You Belong to Me

You Belong to Me A killer is branding his victims with numbers How many will he kill before he s stopped YOU BELONG TO ME is a fantastic thriller from bestselling author Karen Rose and the first novel in her Balti se

  • Title: You Belong to Me
  • Author: KarenRose
  • ISBN: 9780755373918
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • A killer is branding his victims with numbers How many will he kill before he s stopped YOU BELONG TO ME is a fantastic thriller from bestselling author Karen Rose, and the first novel in her Balti series When forensic pathologist Lucy Trask stumbles across a mutilated body by the chess tables in her local Balti park, its face so badly damaged it is unrecognisabA killer is branding his victims with numbers How many will he kill before he s stopped YOU BELONG TO ME is a fantastic thriller from bestselling author Karen Rose, and the first novel in her Balti series When forensic pathologist Lucy Trask stumbles across a mutilated body by the chess tables in her local Balti park, its face so badly damaged it is unrecognisable, her sole concern is that it might be her old school teacher Mr Pugh.When the corpse is identified, Lucy is shocked to discover that the victim is actually another man from her past Who killed him and why his skin is burnt with the number 1 is unclear but it s evident that someone is demanding Lucy s attention.The discovery of a second branded body raises worrying questions how many lives may be at risk before the killer s final message is revealed And can Lucy solve the killer s gruesome puzzle before their thirst for revenge is complete

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    1. Forensic pathologist Lucy Trask stumbles upon a dead body while jogging and, in that moment, her world is changed forever. Homicide detective J.D. Fitzpatrick is assigned to the case that turns out to be a pileup of bodies like he's never experienced before. Complicating everything is not only his attraction to Lucy (and she to him), but all of her secrets lying beneath a cool facade that makes his job tougher when it becomes painfully obvious she's also a focus of a diabolical and brutal killer [...]

    2. 5 reasons why this book is bloody good. (Pun intended)1. Despite having 480 pages, the pacing is fast that I didn't even notice that it's longer than usual.2. The mystery is mysterious. It leaves you hanging and wondering who the fuck is butchering up people.3. The romance is good. It's not overly done, it's not the center of the story and it's not the "I'll-roll-my-eyes-this-is-shitty" romance that we usually see in a romantic suspense books.4. Blood and pieces of dead bodies everywhere ♥5. T [...]

    3. Wow. This was a lot of book to get through (494 pages), but well worth the time it took to read it. This is the start of a new series of connected books for Karen Rose taking place in Baltimore, so expect to meet a lot of characters and read plenty of details about them. As expected with the first book of a series, all that set-up can slow the pace of the book down a bit, and I thought this book lagged just a bit in the middle. But once everything started coming together, the last third of the b [...]

    4. I never even noticed how long this book was. I only eagerly devoured it page by page. To say that the plot was brilliantly crafted and the romance hot, well those are just givens with a Karen Rose book. But, I will say, that after 12 books, I FINALLY GUESSED THE BADDIE !!! We have a whole new cast of characters here in the Baltimore books and I look forward to reading the rest of them.Lucy Trask is out jogging in the early morning, as is her routine, when she comes across a body slumped over a c [...]

    5. 3 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseKaren Rose is definitely the master when it comes to creepy killers, eerie chillers, and dark thrillers, and this was certainly no exception. You Belong To Me is an edgy, intense romantic suspense that introduces a new cast of characters based in the Baltimore area. I really liked the hero, sexy widower and former military sniper and vice cop, Homicide Detective J.D. Fitzpatrick. The romance between J.D. and medical examiner with a troubled past, Dr. Lucy Trask, i [...]

    6. Karen Rose knows exactly how to write a story that will grab you and not let go. This story revolves around a lot of secrets. It twists and turns all the way to the end. There is a lot of violence in this book so if that bothers you than I suggest you do not read it.

    7. 'Sometimes secrets are all you get to keep. 'Why is a killer leaving bodies staged for Lucy to find? Why do they all have links back to her home town? And what secret does she know that is putting her in danger? It's complicated. It took me until I was over 1/3 of the way into this book before it all started coming together for me. I had even contemplated dnfing it! Dnf a Karen Rose? That would be a first for me. But I'm glad I didn't. Once things started falling into place, I couldn't leave it [...]

    8. 3.5 Star rounded to 4I really liked this story, but there were points where I was like how many bodies can this guy pile up before he gets caught. It did seem a bit much.On the other hand, I was pulled into the story and had a hard time putting the book down.

    9. After reading 500 pages of this book in what seems like an eternity, I only have one thing to say: "Thank God I'm finished with it!" And I had such high hopesIt looked like an interesting book. The reviews were good. The title was good. I liked the blurb. I liked the cover. And it was so bad for me. I struggled to finish it. In the end all I had was a headache. I can't even start to talk about what it was about and what didn't work for me. The headache is getting in the way of my thoughts.Oh, Lu [...]

    10. A smorgasbord of characters and suspects, a gory pile of corpses piling up, and two seemingly unconnected investigations plus a trailer load of secrets equals another great read in Karen Rose's Romantic Suspense series. Add in a good dash of sexual chemistry and romance and you've got another Must Read by this author.

    11. My first Karen Rose's book.I didn't know what to expect from her but certainly not that many victims, everyone drop like flies!!At the end there are 12 bodies in total, urgh! The villain? I hate him for what he had done but nothing just black and white in this book. I don't even warm to the heroine up to the first half, oh well I guess you just need to find out.This book is multiple POV, and the way it set up I know we will get more stories from this bunch. Because eventhought we know the H/h of [...]

    12. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Karen Rose is literally as good as it gets in writing romantic mystery/thrillers. No one can do what she can. She puts you straight into the lives of the MCs and victims, making them feel like characters you've been reading about for years. At the same time, she puts you in the mind of the killers with chilling success. As you continue to bounce back and forth between different POVs you'll become so addicted to her books that you won't be able to stop [...]

    13. I'm a big fan of Ms. Rose and as far as KR fare goes, this doesn’t disappoint. It holds her usual cocktail of chilling, thrilling suspense, wickedly insane serial killer, dark pasts, deep-buried secrets, traumatic upbringings, and a side-dish of hot romance.On the other hand, I was rather disappointed with the slowness of the pace (I became a fan because her books were always fast-moving page-turners), and the annoying heroine (which came as quite a surprise, since this was a Karen Rose book). [...]

    14. Karen Rose is one of my favorite romantic suspense writersinly because she doesn't hold back. Her characters always have been through and continue to go through horrible things, and they make it through all of them. The characters in her novels always resonate with me because they're survivors. While this particular story wasn't my favorite of hers, it was still a solid book that had me enthralled from the getgo. JD and Lucy feel an instant connection that the reader immediately picks up on, and [...]

    15. It has been a while since I tried this from the library but what killed this for me was the heroine. I remember that she had so many secrets and just kept hiding stuff and some wasn't even a big deal. So she frustrated me really bad just because she just never opened up.

    16. My first Karen Rose's book. I think, the In Death series have ruined me for other suspense books for life. I know, it's not fair. I had to put this book aside for a couple of days because it wasn't getting to me. I picked it up again two days after and trudge through. One morning during her run, Lucy, a medical examiner, found a body slump over a chess table. She thought at first it was her next door neighbor and former teacher but the shoes were all wrong. The face was mutilated, you see, so re [...]

    17. SEPT 2013: REVIEW OF REREAD & AUDIOBOOK 20 SEPt 2013Narrator: Marguerite GavinTHE NARRATOR: 3 stars.Her narratin' version of Lucy was not to my likin'. Lucy's accent, in the words of the book, 'It wasn’t quite Southern, but she wasn’t from the city. At least not originally.” so I guess I can't fault Gavin for makin' Lucy drop her 'g's when she talking. Do ALL Southerners drop their 'g's? Anyway, that did make me pause and revise my perception of the heroine as in my mind, she was 100% [...]

    18. I took this book to read without much of a expectation. And I was wrong. Great, great read! Mystery with everything you want from one: JD is a homicide inspector with a past and beautiful MD Lucy who has all kind of secrets about her. And a killer who has a personal motive. The rhythm of the story is fast and furious. The murders are bloody, gruesome and monstrous, so this book is not for people with weak heart or stomach because the author portrayed them vividly and true to the reality. Bodies [...]

    19. The first book in Karen Rose's Baltimore series. During her morning run, Baltimore Medical Examiner Dr. Lucy Trask finds a dead body. The investigation leads the police to believe that Lucy is connected to this killer in some way. Homicide detective J.D. Fitzpatrick is on the job to help connect the dots and keep Lucy safe.Another intense, gritty, suspenseful and entertaining read by Ms. Rose. I've said it before and I say it again, Ms. Rose writes the creepiest villains out there. The story spe [...]

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    21. I could not put this down. It was very fast paced and an excellent read. The characters were very interesting and realistic. Lucy and J.D. had great chemistry and the romance flowed really nicely. Perfect balance of suspense and romance.

    22. It was one of the best decisions to reread this book. I forgot how incredibly sexy J.D. is! 😍 Even tho it was a reread I still found this book exciting and I didn't mind that some of the things were coming back to me while reading it.This was my first Karen Rose novel ever, and I've read it around six years ago and I was absolutely in love with it. And all of those feelings were back now, all my love for it. Rose's writing is really good, easy to read and hard to put down once you start. The [...]

    23. When I received KR's latest book I wasn't surprised to see it was a humdinger of a hardback at 480 pages. This was actually something I relished, a meaty book that I could get my teeth into.In the past Karen Rose has been criticised for her style of writing with some saying that the romance element shouldn't be there. I disagree and see nothing wrong in a crime or thriller novel having a splash of love about it.In this particular book it took me no time at all to get straight into the heart of t [...]

    24. On a routine jog run Baltimore Medical Examiner Lucy Trask finds a dead mutilated body and us surprised to know the victim who she dated a long time ago.Soon more bodies start turning up that are connected to Lucy's past.Will Detective J.D. Fitzpatrick and Lucy be able to find the suspect in time before Lucy becomes his final prize.A good , fast paced romantic mystery with lots of twists and turns.Overall a solid 4 star and would recommend ti mystery lovers even though was a few pages too long

    25. Well that was some roller coaster ride & boy what a thrill ride it was too. This book was quite the page turner, loved it from start to finish. Great story plot & amazing characters. Edge of seat with anticipation of what will happen next. What more could u want. It truly was a fantastic read.

    26. Great book. Great characters, great story, great suspense and great, hot romance. Just a great book. Karen Rose has done a great job with the mystery and suspense so it is not until the end you really get to know whats going on. A complete review can be read at The Book Chick.

    27. A LASR 'BEST BOOK'!Sometimes going home again isn’t always what you think it would be. Home can be the place of our childhood dreams and it can also be the place of our greatest nightmares. Only the strong at heart can walk away and never look back. Beginning a new series set in Baltimore, Karen Rose introduces brings to life a new set of characters and sets us up for a thrilling experience in suspense as only she can. Meet Dr. Lucy Trask, the local ME with a scarred history that is about to c [...]

    28. While jogging, Medical Examiner Lucy Trask finds a body outside her apartment building. The man had been tortured, his face unrecognizable. Lucy is shocked when he is identified as Russell Bennett, a man who she had once dated. More mutilated bodies turn up. They tie back to Lucy's hometown. Detective J.D. Fitzpatrick believes Lucy is the key to the murders. Someone wants her to find the bodies. Someone wants to terrorize her, then add her to the growing list of victims. J.D. and his partner Det [...]

    29. This story was a mystery from the beginning. Now it's usually hard for me to immerse myself in such stories, but the way that it was written and read made for a really, really good story. It was paced well, the characters were fully developed and it kept me engaged as to the motivation of the killer. The murder scenes were quite graphic and the characters were diverse. Lucy Trask was a medical examiner for the Baltimore area and as she was going through her morning routine, she finds someone tha [...]

    30. Another chilling, sexy romantic suspense from Karen Rose. The villain in this one is a serious baddie--and if you've read previous Rose books you'll know that's saying something. The relationship between Lucy, a medical examiner who is being targeted by aforementioned villain, and JD, the detective who is trying to catch the guy, is sexy and sweet. As usual, even the most insignificant secondary characters are memorable, and I've definitely got my hopes for which ones will show up in forthcoming [...]

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