and their children safe and secure.It is a mystery and like Rita Mae Brown's other books it features talking animals who try toparticipate in the solution in the murder of a Banker and others.I can't say I enjoy the animals. Surely Ms Brown can find a better vehicle to h [...]

    5. I have read many and always like the cozy RMB dog and cat infused mysteries,charming characters,settings and murderers. Not sure about the lessons regarding mortgages,banking,economy,homeless state of the Union. But it did seem to be researched and fairly accurate. I guess she is trying to be relevant? Not sure it is necessary.

    6. Meh- this book had it's moments when it held my attention but more times than not I was bored. This is my 3rd book by this author and my previous reviews have been similar. Sorry to say but I won't be reading any more of her books.

    7. An action mystery bonanzaThis is a bonanza of thrills for every mystery reader.A who done it that will test the skills of every arm chair sleuth.

    8. All in all, I liked this book. It was a bit over idealistic when it came to the "goodness" of people and how they act and speak. Or perhaps that is just my experience that I haven't run into folks like the characters portrayed in this book. Two little pieces of this book that I enjoyed was the character introduction before the story even began. Just a rundown of who's who in a few sentences. Never have come across something like that in the past as far as I can recall. The second item was the "d [...]

    9. This series is really growing on me. Quite a departure from the Sneaky Pie collaborations, this book endears you to a different location and group of well formed new characters that soon has you forgetting they are only characters in a book.Spunky 80's something, Jeep Reed is our main sleuth. She is beyond wealthy but remembers to keep in touch with the everyday person. Jeep owns a cattle spread and the book opens with her neighbor, Howie Norris being attacked on his own land. While looking into [...]

    10. I'm happy to report that this new story line seems to be settling in. The formula of talking animals + educational, culturally relevant content + warm, likable, but uncommon in pop lit characters = win for me. The first book in the series felt more raw and I'm happy they're fitting together better. It's easy to spot the killer, but hard telling if that is because I've read the rest of her mysteries and am conditioned. RMB's are the only mysteries I read, so not having anything else to compare th [...]

    11. If you expect this novel to be similar to the ones in the popular Sneaky Pie series, you will be disappointed. Though well written, it seems less like a mystery and more like a commentary on social issues. Indeed, it is so liberally sprinkled with the characters’ opinions on everything from the homeless and hungry to squatters in abandoned buildings to drug dealers to hormone-infused animal feed, you may find yourself checking the spine (if you are reading a library book) to see if it really i [...]

    12. I have been a long time Rita Mae Brown reader and enjoyed her Sneaky Pie cozy mysteries that involved the cats of the main character. This is the first book I have read in her new series which involves the dogs of the sleuths. I had read several reviews that did not give this series as high marks as her previous books. This book is quite different from her previous ones but I have to say I enjoyed it. It is not really a "whodunit" per se or a cozy mystery; but it does involve a couple of deaths [...]

    13. Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy series is one of the reasons I became interested in learning more about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed of dogs. Murder Unleashed is Brown's first of a canine series (no cats allowed). Her books are cozy mysteries but she injects them with a large dose of social consciousness. The big banks and the housing bust figure into this story. She's not preachy at all, rather she weaves her research into the story so as to make it integral for the reader. She foresaw that nati [...]

    14. Rita Mae Brown's animal books are true mystery "cozies." They're an easy and fast read. All of them are similar in terms of themes and even organization. The pets "talk" with each other, ponder on the eccentricities of their humans, and help solve some sort of crime. The primary human characters are interesting as people. They aren't just cardboard cutouts, even though so much of the plots are formulaic. "Murder Unleashed" takes place in Reno instead of Ms. Brown's usual Virginia settings. Reno [...]

    15. If I could give this zero, I would. I own all of this author's other series in hardcover. This is the FIRST time I have ever put one of her books down without finishing it, I just couldn't make myself read anymore. My mother gave up on it as well. IS there a mystery? I was more than three quarters thru and hadn't found it yet. This isn't a mystery. This is a thinly veiled political diatribe. I agree that homelessness, the shameful amount of people who go without food or utilities right here in o [...]

    16. I picked this one up in the library while browsing. I have read several of the author's Mrs. Murphy books and enjoyed them, so I thought I'd give this a try even though it is not the first in its series.I enjoyed the introduction of the cast of characters at the beginning. I occasionally lose track of characters, and this was a great reference. The mystery was good and I enjoyed the dog characters as well, but I felt that the author was a bit preachy about the mortgage/forclosure crisis. Not tha [...]

    17. I continue to like this series. It's a nice break from super serious books and I love dogs. I think it's better written than the Mrs. Murphy series (although I like those too). I like the banter between the characters much more and how none of the characters take the lead over any of the others. I also like the fact that wild animals are included in this novel. The human characters are enjoyable enough as well. I also like the desert setting. I will definitely read the third book in this series [...]

    18. I'm guessing this series didn't take off enough to be a real series since this seems to be the only other book besides the lead one. Interesting setting for a murder mystery in the thick of an abandoned Reno neighborhood that's a casualty of the Great Recession housing bust. A real estate agent's chance visit to another better kept up neighborhood filled with squatters leads to efforts by Jeep, Mags and their faithful canines to help and prod others to help.Lots of background info and plenty of [...]

    19. I checked the first book in the series, A Nose For Justice, out as a audio book. When I saw this one in book form on the shelf I had to check it out. I love the setting, Reno, Nevada, and the two main characters, Jeep Reed and Mags Rogers. This time Jeep and Mags with their faithful dogs Baxter and Kings are approached by a local real estate agent to help people living in abandoned houses on Reno's Yolanda Street. Brown has done a massive amount of research on the housing bubble burst and does a [...]

    20. If you want to read something good by Rita Mae Brown, don't pick up this book. This is a big disappointment for me. I love Rita Mae Brown's books. At least I used to. This book for example is too silly for me to continue reading. I'm up to page 88, at that took three or four days. It's a bad book that has me prefering to play a computer game instead of reading it. And life is too short to slog through bad books. So it's official, I give up. If there is a real mystery in this story, I'll not find [...]

    21. For Brown lovers, Murder Unleashed has it all. Prolific detail, a sassy older woman of ambiguous sexuality, a young loveable supporting female, a kind hearted geezer, and a study love interest. Add in domestic animals that talk to wild ones with a dash of crime and it's classic Rita Mae Brown. If you're looking for a new Tucker and Mrs. Murphy you won't be disappointed. If, like me, you're tired of the same formula with limited suspense superfluous scene setting, look elsewhere. As much as I liv [...]

    22. The 2nd novel in Rita Mae Brown's series dealing with Nevada & the dogs, "Murder Unleashed" is an about average fare tale for her in general. The story involves the murder of an investment banker & the dealings w/in both the politics of Reno & also the foreclosure industry. Brown's story is pretty much straight forward with our characters Mags & Aunt Jeep working to solve the mystery with the help of the dogs who have very little relevance w/in the story as a whole. Not the best [...]

    23. I love Rita Mae Brown's books with cats and Sneaky Pie Brown which take place in Virginia. This book features dogs and takes place in the ranches around Reno, Nevada area. The story line could have been taken right out of the news a few years back about the mortgage meltdown and the foreclosures that were making people homeless. This is the second book featuring Magdelena "Jeep" Reed an octogenarian rancher who was a former WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot) in World War II and her grand Niece [...]

    24. A book with a time sensitive storyline centering on the most recent recession.An introduced cast of 18 characters 9 of which have nicknames and four dogs,the supposed heroes of the story.Dog lovers would probably enjoy this aspect of the book as we hear the dogs having human conversations.I don't personally believe that if dogs could talk they would sound like us.They are much more psychic in their form of communicationa step up I think. The dogs are portrayed as loyal,protective and heroic life [...]

    25. This book was more interesting for the effects and ideas on coping with the housing/foreclosure mess in Reno than for the mystery. The mystery was okay too.This is the second in a new series of mysteries but this one has no cats, only dogs. Like the Mrs. Murphy mysteries, the animals talk among themselves. They play an important part in the mystery even when those working on the mystery don't appreciate them.Unlike the Mrs. Murphy books, there are more people playing important roles. This gives [...]

    26. If you like cozy mysteries and dogs, you may like this book. I don't read that many cozies, but this was a relaxing, fairly enjoyable read. As in the first book in this series, the dialogue felt oddly stagey and full of info-dumps, and the narration tends to tell, not show, how the characters are feeling. This time, I also guessed the villain early on, though I didn't know what the scheme was. But even so, the setting is richly detailed, the human & canine characters appealing, and the resea [...]

    27. This was just awful. I'm a fan of Rita Mae Brown's series featuring Mrs Murphy (where the cats and dogs play a prominent role) so I was looking forward to this dog-focused series. But what a disappointment. It felt like she just wrote this in one sitting with no editing. It was extremely preachy and just seemed to be a thin vehicle for her thoughts about the housing crisis. The characters were shallow and stereotypical, along with much of the dialog. And the character names were annoyingly eccen [...]

    28. I am a Rita Mae Brown fan. I liked her fox hunting series a lot, I enjoy the Mrs. Murphy series. I am enjoying this series, too.ere are no cats and the horses are hardly mentioned, but I enjoy the characters and the animalsd, the author does do a good job researching her topics.s, it's a fiction murder mystery, but there are other things going on and it's nice to read a book that has factual information about the settingkes it more enjoyable. Can't wait for more books in this series!

    29. Ok, I have always been a huge fan of Rita Mae Brown and have been reading her books for over 15 years. But lately her books, especially this one, have been so political. She goes on and on, page after page about everything that is wrong with the government, the economy and anything else she feels like preaching about. I had to stop reading this book about half way through because there was no story. She was once a really fun mystery writer.I do however like the characters in this new series but [...]

    30. I love Rita Mae Brown's writing. Her cozies are delightful but are never "just" mind candy. This is the second book in a series set in Reno, Nevada. Jeep Reed has retired to run a ranch there- but retired does not mean boring. Jeep, her two dogs King and Baxter, and her Grand Niece Mags try to help a group of squatters who are down on their luck. Who knew their good will would lead to murder and buried treasure?!

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