The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Kind of Life

The Rules of Life A Personal Code for Living a Better Happier More Successful Kind of Life Think about the world s happiest most contented most fulfilled people How d they get that way Is it their genes No Money Absolutely not It s about the small choices they make every day Things you c

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  • Title: The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Kind of Life
  • Author: Richard Templar
  • ISBN: 9780273740827
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Think about the world s happiest, most contented, most fulfilled people How d they get that way Is it their genes No Money Absolutely not It s about the small choices they make, every day Things you can do Things you can change It s about what they know and you can learn The Rules of Life Here they are 100 personal, practical rules for dreaThink about the world s happiest, most contented, most fulfilled people How d they get that way Is it their genes No Money Absolutely not It s about the small choices they make, every day Things you can do Things you can change It s about what they know and you can learn The Rules of Life Here they are 100 personal, practical rules for dreaming, planning, living, loving, and overcoming even life s toughest adversities For knowing what matters learning from experience your intuition changing what you can stressing staying younger getting stronger Read em Learn em Live em You ll feel better You ll live better You ll be a better friend, partner, parent, child, human being You ll do it one small, simple step at a time One step a day, every day Starting today Introduction xi Part I Rules for You 1 Part II Partnership Rules 105 Part III Family and Friends Rules 141 Part IV Social Rules 171 Part V World Rules 201

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    2. WARNING - SPOILERMy curiosity to read this book was finally administered last night when I decided to read ‘The Rules of Life’ by British Author Richard Templar.It is divided into the following parts:(1) Rules for You,(2) Partnership Rules,(3) Family and Friends Rules,(4) Social Rules,(5) World Rules.This book isn’t a revelation, it’s a reminder.It reminds you that the Rules of Life are universal, obvious, simple. Do them, they work”.As the author best explains: “What you will find i [...]

    3. The expanded edition of "The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Life" by Richard Templar is a great read for practical, motivational, and inspiring advice on how to live. Templar says if you follow these rules, you'll feel better, you'll be a better friend, partner, and parent, and that you'll leave the world a better place. I think he's right, and this book of rules is a great handbook of how to live, how to treat people, and how to be a better member o [...]

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    5. Much of what this book touches on is basic common sense. In one way, it's an okay - although very basic - reminder of behaviors and mindsets most people already have.I have two main gripes about the book.1) There are 105 Rules, and they're all over the place. I didn't get much of a sense of connection between these rules, many were similar to others, and just weren't very concise. The book does not really take you anywhere.2) The tone of the book feels as if the author is speaking down to the re [...]

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    9. kindle cloud - this was free and for a self-help motivation how do i live my life book, it was full of good stuff. Highly recommended.

    10. Wow took me nearly a year to get through this.It’s alright nothing special, if you’ve got good common sense I wouldn’t bother reading this book, it’s really not life changing.

    11. It is not a revelation, more a reminder!!Mr. Templar really articulates a realistic guidance to live a quite, fulfilled, and somehow a happy life. It is a perfect book for young people or who are seeking towards success and achieving their dreams. One of the most significant things within the book, being long paragraphed articles! Every subject has only a page and half. Additionally, it is a good book for wise methods to overcome the downs of life.Enjoy it! Enjoy your life

    12. كتاب و لأول مره أقرأ عن تطوير الذات بلا ملل ! مًمتع لآخر صفحه .

    13. ‏ First of all I have to admit that I like the way that Mr Templer presents his thoughts in , it's easy , clear , deep and realistic which gives you a good life style . This book should leave a great impact on your life , as will as it did to me . There are too many things that's iam really going to change in my own life style , There's some of the quotes that I like : - What is done is done and you need to just get on with your life.- Change what you can change and let go of the rest.- Do the [...]

    14. I bought this book in Heathrow Airport.I have no idea why I tend to buy self-help books (or management books, another genre this applies to) in airports, apart from the broadening of standards that tends to apply when facing an eight-hour transatlantic flight, but I do; so it goes. This one, however, I didn't read on the flight - I think I bought quite a few books that time - so here I am coming to it much later.Unfortunately, while I have found some good and interesting reads in this genre, I c [...]

    15. Nothing I don't already know. Personally I'm not a fan of books telling me what to do. Instead I prefer reading studies and observations. Yet, I loved the book, not for the content but for the style. It's so simple and light, catchy and sincere *not pretentious*. And yeah the rules can be a reminder or something of how to deal with the day-to-day situations given that people don't have time to think anymore ! Anyone can read it for a break or something*yes 4 stars but I'm not buying the rest of [...]

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    19. This book is very tricky for my mindset to write a review about in a rational and objective. I know that the writer was able to publish a series of books based on the methodology of his work "Rules of life", but I was only able to appreciate it in the way a child knows that eating his/her vegetables is good for them, but views it as another chore to get done with.

    20. The best thing about this book is the cover design (the paper is cool.)No 'new' information in this book. Just a reminder of important ideas. I have saved you the $16.99 (US) and listed my favorite 'rules' below:Dude I got to rule #1 and thought wow, i guess everyone is NOT entitled to my opinion. :)Author: Richard TemplarPublisher: Financial Times PressCopyright: 2006Genre: Self-helpPages: 219Date Read- 4/2/08 - 4/24/08NOTES:_____________________________________p.1Rule #1: Keep it under you hat [...]

    21. This started off promising, but the further I read the more I realized I liked the concept ofThe Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, and More Successful Kind of Lifemore than I liked the book itself. The content was alright, but Templar didn't include anything that I, and other readers, haven't already seen. However it was writing, rather than content, that earned this book a two-star rating. One thing I value is the ability to write concisely, and this book didn't deliv [...]

    22. The Rules of Life is a collection of "rules" by Richard Templer on four areas of your life: self, spouse, family (parents and children), and friends. Each of these areas are separated into sections and within each sections, Richard Templar share with readers his observations on what successful people do.The book has a light-read feel to it; readers who pick up the book should be able to finish it within two to three days. The writing is easy to comprehend but I am slightly annoyed at the frequen [...]

    23. this book is really Awesome and so inspiring ,all the rules are so practical and from now on i will try to apply them,well,at least some of them that stuck in my head and i like the rule 106 so much ,to be rule player ,you should also add your own rules which you learn everyday from life .we live and learn ,we get inspired ,we make mistakes and learn from them ,we make our own rules that we can modify them anytime or add to them ,all that helps to be a Rule player and to live a better ,happier a [...]

    24. I started reading it and it was really good, it made me think of myself and the things I need to change and those I need to cherish and appreciate. But I could not finish it, because I hated how direct it was, like a book of rules! (Well I should have expected that, that's what the title says anyway :D) for that I couldn't carry on reading it, but it has a lot of value in it and a lot of wisdom and I loved that!

    25. The Rules of Life is a book about to control the life, says: Live here. Live now. Live in this moment. The rules divided into four sections as circles. Rules player is the center of the circles, the first circle is Self, the second is partnerships, the third is family and friends, the fourth is social relationships. The rules are definitely good for who seeks toward the principles of life. They help one to build his/her basis life.

    26. Buku ini aku beli bersamaan dengan the rules of management. Baru liat daftar isinya dan baca skimming. Sebenarnya banyak hal di buku ini yang sudah kita ketahui tapi kadang2 terlupa. Rutinitas kadang2 membuat kita tidak sempat belajar yang lain dan jadi suka asal dengan sekeliling kita.

    27. I like this book as much as the The Rules of Love. So easy to read. My favorite rule is Rule 34 -- You'll Never Understand Everything followed by Rule 47 -- You Are Not in Charge. I get the feeling am going to buy more of his books.

    28. يختصر لك قواعد الحياة وماسوف تفعله في الحياة الكاتب اسلوبة بسيط وسلسل جداً وخالي من التعقيدات والمثالية الزائفة اذا التزمت ب القواعد كلها الوبعضها ستكون الافضل بلاشك

    29. I believe it has changed my way of thinking towards a lot of things, can be a new lifestyle and I should read it again at some point later.I like the writer's way of writing.

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