Rat Fifteen year old Jeremy Chandler loves to play basketball but he knows he ll never be on the school team Despite his quickness and knowledge a birth defect that left him with an injured right arm pr

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  • Title: Rat
  • Author: Jan Cheripko
  • ISBN: 9781590783498
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fifteen year old Jeremy Chandler loves to play basketball, but he knows he ll never be on the school team Despite his quickness and knowledge, a birth defect that left him with an injured right arm prevents him from being able to compete Still, he hangs out in the gym so much that his nick name is Rat short for gym rat Jeremy s admiration for the guys on the basketbaFifteen year old Jeremy Chandler loves to play basketball, but he knows he ll never be on the school team Despite his quickness and knowledge, a birth defect that left him with an injured right arm prevents him from being able to compete Still, he hangs out in the gym so much that his nick name is Rat short for gym rat Jeremy s admiration for the guys on the basketball team receives a shock, however, when he testifies in court against the teams coach whom he saw molesting a cheerleader Now a championship season is threatened, his friendship with the players destroyed, and his life in school tormented by a player who seeks revenge against Jeremy for his testimony Into Jeremy s bleak world enters a new coach, his expectant wife, and their daughter Through them, Jeremy is forced to decide whether friends are important than the truth and to come to terms with being born with a permanently injured right arm.

    One thought on “Rat”

    1. Are you a basketball fan? If not, you will be after you read RAT. If you are, you’ll be calling plays right alongside Coach and Jeremy Chandler, aka RAT, a nicknaname given to him by Simpson, the team bully. This nickname is two-fold— One, fifteen-year-old Jeremy loves basketball and spends most of his time in the gym, thus the “Gym Rat” connotation. And two, because Jeremy witnesses a coach molesting a cheerleader and testified to what he saw, the basketball players call him “Rat.” [...]

    2. Novels begins off with the protagonist, "rat" having to make a decision of telling the truth and be hated or lie. Then, he faces the hatred of his fellow basketball teammates. Rat, having been born with a defected right arm, he faces discrimination and hardship in high school. Meanwhile, bullied, he discovers that the bully actually had an even harder life. In the end, the bully changes after experiencing the death of the new basketball coach's wife when giving birth to her child. The exact reoc [...]

    3. The Rat is a story focused on the idea of bullying in school. The protagonist who's dedicated in basketball, is placed in a serious situation with his basketball team. The story all starts out with him in court as a witness against his gym teacher on a case of rape. With only saying what he saw, the coach has been announced guilty. And with that, the whole basketball team he manages turns against him and life gets rough for him. The Rat's plot and how Jan Cheripko writes the story to elaborate o [...]

    4. I enjoyed the book Rat by Jan Cheripko very much, i liked the plot of the story and thought that since the characters in the book are high school students made the book more enjoyable and connectable to me as i am a high school student aswell. The other reason i liked the book was because it had to do with basketball since the main character is on the basketball team means that there are alot of sport quotes or vocab or stats which excite me when i read a book.

    5. What struck me right away is the unique voice. Rat/Jeremy has a distinct way of talking, and he also has a different way of pulling into thoughts in the middle of a scene--like he's talking to the reader. Might take some getting used to for some. It's basketball heavy. I'm a big fan of basketball, but I think even people who aren't as into sports will appreciate the culture the coach is trying to foster from his team. It's not too heavy into plays and games.Jeremy is an interesting character. I [...]

    6. I thought that this was a good book because it tells the story about a kid who had to do the right thing in order to save someone. He had to tell on his basketball coach to a jury how he tried to hurt him and sexually harass a cheerleader. In this book Jeremy Chandler was hated in his school by the basketball team because they no longer had a coach and they couldn’t practice without one. So the basketball team treated him poorly and there was one certain kid that wanted to hurt him. Jeremy was [...]

    7. this is a story about a fifteen year old kid that loves to play basketball. But he thinks that he will never make the basketball team. He had problems when he was born so he has a defected arm and that is what is making him not play basketball. But he still goes to the gym about ever day and because he goes to the gym so much people started to call him a rat. After he witnesses the basketball teams coach molesting a cheerleader and testifies against the coach in court, then after that the basket [...]

    8. The book I read was called Rat, it was about a boy that has always dreamed to be on the basketball team. But he cant because his right arm is criple. The book not a book i would recomend this book unless you like sport books. I admire him because never stoped trying and never gave up. The book did not meet my standards because i like thrill books, this book just like one thnig after another. My favorit part of the book was when the science teacher beat the three kids in a basketball game and had [...]

    9. Fairly accurate portrayal of what bullying would be like in a school setting. I'd say its better set for jr high kids than elementary. Warning: the first chapter sets up a scene that sets the stage for the entire book. "Rat" witnesses a coach trying to accost a cheerleader in the locker room. The book opens in a court where he is describing what he witnessed. It is not filthy or graphic, but just disturbing to think of what could have happened. This incident is the basis for the book, as the ent [...]

    10. the plot and story were kinda good the conversation lines were poor ,though in the last few chapters I was stolen from planet earth to another level of emotion (y) not my favorite and if I saw another paperback of the same writer I wouldn't run to get it, but in general the book was really nice

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