Black Order

Black Order In Copenhagen a suspicious bookstore fire propels Commander Gray Pierce on a relentless hunt across four continents and into a terrifying mystery surrounding horrific experiments once performed in a n

  • Title: Black Order
  • Author: James Rollins
  • ISBN: 9780060765378
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In Copenhagen a suspicious bookstore fire propels Commander Gray Pierce on a relentless hunt across four continents and into a terrifying mystery surrounding horrific experiments once performed in a now abandoned laboratory buried in a hollowed out mountain in Poland.In the mountains of Nepal in a remote monastery, Buddhist monks inexplicably turn to cannibalisIn Copenhagen a suspicious bookstore fire propels Commander Gray Pierce on a relentless hunt across four continents and into a terrifying mystery surrounding horrific experiments once performed in a now abandoned laboratory buried in a hollowed out mountain in Poland.In the mountains of Nepal in a remote monastery, Buddhist monks inexplicably turn to cannibalism and torture while Painter Crowe, director of Sigma Force, begins to show signs of the same baffling, mind destroying malady and Lisa Cummings, a dedicated American doctor, becomes the target of a brutal clandestine assassin.Now only Gray Pierce and Sigma Force can save a world suddenly in terrible jeopardy Because a new order is on the rise an annihilating nightmare growing at the heart of the greatest mystery of all the origin of life.

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    1. 4.0 stars. Having just finished book three of the Sigma Force series, I can certainly say I am a fan. I love the premise which is basically special forces agents with PhDs in multiple sciences working for a secret arm of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) hunting down rogue technology and terrorists. Great action, smart, slick plots and a bunch of real "good guy" characters. Certainly the literary equivalent of junk food but it really tastes good.

    2. "The truth is too beautiful to die and too monstrous to set free."It sounded like a melodramatic statement on the part of a doomed Nazi scientist at first, but when I actually got to the ending of the book I felt that these words, repeated throughout the second half of the book, were truly appropriate for the conclusion of the book.Black Order felt a little different than Rollins' other books. It seemed a little less frantic, but also a little less coherent; I attribute this to the fact that it [...]

    3. In Black Order written by James Rollins, which is book number three of the Sigma Force series, our group returns to investigate a mysterious plague-like disease that is sweeping it’s way across the villages and temples surrounding Mount Everest. The disease also causes some very intense episodes of psychotic behaviour that cause the infected to murder relentlessly. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, a powerful piece of Nazi technology is discovered, and one of the world’s wealthiest fam [...]

    4. Curse you James Rollins! You kept me up until nearly two a.m. on a school night because I had to finish this book.As with any author, Mr. Rollins has a distinctive style of writing, that leads me to know somewhat how the story will unfold. Because of this, I can only read one of his books every couple of months. Here's what I like about Mr. Rollins's books:1. They fit directly into their genre2. No One is precious (if you read him, I think you'll understand this a bit more)3. The characters are [...]

    5. Himalayas - Everest Base Camp Dr. Lisa Cummings has been requested to accompany a senior monk to a nearby monastery. Painter Crowe, Director of DARPA, has been assigned there to investigate a strange affliction. He is then afflicted himself. Dr. Cummings finds a gruesome scene and death. Among the dead, an elder monk has written rune like writing on the wall with his own blood, behaving quite mad before slashing his own throat. As the bombs erupt around the mountain, Lisa Cummings and Painter Cr [...]

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    7. Datos históricos verídicos:En los últimos meses de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, con la caída de Alemania; británicos, americanos, rusos y franceses se dedicaron a saquear la tecnología de los científicos nazis. Muchos científicos fueron asesinados, otros reclutados por Estados Unidos, laboratorios destruidos, proyectos ocultados con triple chapa ;) todo con tal de evitar que el conocimiento que ellos habían conseguido, fuese robado por otras naciones. Uno de esos proyectos de investi [...]

    8. Well, I guess I'll never be a Rollins fan. I feel a bit bad about this as I have friends here who really like his work. bear that in mind and realize that my review is subjective's how I liked the book.This one is better (imo) than the other I read by Mr. Rollins (The Judas Strain), but still it lost me. I mean you'd think a book with Nazi scientists, mutant horrors, a chemical/biological threat, daring rescues, harrowing escapes, actiond an/the answer to the ultimate evolutionary questions woul [...]

    9. Director Painter Crowe and Commander Gray Pierce (along with a few other Sigma Force colleagues) again plunge into action and adventure to save the world from some scary super-science. This time around, the focus is on an intriguing concept which combines quantum mechanics and evolution and the efforts of a secretive dark group with roots in the Nazis - a "Black Order", if you will - to both use it to create a master race and to weaponize it and "devolve" their enemies. Romps through the Himalay [...]

    10. The best Sigma Force novel by far (I've also read no. 5). I always learn so much about Science, Technology and History whenever I read a a Rollins that my head spins! However, the science behind this novel is fascinating, for some they may find it a little hard to grasp, but his characters always explain it so well. The evolutionary bits were amazing, and I find evolution so boring at school - not any more thanks to Physics!As for the history - there was clearly more to the Nazis than I thought. [...]

    11. Guess it just wasnt my style. The dialog was predictable, trite, and read like a script to a mediocre summer action movie. It didnt give enough credit to the readers, since instead of developing plot and story through understandable events and reactions, the characters stated obvious or unasked-for details to each other. Couldnt get into it. On the plus side, it talked a little about some ideas about evolution and intelligent design in a somewhat creative way, but even this was washed out by laz [...]

    12. Kept me up late two nights. That is why I gave it 4 stars.A wild roller coaster ride in Denmark,Nepal and South Africa! Non-stop action from start to finish.

    13. বই রিভিউ: ব্ল্যাক অর্ডারলেখকঃ জেমস রোলিন্সঅনুবাদঃ সাঈম শামস্প্রকাশকঃ রোদেলাপৃষ্ঠাঃ ৪০০প্রকাশকালঃ ০৪-আগস্ট'২০১৬মূল্যঃ ৩০০ টাকা [মুদ্রিত মূল্য ৪৬০ টাকা].কাহিনি সংক্ষেপ: ব্ল্যাক অর্ডার পা [...]

    14. I picked up James Rollins' Black Order on another impulse buy, half-certain that it was going to suck after I'd gotten burned on my last attempt to impulse-buy a thriller. This time around I didn't get a spectacular read, but it turned out to be not half-bad. I did have the disadvantage of coming in partway into a series, which meant several character relationships had been established before the start of this particular story but it didn't hinder the telling of this one too much.Turns out this [...]

    15. ভালোবাসা বলে কিছু আছে, অথবা নেই।কোয়ান্টাম তত্ত্ব সঠিক, অথবা সঠিক নয়।(দুইটাই কিন্তু কোয়ান্টাম তত্ত্ব!)আমার তো মনে হয় রোলিন্স সাহেব নিজেই Sonnekonige! এমন এমন জটিল প্লট আর টুইস্ট কিভাবে আসে উনার মাথায় [...]

    16. 4 STARhimalaya to south africanazi secret technologyhidden nazisaryan mithologylogic and thrill1st sing of life to perfection of lifelove & realityall this facts give this book a solid ground. the science behind this novel is fascinating. but his characters always explain it nicely.i am a great fan of sigma force novel. i started with Map of Bones. i wont say this book is the best but i can definitely say this is a very thrilling novel and worth a shot."The truth is too beautiful to die and [...]

    17. বিবর্তন,ইনটেলিজেন্ট ডিজাইন,কোয়ান্টাম মেকানিক্স,নাৎসি আর নিও নাৎসিদের গবেষণা- বইটা বেশ ইন্টারেস্টিং।বিজ্ঞানের প্রচুর রেফারেন্স ছিল,কিছু কিছু গাঁজাখুরি হলেও কিছু কিছু বেশ চিন্তাউদ্রেকক [...]

    18. এভারেস্ট আরোহী দলের ডাক্তার ও গবেষক ডা. লিসা কামিংসকে হেলিকপ্টরে করে ক্যাম্প থেকে হিমালয়ের বৃদ্ধ সন্ন্যাসীদের মঠে নিয়ে যাওয়া হচ্ছে।সেখানে দেখা দিয়েছে অদ্ভুত রোগ।সবাই পাগলের মত আচরণ করছে, [...]

    19. 500 pages, should be 300 pages. Wow was I looking forward to finishing this. One of my favorite parts is where a character needs to restart a shield that is dropping over a doomsday machine and discovers the complex mechanism has blown a fuse. He finds a fuse and all is won. Really? A fuse? James Rollins, where was your editor?

    20. I generally compare all secret-society/illuminati/techno-conspiracy novels against Foucault's Pendulum, and against Da Vinci Code. DVC is a 1, FP is a 5. The characters started out like the usual stock characters black ops guy, hawt female doc doing research, German engineers with Nazi allegiances etc ad yawn. But then there was some actual character development! I mean, more than I hoped for from a mass market techno-thriller. They're developed along fairly predictable dimensions (the character [...]

    21. This was a really unputdownable read, which I had to put down on several occasions just to savour the suspense, and to relish the last dash to run through the final third of the book (I’m afraid that, like the nasties of these books, I have also started enjoying the “hunt”). I would like to describe this one as not only a great book with characters that would compel the reader to return to the ‘Sigma Force’, but also as a thriller that deals with enough scientific theories to force eve [...]

    22. A basic potboiler. The kind where every sentence is a new paragraph.Because it fills up the pages. And sounds emphatic.But it's supposed to involve Nazis, science and "quantum mechanics." I can't wait to see how they do it.Updated to say I don't even remember if I finished the book.

    23. Absolutely loved this book. One of the best mystery, action adventure novels I have read. The author pulled me in with his mystery of the Bell and the quantum theory behind the experiments. The characters were genuine with all their strengths and weaknesses. Just a thoroughly enjoyable book.

    24. Volim Rollinsove knjige, pročitala sam sve 4 prevedene kod nas i sad nastavila čitati ostale.Ova je treći nastavak serijala Sigma Force.Zanimljiva je, napeta, radnja je brza, likovi nisu plošni i dosadni.

    25. Really enjoyed this book and the 3 different story arcs set in South Africa, Denmark and the Himalayas and how it all came together at the end of the book. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    26. Mengungkap Warisan Terakhir Adolf hitlerJurnal Nasional, Minggu 20 april 2008Judul buku : Black MissionPengarang : James RollinsPenerbit : Dastanbook, JakartaCetakan : Pertama, Nov 2007Tebal buku : 668 halamanKEKALAHAN Jerman pada Perang Dunia II, ternyata tak menjadikan sekutu menyia-nyiakan warisan berharga Nazi seperti tanah, sumber daya, riset bahkan telnologi Jerman untuk dijarah. Tak salah, jika Inggris, Amerika, Prancis dan Rusia bersaing memperebutkan "warisan" tersebut. Meski sejumlah p [...]

    27. I thought this was a pretty decent book overall. As with the previous books in this series the history and the science are blended together pretty well. The science is extended into the realm of science fiction only where needed and it is done so with care. I like and respect this as Rollins is able to take existing history and science and with only a very slight tweak it comes across as a very reasonable story backdrop. My only issue continues to be the flatness of the characters or lack of dev [...]

    28. If you like shoot 'em up thrillers mixed with Nazi supernatural evildoing like I do, this book is for you! Gray Pierce and friends are back for an all new adventure, this time spanning Copenhagen, Germany, Nepal and South Africa. This book dealt with quantum physics on an evolutionary level – but don't let that stop you from reading it, it was not a bore. It was truly thought provoking. Along with the science, Rollins mystifies readers with space aged technology explored in his book, all prope [...]

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