Cold Magic

Cold Magic The Wild Hunt is stirring and the dragons are finally waking from their long sleepCat Barahal was the only survivor of the flood that took her parents Raised by her extended family she and her cousin

  • Title: Cold Magic
  • Author: Kate Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780316080873
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Wild Hunt is stirring and the dragons are finally waking from their long sleepCat Barahal was the only survivor of the flood that took her parents Raised by her extended family, she and her cousin, Bee, are unaware of the dangers that threaten them both Though they are in beginning of the Industrial Age, magic and the power of the Cold Mages still hold sway.The Wild Hunt is stirring and the dragons are finally waking from their long sleepCat Barahal was the only survivor of the flood that took her parents Raised by her extended family, she and her cousin, Bee, are unaware of the dangers that threaten them both Though they are in beginning of the Industrial Age, magic and the power of the Cold Mages still hold sway.Now, betrayed by her family and forced to marry a powerful Cold Mage, Cat will be drawn into a labyrinth of politics There she will learn the full ruthlessness of the rule of the Cold Mages What do the Cold Mages want from her And who will help Cat in her struggle against them

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    1. Pretty close to awful. In fairness, I'll admit I'm not a fan of Victorian romances. Didn't think this was one? Ha.Here, let me save you some time:Chapter 1 to 6Cat misses her dead father, so she reads his expedition journals. Cat is cold because they can’t afford heat in the big, drafty house. She is hungry because she missed breakfast. Cat is cold when she runs to school because she forgot her coat, the one in last season’s style. See Cat’s cousin, Bee, and “best friend” pinch her dur [...]

    2. When I decided to put Cold Magic aside, after 67% of very little pleasure and a lot of struggle, I felt pretty angry and offended. Angry, because reading these 360 pages took a huge effort and did not dole out the tiniest reward. Offended, because the book, written by an author with quite some published writing to show as a proof for her skills, made me question my ability to focus, my ability to absorb and understand what I read and - for a short, shocking minute – the functionality of my Kin [...]

    3. A GR friend of mine has a shelf called wtf was this. And as I closed this book for the last time, utterly defeated by the barrage of incomprehensible & unnecessary pseudo-european cultural fantasy-speak, I actually thought what the f*ck was this? Too bad I don't have a shelf like that, or I'd put this on it.I feel odd reviewing a book that i didn't finish. It might be unfair, really; other readers have claimed the book does improve in the second half. But I won't be there to see it. As much [...]

    4. First off, I really ought to say that there are a lot of very good aspects to this novel. Some parts, such as the dream of the dragon, the bits with the illusions and the cold steel, and especially the alternate history of Europe right up to the Regency era, with all of the Napoleanic (Camjiata) flavors built right in, even going far back for the world-building to the great empire of Carthage, the Phoenicians.Like I said, there's a lot to love.Unfortunately, there's also the bad.Andevai has got [...]

    5. I wrote a really long review and somehow it got erased just as I was about to press "post." Is it because it's Monday? Jeeeez.Ok, AS I WAS SAYING, this book was between 3 and 4 stars for me, but I gave it 4 because at the end of the book I was really satisfied and wanted more. I really really enjoyed Cold Magic, I liked the female protagonist a lot and the mystery behind the book and the politics of the world. Only negative: the world-building slogged down the pace in places though because there [...]

    6. This book is so FRUSTRATINGI mean, interesting premise: Steampunky alternate Europe in which there is widespread multicultural cross-pollination and ~magic~. Check!Great characters: Headstrong young lady who has been sadly misinformed about herself for most of her life, and a Harlequin-worthy hatemance with the spoiled Cold Mage she's forced to marry and who is Not All What He Seems. Check!But on the other hand--Plot: Hello, yoo-hoo, plot? Where are you? Look at the cover blurb:"Young Cat Baraha [...]

    7. Review also available @Scaredy Engines End of Line LibraryThis was such a richly described complex novel that was about a lot of things I'm interested in e.g. culture, mythology and the what ifs in history. This is not a story to be rushed it has to be savored and analysed to get the full experience. The novel is set in an alternate early 19th century europa that still has fragments of the ice age and magic and the spirit world are real and well known. After the fall of the Roman empire the regi [...]

    8. Kate Elliott’s Cold Magic is about as slippery as dress shoes on ice. But fortunately without the painful fall.Why is it slippery? Because it’s (as Elliott describes it) a mashup novel.When I started reading I decided it was a magic-riddled steampunk novel. Then I decided it was also a political novel (exploring cultural beliefs using an alternate Europe). But no sooner had I decided that when Elliott threw in an “I hate him with all my heart” romance in the best Harlequin tradition. Lat [...]

    9. I’ve held off on this review for long enough, haven’t I? Well, let’s get started then. Cold Magic is fabulous! I think the strongest part of the book is the world building. There is great depth and complexity woven through it, created with a great deal of intricate thought. Not only is there an established rank of classes with all its ensuing ramifications (prejudice, the dynamic between the rich and the poor, etc), careful economic considerations (what makes the poor, poorer and what make [...]

    10. The beginning of Cold Magic was both slow and felt rather cumbersome, and while I did not precisely struggle to read it, I was more than ambivalent about it. There are reasons for this. The world building has to begin and the author balances a delicate line between too much detail and exposition and not enough (well, like all fantasy novels). I wouldn't say that it was clumsily done, but it was a little heavy. I found myself at turns confused and then enlightened and then confused once more, but [...]

    11. In an alternate history Europe an orphaned girl struggles for her family against forces that would use them as political and magical pawns.The world-building here is intricate and rich, with a very geologically different Earth. There still appears to be enough of an ice age that the Mediterranean is small and there's no English Channel and the middle of Europe is still glacier-bound. Also historically, with no Christianity, and an extant Roman Empire that didn't defeat Carthage and didn't collap [...]

    12. "Roman epske fantastike u kojem se znanost i magija blablabla."Bljak!Evo dva citata da odmah shvatite o kakvoj se "epskoj fantastici" radi:1:"Poljubac može biti kao okretaj svijeta. Može biti kao plima zmajskog sna koja se prelijeva neviđenim svijetom skrivenim od očiju smrtnika koji svejedno prožima sve naše živote. Može biti vruć i hladan istovremeno, prostran kao nebesa ali precizan u dodiru ruku i razdvajanju usana. Može podići snažnije osjećaje nego što sam očekivala, kao da [...]

    13. An awesome book that blew me away; The setting is an ice-age like alt-Earth around the 1800's but with a quite different history, magic houses, but also budding science that the "cold mages" dislike and want suppressed, but the local princes try to protectThe heroine/narrator is Cat (Catherine) of Carthaginian descent - here 2000 years ago Carthage was ruled by queens (called dido's for the famous mythical founder) and Hannibal defeated the Romans at Zama for once, so the two powers fought thems [...]

    14. The book "Cold Magic" leads to a parallel world in Europe, in the world ruled by the Cold magic house and many royal houses. This is the dark world in which human life is worth nothing, and all the inhabitants were slaves or Cold magic house or Ruler. The industrial revolution was in its infancy, but Houses of Cold magicians are hardly conducive to the progress and try to prevent any progress. Therefore, the rebellion led by the Roman legate Camjiata, but after a terrible war and the destruction [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this alternate world Regency fantasy - great world-building, characters, and peril. My main complaint is that I think it needed to be pared down - parts got a bit repetitive.

    16. I'm not sure what I was expecting this book to be but, whatever it was, what I got wasn't it. I think I expected more historical relevance, more political intrigue, perhaps less romance, though I'm certainly not opposed to romance in a story, and more, well - I think what I expected was for the world-building and the history to be more important to the actual story than it was.There are times when the history becomes relevant to the story line, like the not travelling abroad during Samhain and t [...]

    17. My first Kate Elliott book. I HAVE SUCH FOND MEMORIES. *_* Things this book has:- awesome diverse cast!- lady friendships that are incredibly important to both ladies AND THE PLOT!- examination and critique of colonialism and other terrible social ills, BY CLEVER HEROINE and company- kissing!- magic!- a complicated romance with a dude that doesn't come with an easy resolution that both people have to work for!More thoughts (with spoilers): ladybusiness.dreamwidth/2

    18. rantingdragon/cold-magCold Magic is the first book in the new Spirit Walker trilogy by Kate Elliott, established author of both the Crown of Stars and the Crossroads series. As the result of a family obligation, Catherine Hassi Barahal is forced into an arranged marriage to a young noble, an enigmatic cold mage. She is immediately torn away from her home and her education in the technology of the impending industrial age, only to find that marriage into a mage house is far from safe or secure. C [...]

    19. Several years ago, I read this author’s Crossroads trilogy, beginning with Spirit Gate. My memory of it is really fuzzy, but I remember it as being a fairly complex story, with multiple points-of-view and storylines. I also remember that I really enjoyed it, and I’ve wanted to try some of her other books.This book was a little different from what I expected based on my fuzzy memory of Crossroads. I enjoyed the story and the characters, but there were some aspects of the writing that seemed a [...]

    20. I don't often find a book I want to read again after the first initial inhalation of its story and characters. I don't want to pore over events that shape the narrative, linger over the words spoken and the feelings felt by the different characters. It's a rare book that engages me to the extent that I will read and reread because every time I do, I find something more to take away from it.Cold Magic, the first book in the Spirit Walker trilogy, is one such rare book. I found myself reading as s [...]

    21. Cold Magic is an alternate history fantasy, but unlike any I’ve read before. It takes place in England in the 1800s - I think, since there isn’t really an England or a Victoria as far I can tell. Some aspects of both Regency and Victorian society are there, including an alternate Industrial Revolution. All of Europe is still frozen in an extended ice age. There are mage houses and princes in conflict with serving classes and technology, and there is just a tiny bit of steampunkishness to it [...]

    22. This feels, for some reason, like it skims the surface of a story. It lacks density and heft. It is kind of cute at times. I like Cat and her relationship with Bea but so much of this is so light.

    23. Boring, long and it desperately needed a good editor. Also, Cold Magic was very poorly researched. It felt as if the author set up a dart board with the names of ancient cultures and just started throwing darts. Whatever names the darts hit, she'd use in her story without actually trying to make their usage be coherent or research the cultures customs, languages or anything. Sort of like a child who decided to wear all of his or hers best clothes at once. The result is cute for a while, but if d [...]

    24. This is going to be a longish review and also a rambling one, so I’ll ask you to bear with me.Despite having purchased the third volume in Kate Elliott’s amazing Crossroads trilogy close on three months ago, I’ve not yet started reading it. This is due, in large part, to the originality of her worldbuilding; and I mean that as a compliment. Being as I am a devout mythology and history geek and also a lifelong fantasist, there are certain narrative cues to which my interests make me sensiti [...]

    25. COLD MAGIC is a fantastic cross-genre epic, bringing together themes from epic fantasy, romantic fantasy, steampunk, and alternative history to snare readers for hours. I was 100% sucked into this world, reading the first two 500+ page installments in less than a week. If the third was available, I’d be reading that one right now too!Catherine Hassi Barahal is a young woman raised in a family known for its skill as merchants of information other words, spies. She’s trained to use a blade and [...]

    26. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/201The positive things I've heard about Kate Elliott's books, especially praise for her Crossroads trilogy, have always piqued my curiosity and made me feel like I'm missing out for not having read any of her work. So when I saw the Cold Magic ebook on sale a few months back, I snapped it up and didn't even hesitate for a second.From its description, the book sounded like it would be right up my alley. Dawn of a new age? An Industrial Revolution wh [...]

    27. Three and a half stars.I loved: the setting. Roman Empire continued a lot later than in "our world", and the society Elliott depicted is fascinating.I didn't love: the setting. It probably didn't help that I read this while (re)-working on a section of our book to do with alternate histories, and this almost is and isn't quite an alternate history. Little things kept niggling at me about that - why should there still be so much hatred against the Romans - even to the point of one character's say [...]

    28. Actual Rating: 3. 5 starsI would’ve rated it higher if I didn’t skimmed some of the scenes I deemed unnecessary.Cold Magic is without doubt one of the most ingenious and well established book I’ve ever read. Elliott approached the fantasy genre by meshing steampunk in her work with a heavy emphasis on cultural diversity. I’m a mess and I don’t know if I could ever justify how inclusive this book is. I love how Cold Magic tackled kinship without blood relation, colonialism, slavery, emp [...]

    29. My new favorite series!Actually ,my new favorite author!Oh how i longed to find someone like Kate Elliott !I have few favorite authors and have read everything they have written so i found my self in an empty void,looking around for more good books and writers but found nothing really spectacular latelyI just couldn't sniff out any more authors like Anne McCaffrey,Robin Hobb,Trudi Canavan until now:)I just ended the second part of the trilogy and considering that the third and the last part: "Co [...]

    30. Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers: thebooksmugglers/2011/01/bCatherine Hassi Barahal (or Cat to all that know her) has always taken pride in her family’s rich history. The Hassi Barahals are a storied Phoenician clan of merchants, spies and traders of information, tracing their roots back to even before the height of Rome’s ambitious empire. When she was six Cat’s father, the scholarly wanderer Daniel Hassi Barahal, and her mother, the ian warrior Tara Bell, perished in a river cro [...]

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