Spiderwork Her fate was to hold the world together His destiny was to tear it apart As a child Durga was chosen by the goddess to save the world from sterility and extinction Now her eighteenth birthday approac

  • Title: Spiderwork
  • Author: L.K. Rigel
  • ISBN: 2940012014771
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Nook
  • Her fate was to hold the world together His destiny was to tear it apart.As a child, Durga was chosen by the goddess to save the world from sterility and extinction Now her eighteenth birthday approaches, and Durga must take her place among the chalices, women made fertile by the goddess to ensure souls for the universe Durga s mission does not include love butHer fate was to hold the world together His destiny was to tear it apart.As a child, Durga was chosen by the goddess to save the world from sterility and extinction Now her eighteenth birthday approaches, and Durga must take her place among the chalices, women made fertile by the goddess to ensure souls for the universe Durga s mission does not include love but Khai, the scion of Luxor, is unlike any man she s ever met.Char Meadowlark once played a role in the goddess s plans Now her lover, Jake Ardri, heads an emerging city state whose enemies covet everything he has built As Jake navigates the uneasy waters of political intrigue, his very existence is threatened To save him, Char must share him with a chalice one trained to take him to the heights of sexual ecstasy In flagrante apocalypto When the veil drops between life and oblivion, only love can save them from the abyss.

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    1. The author of Spiderwork (In Flagrante Apocalypto #2) calls her series a romance, but I think that's doing it an injustice. There are bigger themes at work here – the breakdown of humanity and its rebuilding, with tyrants, political intrigue, city-states, manipulations, and the resurgence of old gods and ancient religion. In a twist of reader irony, Spiderwork's being more than a simple love story, is what frustrates me the most about this novella (perhaps the series?) even though I loved it. [...]

    2. Spiderwork is the second book in L.K. Rigel’s Apocalypto series, and it being the sequel to Space Junque, the comparison arises. I thought as Space Junque was Char’s story, Spiderwork would be about Durga, but was pleasantly surprised to see that although she was certainly one of the main characters, there was enough time and space to focus on others as well: we got to revisit some characters we got to know in the first book like Char, Jake and Magda and a whole new set of characters were in [...]

    3. Expect my review on April 18, 2011 on my website: reenajacobs/blog/2011/04/nWhere I would call Space Junque a science fiction space opera, Spiderwork is more of a post-apocalyptic dystopian fantasy. The earth is jacked up royally, animal products we take for granted are a rarity, and humans are a dying species. Interesting enough, much of the technology from Space Junque novel is gone… gone… gone.This was one of those books I had mixed feeling about. A lot had to do with my belief system. Yo [...]

    4. Set several years after Space Junque, many of the characters reappear. Durga, a young woman chosen by the goddess Asherah must serve as a chalice, one of the few fertile women in the world. She must conceive a child with a political leader to help repopulate the world with souls. But love isn't supposed to be part of the deal. Jake heads a city-state with Char at his side. The political situation dictates he must have a child with a chalice to further develop his city. Can he survive the politic [...]

    5. If the beautiful cover doesn't make you want to read this, the summary will definitely suck you into this gripping story. After I read "Hero Material," I knew I had to find out what was in store for Char and Jake as well as what was left of the population. It has been a ride I would recommend anyone take. Don't let the science-fiction feel of "Hero Material" deter you from this series because it has so much to offer."Spiderwork" picks up where "Hero Material" (formerly "Space Junque") left off. [...]

    6. dearauthor/features/indust"Author LK Rigel’s self published book, Spiderwork, has a gorgeous cover. So gorgeous that HarperCollins contacted the artist to purchase it from her. The artist refused. No matter, thinks HarperCollins. (Updated: the cover art for Bewitching will now be changed)"

    7. The second book in the Apocalypto series, Spiderwork, shifts from being more of a space opera romance to more of a futuristic paranormal romance (see LK's guest post on my blog to find out more about the genre shift and why she decided to change the title and cover), but there is still a small bit of leftover modern technology existing alongside the old gods.The first couple of chapters pick up where Hero Material ends and gives the reader some background, describes the god Samael's cleansing fi [...]

    8. This is the second book in LK Rigel’s In Flagrante Apocolyto series, being equal parts paranormal and science fiction. I liked Space Junque (book #1 in series) because it introduced me to a genre I had never encountered before. The characters were interesting, the plot was interesting, and the world was interesting. Well, I liked Spiderwork even more. My initial reactions upon finishing the book were…”excellent”! And I believe the main reason for that is the plot and the characters just [...]

    9. SPIDERWORK is a gritty novel of action and political intrique with a healthy serving of romance mixed in. Fans of Space Junque* will be happy to return to the futuristic world imagined by Ms. Rigel. Newcomers will be fascinated by her paranormal romance, as well.Set about 10 years after the events of Space Junque*, SPIDERWORK is a bit of a "bridge" novel. Jake is now a lord with his own settlement, and he and Char are still together and still in love, which is nice to see. I always love revisiti [...]

    10. I wasn't in love with the first book in this series but I thought it had a lot of really interesting concepts and there was something about it that wormed its way into my brain. I pretty much knew that I was going to be reading this book at some point but I still wasn't entirely sold on whether or not I'd like it. While I did end up liking the overall flow of this book a lot more than I liked book 1, I still thought some of the action was a little choppy (as in, things would sometimes happen and [...]

    11. I was given this book for an honest review. Hmmm wow, this story was definitely something else. That's what I can tell you right from the start. Sadly I had no idea that this was book 2 in a series, so I was little lost on some of the things but not much. This book did include a lot of info from the first book so it looks like I didn't miss out on to much here. Now the characters were very interesting. At times there was a lot going on with them so it would take me a minute to catch up but in th [...]

    12. Hmmmm. First thing - the cover is gorgeous and the dress in the cover does play a part in the story. Just as I felt Space Junque was a little too short, I feel like this one is too. There's *so much* going on, and it's really interesting stuff, but I felt that it was a little bit glossed over at times. That being said, it was great to see Char, Jake, and Durga again, especially now that Durga is a young adult. I also enjoyed the ghost, Alice, and I'm very intrigued by the idea of ghosts in gener [...]

    13. Spiderwork is the 2nd book in the Apocalypto series. I think the cover is beautiful and is perfect for the storyline. This book is a novella like the first, but I think this one is more fantasy where the first was more science-fiction oriented. In this story, the world is trying to rebuild and start fresh. Not only are they rebuilding towns, they are trying to rebuild the population.I really liked Jake and Char from the first book, and was glad to see that they had a large part in this book as w [...]

    14. This is a continuation of the story begun in "Space Junque." It follows the main characters as they try to reestablish civilization in the face of environmental disaster. It took a somewhat strange turn when it talked about people having souls (some don't). How they get a soul is through connection to the All during the last trimester of pregnancy - if they can have, like, the ultimate orgasm. Really weird stuff and it bogged down the overall storyline.The live births are still through the "chal [...]

    15. At times this reminded me of Atwoods Handmaids Tale, the concept of a select group of fertile women leaving their own home to have children for communities outside of their own after an apocalyptic event being similar in concept. But aside from that similarity this was very much its own work, the world drawn by the author was engaging and realistic. This is the second book in the series but the first I downloaded to my Kindle and while there were moments in the early part when I felt that I was [...]

    16. It's years after Space Junque has gone back to Earth. Jake and Char are lovers, still, and he is now head of his domain. Durga, as the chosen one of Ashera, has taken her "chalices" and they are trying to replenish the population of Earth. They are the Bleeders.We watch the interplay between the different domains, some good, some bad, but Garrick, the main problem with the old world has been chosen by the god, Samael, and therefore is very powerful, although it's the main pollution problem of Ea [...]

    17. I am so confused. Apparently I downloaded this as a free Nook Book, and didn't have it clearly marked as book 2. Through the beginning of the book I kept feeling like the author was not doing a very good job of setting up the world, and she mentioned history very vaguely. Now that I go to mark it as 'read' - it is a sequel! Well now that makes more sense. I also apparently do have book 1 on my Nook as well so I guess that's what I will read next.Even having said that, this book was a little odd. [...]

    18. In a way Spiderwork is less confusing, than Space Junque but less interesting as well. The story continues in the new world 8 years later. Little girl Durga possessed and chosen to lead the world by the goddess, is now 18 and starts changing her own life and views on chalices as soon as she falls in love with Khai.Again there is not enough world-building, instead there are glimpses of what's happening. The storyline jumps between Durga and Char and Jake's struggles for their love and the city th [...]

    19. My own fault: I didn't realize this book was the 2nd book in a series. I was fairly confused at first but was able to carry on. Some of my confusion was also with how the author handled some of the end of the world stuff and kept tossing names of people, cities, etc around. Still, an interesting read. I really enjoyed some of the secondary characters. I may go back and read the first book but I am planning on reading the third. Having now gone back and read Space Junque, I enjoyed Spiderwork mor [...]

    20. This is a great follow up to L.K. Rigel's Space Junque. I thoroughly enjoy the world this writer has created. The vision is unique. I feel like there are a lot of aspects to this book. It is deep and thought provoking. The plot of the story weaves a web of love, sex and duty. The writer takes us on a journey about the connection between all three. It is at times beautiful and heartbreaking. I love the writing and the cover is phenomenal. This series is one of the best I have read. Looking forwar [...]

    21. Apparently I am a glutton for punishment! I had already purchased this second when I purchased the first in the series so I figured it was short enough to finish quickly and I might enjoy this one better than the last. The world building in this one is a little better and the story is a little better but really these are subpar books that to me are akin to something that might be a first draft. It is in no way up to my standards and while I enjoyed this one a little more then the first one it di [...]

    22. A great follow up book to Space Junque. It was fun to follow along as the key players involved struggle to form a new world order after catastrophic events destroy the world as we know it. As with Space Junque, I found myself re-reading paragraphs- but more because I didn't want to miss anything than from a lack of understanding events. This is a story packed full of interesting characters, a unique plot line, and thought provoking ideas of what our world could someday look like. I enjoyed readi [...]

    23. Spiderwork is the follow up book to Space Junque. It is the second book in the Apocalypto series. LK is a master at pacing her stories. She gives great details all the while your being whisked on a wonderfully exciting adventure. The world building, story, and characters are all first class. I haven't enjoyed a series this much since I read Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials. I can't put these books down once I start them. This book has the best cover work I have ever seen.

    24. This book felt jumpy and rushed, even more than the first one. I would have liked to see more character development, descriptions of the various cities and in-depth conversations between the characters. A lot of the action goes on "off-stage" and those scenes could have improved the flow of the story. I would rate it 3 stars, but the songs Khai sings made me cry and that rarely happens when I read, so I added a star back in.

    25. I think the second in the series was even better than the first. They all leave you wanting more and so I rushed out and downloaded the third one as soon as I was done with this. A little more sexually explicit, this book started to go down the path of a romance novel more than a fantasy novel. Not a bad thing, unless you are really against romance novels. It was definitely more about love than survival. Still a good, fast read.

    26. Spiderwork reminded me of a sci-fi version of The Handmaid's Tale, but I have to say that the writing was absolutely atrocious. At times the author seemed to rush through the dialog without a clear indication of a character switch, and as a result, it ended up confusing the beejesus out of me. I also did not enjoy how nonchalant the characters acted towards the events going on around them, the entire book just felt extremely distant and rushed.

    27. I loved this book! I loved that it took the main characters from the first book & incorporated them into the second book, which introduced two new main characters. Both story lines blended seemlessly. It's a quick read; I would've loved to have had a longer, more developed story. Still this will be a series I reread.

    28. When I started this book, I had forgotten it was a sequel. The first book, Space Junque, was a book I really liked when it started, but liked less at the end. This book I liked more at the end than at the start. Something about the writer's style kept me from connecting to the main characters. However, by the end, I found I liked Durga and was beginning to connect with her.

    29. I managed to get through book one of the Apocalpto series moderately entertained and although "Spiderwork" has a beautiful book cover I found myself struggling to try to enjoy the read. No one should have to work to enjoy a bookWith that being said, I am done with this series

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