Psyduck Ducks Out

Psyduck Ducks Out Another adventure with Ash Misty Pikachu and the gang

  • Title: Psyduck Ducks Out
  • Author: Jennifer L. Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780439200912
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Another adventure with Ash, Misty, Pikachu and the gang.

    One thought on “Psyduck Ducks Out”

    1. Three mini Psyduck adventures in one. Moral - He may seem useless but everyone has something that makes them special and important. Kids loved it.

    2. My six year-old has recently gotten into Pokemon in a big way. So much so that he's having me read all of the Pokemon chapter books to him. Psyduck Ducks Out is the first that we have read together and we had a great time reading about Misty and her friends Ash and Brock and their adventures battling Team Rocket!

    3. Psyduck has basically been a useless Pokémon to Misty, unless he has one of his hammering headaches. There is trouble at the breeding court, and he proves his use when he blasts Team Rocket off into the blue horizon, saving the day. Another Pokémon chapter book for the younger set.

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