Dying for Siena

Dying for Siena Everything that can go wrong will go wrong That just about sums up talented mathematician Faith Murphy s life After a disastrous one night stand with hockey heartthrob Nick Rossi she flees to a confe

  • Title: Dying for Siena
  • Author: Elizabeth Jennings Lisa Marie Rice
  • ISBN: 9781419954597
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Everything that can go wrong will go wrong That just about sums up talented mathematician Faith Murphy s life After a disastrous one night stand with hockey heartthrob Nick Rossi, she flees to a conference in Siena, Italy She expected her Boss from Hell, Roland Kane, to be unbearable She wasn t expecting him to be dead A head injury has destroyed Nick Rossi s hockey cEverything that can go wrong will go wrong That just about sums up talented mathematician Faith Murphy s life After a disastrous one night stand with hockey heartthrob Nick Rossi, she flees to a conference in Siena, Italy She expected her Boss from Hell, Roland Kane, to be unbearable She wasn t expecting him to be dead A head injury has destroyed Nick Rossi s hockey career Maybe if he hadn t been devastated and drunk, he wouldn t have seduced Faith Murphy By the time he realizes she might be the woman of his dreams, she s run off to Siena It s Palio season in Siena The Palio, a no holds barred medieval horse race, has the whole city in a lather Nick knows Siena like the back of his hand He knows he can get Faith back if he follows her to Siena But there s the little matter of suspicion of murder in the way Cops don t have time for murder in Siena during Palio season Police Commissario Dante Rossi finds it hard to focus on murder when there s a horse race to be won But when his cousin Nick shows up in pursuit of a pretty American who s the prime suspect, all bets are off.

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    1. This is an earlier work of Elizabeth Jennings, a.k.a. Lisa Marie Rice. I'm such a fan of all her other books, and thought I'd check this one out too. Unfortunately, this one does not quite live up to the standard set by her other works. It's a simple who-done-it with just a touch of romance, and no sex scenes to speak of. If this was a movie, the sex scenes would have all happened off camera. The book mainly takes place in Siena, Italy, and the backdrop of a local annual horserace that's been go [...]

    2. Dying for Siena is a very enjoyable read but be warned. It has very little romance and the hero takes a back seat to his cousin in the narrative. The focus is solidly on Siena and the palio on 1 hand, and the murder mystery and suspects on the other. The romance between Faith and Nick feels almost like a tacked on afterthought, written to qualify this book as a romance rather than a mystery or travelogue. However this is a very nice book, and the author clearly loves and is knowledgable about th [...]

    3. I've always been a fan of the author but maybe because it's one of her early books,this was a bit of a disappointment for me. I'm all for romantic suspense and its set in Italy! I like it when the authors description of a location makes you fall in love with the place. This book tried too hard imho. It raved on and on about Siena and the Palio for it seems like half the book and kept interrupting the pace of the romance and the mystery that it took second place.

    4. 23 july - Book TourBlog BookWhores BR: bookwhorebr/20Resenha em português e inglês / Review in Portuguese and EnglishARC recebido da autora para resenha honesta / ARC received from author to honest review.Este livro foi previamente lançado com o título Dying for Siena e sob o nome de Elizabeth Jennings.A história é uma comédia com uma ponta de suspense e algum romance.Nossa heroína Faith Murphy, daí o nome do livro, é uma brilhante matemática, mas ela sofre com dificuldades de tratar [...]

    5. A Vânia do Borboleta que Lê me convidou e claro eu aceitei novamente participar de um book tour com a Lisa Marie Rice. Dessa vez o livro escolhido foi o Murphy's Law.Esse é um relançamento. Na sua primeira edição ele se chamava Dying Siena e Lisa Marie escreveu-o com seu outro pseudônimo: Elizabeth Jennings.A tórrida noite de amor que vive com Nick se transforma em pesadelo quando na manhã seguinte ele sequer consegue lembrar o nome dela. Por isso a viagem a Siena veio a calhar. Mas ela [...]

    6. Faith and Nikki were already known for a long time. She had a secret crush on him while he did not spend one minute of his life thinking about her. The chance came when Nikki was in a bad phase of his career to realize his hockey player career was being blown due to a head injury, and therefore had too much to drink, he and Faith wind up in bed. After a night in the room which "burns", Faith sees her dream crumble when, the next morning, Nikki even remember her name. And Faith was habitué in hi [...]

    7. We once again thanks Lisa Marie Rice, who sent us the book to read and come up with a preposterous suggestion. This history is actually it a Remake the Dying for Siena, a novell written by your pen name, Elizabeth Jennings, and launched in January 2006. The history is totally adapted in Siena, in Italy, and quite different from other novells of Lisa. It’s good, but good guy leaves a bit Lisa’s standards, those overprotective men that when they beat the eye in the girl, the world can if chip [...]

    8. this book has previously been released under the name Elizabeth Jennings - dying for Siena, so be careful

    9. Review in Portuguese (English review scroll down) Durante toda sua vida Chicó se dedicou a desvendar as agruras da Matemática, devido a sua extraordinária capacidade lógica e a rapidez no cálculo mental. Expert no assunto, tem como oração no criado mudo a Fórmula de Bhaskara. Assim como a Adriana, ela é uma das poucas que ama essa tão incompreendida, malfadada e difamada matemática, bem como a Professora Boattini.Chicó é cheia de contrastes, pois apesar de sua assombrosa capacitada [...]

    10. NOTE: Dying for Siena was recently republished with a different title, Murphy's Law, and under the author's Lisa Marie Rice name. According to the description on amazon, it's been "extensively rewritten" and is "much sexier and funnier".I've had Dying for Siena in my TBR for years, even since I read LMR's Midnight series and immediately bought her entire backlist. When I heard she'd written some books as Elizabeth Jennings, I bought those too. I had heard that this one didn't have much romance i [...]

    11. I was always a fan of Lisa Marie Rice. There is so many things to love about novels not excluding her hot alpha heroes and her damsels in distress. Murphy's Law did not live up to her standards. In fact, I felt as if someone else had written the whole entire thing.Things I couldn't get over in the book:1. I cannot connect with the characters. I tried to like the hero and the heroine, but I couldn't. Ms. Rice didn't give us anything to relate to them even superficially. In fact, there was no deve [...]

    12. Es mucho el ir y venir de los personajes, la escritora de concentró más en la relación amorosa que en el misterio. Demasiado predecibles los acontecimientos.

    13. about one-third in (one fourth maybe) and the H has been a dick, and then a no show, and we, the audience (readers) get to see a lot of Dante, H's cousin, and get to hear (read) about all these women that Dante has slept with. The references just keep popping (coroner's daughter, some math dept head's daughter, all the english speaking female tourists he's banged). I can honestly say, this is more annoying that the H's ows! Docking one point for the H and one for his cousin, because I actually l [...]

    14. Siena, the city, is beautiful, but in order to be worthy, the characters in this book also had to be beautiful. The emphasis on beauty and the direct correlation of how miserable the ugly characters are annoyed me greatly. There were other issues, too--constantly referring to the hero as dumb; the hero making a completely unprofessional scene with one of the heroine's colleagues, and she takes him to task not at all; reference to a date rape drug and why anyone would use it on an unattractive pe [...]

    15. Some weird-bad copy editing issues in this: like secondary character Richard Richard Allen sometimes being called Paul (or vice versa, I'm not sure which it is really).Also, when I first read the opening chapter, I was all "oh poor woobie heroine" but then later realized that Nick's two-day hangover was maybe a sign that he'd been too drunk to consent, and then I was all "gross gross gross." (And given the murder motive was rape facilitated by knock-out drugs, that juxtaposition was extra weird. [...]

    16. La Ley De Murphy es una novela independiente creada por la autora Lisa Marie Rice y tiene a Faith y Nick como protagonistas.A primera vista la novela no me llamo la atencion pero decidi darle el beneficio de la duda porque estaba escrita por una autora que me encanta. Despues de haber leido tantos libros de Lisa Marie Rice nunca pense que habria alguna de sus historias que no me gustara pero esta lectura no fue lo que esperaba.Lenta, con una trama aburrida y muy falta de desarrollo, todo era pla [...]

    17. Buffff me ha hecho gracia todo lo relacionado con Siena y el Palio porque estuve allí este año y pude vivir las contratas en vivo y en directo. La historia de fondo con el asesinato y ver cómo iban descubriendo las pistas ha estado bien, aunque la historia de amor entre Nick y Faith me ha parecido floja. Que Nick se enamorase en cuestión de segundos no me convenció porque parecía que la quería a ella porque tenía que renunciar a su carrera y ese final creo que le falta un capítulo más [...]

    18. What the hell did I just read??It had the set-up for a nice romantic suspense plot and I'm somewhat glad I hung in there because I was thrown for a loop about the ending but man what a bunch of babble in between!! Most of the story is about H's cousin Dante and his past love life (good god did he sleep with everyone's daughter in Siena??) and the famous horse race.2 stars just because I enjoyed the first couple chapters, H's struggle with picking a new career and the last couple chapters when th [...]

    19. This book is completely different from anything else I have read by Lisa Marie Rice. It was funny and light although there were serious issues taking place.I loved that the heroine was a math nerd. I did not like that the hero was considered to be dumb by all his friends and family. Faith is the only person in Nick's life who has never made fun of his intelligence.I have to wonder if she ever wrote a book about Nick's cousin Dante. He definitely needs his own story.

    20. Smiled throughputAlways enjoy this author's books. Great plot great H great h . The villain really was the dead guy and the secondary villain was a surprise. Loved secondary characters especially Dante. Would love to see book with him and also Lou. Ended way to quickly without wedding just cut off needed something only drawback with this one

    21. a pesar de ser una de mis autoras favoritas, este libro no me gusto, si quieres saber sobre la historia de las carreras de Italia y a la vida en Sienna este es tu libro, desafortunadamente la interacción entre los personajes y la historia se pierde con tantos datos, además que aparece más el primo que el protagonista.

    22. Combination murder mystery, romance, and travel book to Sienna, Italy. The pace is kind of slow and luxurious as the author uses the thoughts of the various characters to make you feel like you are there in Sienna during the time of the Palio. The protagonists were both going through a period of personal growth while this was all happening. Really enjoyed it. :)

    23. I'm being ambivalant with this one. I really liked the characters, the story, the murder and the place to see through the eyes of the characters. But I quickly knew who was the killer. meeehhAnd some passages where long which make me want to pass them. I was kind of impatient during my reading so it might well be my fault.

    24. The main character in this book was not a couple but the city of Siena, Italy, and I loved that. The love story of Nick and Faith was wonderful and I really rooted for them. I just wish the sex scenes had been more explicit. The murder mystery including an excellent who-done-it made me rate five stars.

    25. This is one of the worst books I've read. I don't like writing reviews like this one, and I normally like this author a lot, but this book was just so boring. I couldn't enjoy it, no matter what and I tried

    26. Combinatie tussen een soort veredelde boeketreeks en een whodunnit. De beschrijvingen van de Palio en het hele sociale gebeuren er om heen maken het toch een aardig sfeerbeeld van Siena.

    27. Elizabeth Jennings aka Lisa Marie Rice is an excellent read. It's not as hot and sex hot as some of her others but this one you need to read if you ever plan on going to Italy

    28. a good book, one of this author's earlier efforts. have to admit, didn't see it coming just who the murderer turned out to be!

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