Lady of Conquest

Lady of Conquest She had the fierce spirit of a warrior and the passionate heart of a woman in love He is called Conn of the Hundred Battles the warrior king who forged a nation from a land of isolated clans As High

  • Title: Lady of Conquest
  • Author: Teresa Medeiros
  • ISBN: 9780307785336
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook
  • She had the fierce spirit of a warrior and the passionate heart of a woman in love.He is called Conn of the Hundred Battles, the warrior king who forged a nation from a land of isolated clans As High King of Ireland, he rides with the legendary Fianna, his elite band of warriors But a threat to the throne looms from a mysterious scourge who has vanquished several of CShe had the fierce spirit of a warrior and the passionate heart of a woman in love.He is called Conn of the Hundred Battles, the warrior king who forged a nation from a land of isolated clans As High King of Ireland, he rides with the legendary Fianna, his elite band of warriors But a threat to the throne looms from a mysterious scourge who has vanquished several of Conn s bravest warriors Conn rides out alone to face a seemingly invincible foe, never expecting that he will confront a grief maddened hellcat with emerald eyes and hair like liquid flame.Wielding a sword called Vengeance, Gelina Monaghan has sworn to defeat the man she holds responsible for her family s ruin She never dreamed she d be bested by him in combatd lose her heart in the bargain Their forbidden passion will become a private war fought with swords and kisses, promises and betrayal and surrender will be only the beginning.From the Paperback edition.

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    1. Nevermind that it's supposed to take place in antiquity (the Roman presence in Britain) and the mood is more medieval. In any case I do not like any of the two periods, too unstable and violent.First, the hero has already reunited clans of Ireland and is already king, while heroin is still young. Then he spends his time calling her "child" and ruffling her hair, even after they become to lovers.But above all it is a real ass throughout the second half of the book. He blames and punishes first, t [...]

    2. Set back in Ireland when some of the clans were joining forces to have one king to rule all, the story is a good one with twists and turns but the two leads of the story are not likeable. Conn and Gelina are not a good match, because they go from enemies to lovers and back and forth over and over. Mistrust and suspicion abound with everyone and does not make for a great relationship. I usually love Medeiros' books but this one seriously disappointed me with the weak, wishy-washy, and not loyal l [...]

    3. Have you ever found yourself, while reading, scanning the page, only reading the dialogue, and even at times forgetting WTH it was you just read? No? Me either that is, until now.I love, LOVE, Teresa Mederois. I strongly, disliked this book. I forced myself, to finish reading, the will to do so, derived from an extremely stubborn hope that it would get better if I persevered. It didn't

    4. There are select few books in the world in which a secondary character far outshines the main hero. This was one of those books. The lady of conquest begins with our valiant hero, known as Conn of the hundred battles. A fierce warrior and powerful king of the warriors of Fienna, he is everything you would come to expect from a hero. Conn is male specimen of beauty; tall with piercing blue eyes. He radiates power, but is a just and fair king, loved and respected among his people. But I did not li [...]

    5. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 4 parts.My first Teresa Medeiros novel. Just read 2 chps. The prose style is a bit thick, but if it grows on me, I think I might enjoy. Too early to tell anything. :)*************Must say even though it's going slow (for my style), liking it. It's different than the novels I've read so far; there are things, references I don't know and have to look up online to get an idea but I'm liking it so far [...]

    6. A Conquistadora é um livro que nos envolve e surpreende do inicio ao fim. A história de Conn e de Gelina sofre peripécias n vezes, mas é isso que torna esta história movimentada e que disperta diferentes emoções no leitor.Esta obra de Teresa Medeiros é principalmente um romance cheio de aventura, mas mais centrado no par amoroso. Par este que acompanhamos 100% em todo o livro, seja individualmente ou em conjunto.É quando eles estão juntos que tudo ganha mais cor, visto que os diálogos [...]

    7. Lê-se muito bem, mas nem as personagens são convincentes nem o contexto histórico é muito bem explorado. De qualquer forma, gostei.

    8. "A Conquistadora" é um livro que queria ler há alguns anos, no entanto ainda não tinha tido a oportunidade de o ler. Essa oportunidade surgiu pelo Natal, quando adquiri o livro e no início deste mês comecei a lê-lo. Devido à sua pontuação no , senti alguma apreensão uma vez que me perguntei: "porque é que será que tem esta pontuação?". Como gosto de ter uma opinião própria o melhor que pude fazer para responder a essa questão foi ler o livro. E o que pude concluir para responder [...]

    9. What I didn't like about this book was that it was so misleading. From the back picture-Gelina never had long hair and Conn and her looking like a warrior couple in love- to the back cover description! Grr! I know, the author has no say in the picture and maybe not the description of the book. I bought the book used because I needed an exciting, action packed, some character conflict, a love story can't put down book! Ok, so I DID get those things and I wanted to keep reading till the end. I fou [...]

    10. Blog tempodler/2012/07/«A Conquistadora» teria sido um excelente livro Teresa Medeiros tivesse optado por um final diferente.Quando Conn parte do seu reino para combater o inimigo que ceifou a vida de diversos guerreiros do seu clã acaba por encontrar algo que não estava bem à espera: Gelina Ó MonaghanE até aqui: maravilhoso!Tomando a decisão de a levar, mesmo contra vontade, para o seu castelo o aparentemente inevitável acaba por acontecerConn e Gelina apaixonam-se. Há o facto ligei [...]

    11. First, I LOVE Teresa Medeiros and I've loved many of her books.I can't love this one. I finished it last night and thought about it each time I woke during the night, trying to describe how I felt about it.Must say, it was very well written and isn't a book that I will easily forget, that's on the plus side! The negative side is in the spoiler section here:(view spoiler)[ I've read the other reviews both here and on and had to laugh at a lot of the statements. It really seems like LoC only gets [...]

    12. I know that there must be some conflict between the 2 lovers before they can live happily ever after, but enough already! I got bored of the many conflicts between Conn and Gelina. Every time this woman/child cried I kept thinking to myself "WHY on earth would she want to stay with a man that brings her so much pain so often". This wasn't my idea of a good romance at all :(

    13. O que me atraiu principalmente neste livro foi a capa. Acho que nunca vi uma capa tão bonita pelo menos que me lembre. Foi um livro que adorei ler, não conseguia largá-lo mas fiquei desiludida com o final, achei um bocado cor de rosa demais para o que estava à espera.

    14. I generally LOVE Teresa Medeiros' books but this one went on and on and on. I kept reading it cuz surely it would get better. It didn't. I hate when there's such a disparity of ages between the hero and heroine. Their relationship was on again, off again, with much hatred, mistrust and vengeance interspersed to the point where you wanted the relationship to end. Our hero was obsessed with our heroine who joined his enemy and who he believes killed one of his best friends, making one question his [...]

    15. The writing was good. Really brought the character to life. The plot was ok. I found it to be very predictable but it did hold my attention for the most part. The romance of the book however I found to be aweful. Even doing my best to keep in mind the time in history this book was written for it was till a badly told romance. He literally rapes her twice in this book and she just forgives him beacause feels bad? Maybe it was just me but the romance was aweful in this story.

    16. This is the most complicated novels I've read for Medeiros - so don't be surprised to a see a lengthy commentary. The story is set in the beautiful land of Erin (Ireland) during the first couple of centuries after the birth of Christ. All the characters in the novels are intriguing and so alluring in their complexity of thoughts and feelings. The hero and heroine of the story, Conn (the High King of Erin) and Gelina (an avenging woman-warrior) are by far the most interesting in their inconsisten [...]

    17. A Bodice Ripper set in Ireland’s Long Ago Past Set in Ireland (Eire) in the 2nd century at the time when the High Kings reigned, this is the story of Conn of the Hundred Battles (a real historic figure), who as High King governs Eire through the Fianna, his legion of warriors. When Conn learns that someone is killing his men, he goes in search of the killer and finds Gelina O’Monaghan, who, along with her brother, is taking vengeance on Conn for destroying her family. Since Gelina seems to C [...]

    18. Finally done, this was one hell of a long book.honestly it was one of the few books I rated 3, cause I'm a bit dissapointed. Mostly with the characters themselve.As usual the writing was splendid, but this time the story was lng, the characters just makes you want to pull yur own hair out f frustration.Specially the main crazy couple, they just keep on fighting, I don't deny that they had their cute moments, but man I'm really sympathetic with the heroin, the hero was more than not a jerk, when [...]

    19. I really did like this book but it made me so mad at the ending that I couldn't give it the 4 stars that I wish I could have given it. The story was very well detailed and TM did a great job of transporting you back to that time. Some reviewers complained that the story felt medieval when it was set long before that but I didn't have this confusion of time as some others seemed to have. There were no English or French kingdoms to contend with and the only outside culture she mentioned were the R [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. I like this author. I haven't been disappointed yet! This is the last book in the Brides series.

    21. For whatever reason, the anachronisms in this book made me CRAZY. Shearing sheep in the fall? Our heroine can read -- before the time of Arthur? Since when did the Irish even HAVE writing before the time of Arthur? People have private plates? Bowls of pepper (I think she was aiming for salt cellars and missed)? Partner dancing? Just got to be too much.Part of the problem is that it's an idiot plot -- and a mega idiot plot, because not just the hero and heroine but pretty much EVERYONE has to act [...]

    22. There is so much to say about this novel. I've read other books by Teresa Medeiros, but it only hit me with this one that she has a habit of pushing the envelope. And I have never seen her do so more boldly than she does here. Like many other readers before me have already said, not everything she attempts pans out in this novel. Personally, I found myself wishing that we could have seen more of Conn's experiences on the Roman slave ship since that appears to be the betrayal that presumably ruin [...]

    23. Teresa Medeiros has been a favorite author of mine for many many years. There aren't too many of her books that I haven't read at one time or another and then ended up reading them a second and even a third time. I also bought Shadows and Lace at the same time I bought this--Shadows and Lace is actually Book 1 in the Brides of Legend series--but it reads just fine as a stand alone!! I also happen to love historical romances where there are strong handsome men--but even stronger women who manage [...]

    24. Já finalizei a leitura e devo dizer que foi uma agradavel surpresa esta autora, nunca antes tinha lido nada dela e acabou por ser uma leitura compulsiva isto é, por um lado estava reticente por ser um romance historico mas por outro gostei da relação estabelecida entre Gelina e Conn apesar de tanto um como o outro quererem dominar completamente a relacao pela lei dos beijos e das espadas.Nunca vi protagonistas que brigassem tanto e que se separassem tantas vezes ao longo do livro, ela chega [...]

    25. This was a wild adventure in the time period ad 123 Ireland. The themes and tone of story is a bit dark, there is comic relief in the form of a court jester. There are many difficulties to contend with. The heroine is a victim of revenge and has come to depend on the hero for protection even though she believes he is the cause of her problems. The heroine does withhold very important info from hero and does more than a couple of "too stupid to live" moves but I forgive her for everything. The au [...]

    26. So, I traced all of Teresa Medeiros' books and her booklist said that this was her first. The Lady of Conquest has a really good plot, and I like her take on Conn of the Hundred battles, though the repetition of betrayal can be a bit tiring, and the ending was disappointing. I mean, seriously, the guy that claims to love her judges her without even a second thought and when he comes after her when he realizes his mistake, she forgives him almost instantly? Really? For a girl with such a stubborn [...]

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